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Quake Expo 2016 - 20 Years Of Quake
This year Quake will turn 20. Let's make it the best Quake Expo ever?
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Yes, Python Would Be Good 
There are python bindings for wxWidgets (and I'm sure QT as well), so it could have a nice multiplatform GUI. 
a dream version of this would be a netflix-like interface where you can browse levels, has sections to promote the best and newest levels, and somehow is able to download and launch the level in an engine, from clicking on it in the browser UI. 
Yes, That Was My Vision, Too 
Maybe a web-based version is possible, too. I think you should be able to register handlers with the respective OS such that clicking on a particular link launches an app. I think Apple does this with iTunes, where any link starting with itunes:// opens iTunes. So this is possible on Mac OS X, I'm sure Windows has an equivalent. Not sure about the different Linux flavors though. 
maybe if quaddicted had a webservice available to retrieve stuff from its database somehow? then another website could draw data out of there. 
what API does the quake injector use? 
Simple Quake Launcher Would Be A Good Start 
Couldn't you take SQL's UI and add support for downloading and installing from Quaddicted's web archives automagically?

The install could come with the latest version of Quakespasm or ??? as an optional install or the user could use SQL's selection.

Also SleepWalkR steam has a similar fuctionality

Could there be an early access product on Steam that accomplishes all this? I assume there's a lot of eye rolling at the mention of steam but the potential audience is massive. 
Quaddicted in Netflix format, yes! A browser-based application.


no one from here interested in getting on board with the actual hard work of organising?

E-mail telling me how, please. 
If I Find The Time 
I'll release some all-new illegal noobish hack content for teh 20yr anniversary. 
(Started a thread elsewhere linking back to here to try to raise awareness of the need for volunteers.) 
no one from here interested in getting on board with the actual hard work of organising?

I've registered and posted a couple of comments and a specific question on the Qexpo board and I've gotten no responses there. 
adib: Anything on the side of organising or running really. Not projects but the admin stuff. Maintaining website, posting news, spreading them etc.

dumbtruck: Sorry, that was specific project stuff. That's much more relaxed. I will get back to you at some point =) 
I think I'm going to be doing a 20 video series where I pick *my favourite* level from each year, with the 20th video going live on Quakes birthday.

That is the plan anyway, that's a lot of videos to make! 
That would be great! 
The Decision Making Would Break You 
Better to have something like Best of 5 or so. Feasability depends on what you're going for, though - actual CG or just fly-throughs. 
I Heard You Want New Quake Injector

It uses Qt/C++, has BSD license, crossplatform (at least it compiles and runs on windows and osx). No binaries ATM, sorry.
Bugfixes and pull requests are welcome.

It can search&sort the database, show info&dependencies for map archives, download&extract them from the quaddicted, run maps listed in an archive (in quaddicted xml actually), show about dialog.

It needs dependency resolution, uninstall routines, an icon, and maybe installed/downloading tracking to be on par with quakeinjector.

Then it's up to Spirit&Co to add some nice stuff to quaddicted so the software could use that (like rating maps from the client or filtering maps you not rated yet, and quake://archive/mapname/ URLs).

ETA of feature complete beta is autumn/winter 2016, I need some time to get bored with the new doom.

If I can't pull this off by that date then "when it's done" is a pretty accurate release date. 
Better to have something like Best of 5 or so

Or even 10. It would be nice to have a year in review video where you speak about the most memorable levels of that year, showing footage and speaking about the highlights of each level, not just a simple playthrough the whole level. One level for each year is really not enough to see the whole picture of 20 years of quake mapping scene. 
That would be an unrealistic amount of work, considering how long even a single CG video takes. And then 20 videos with 200 maps? Part of the reason I suggested fly-throughs like in the intro to each CG episode rather than full reviews.
Hardest part is deciding which maps to use, of course.

AAS: Nice one. 
What would be nice, but equally unrealistic, is a redesign of Quaddicted to be less quirky and hacky and more slick and streamlined/userfriendly. And less pink!
Not only the frontpage, also and especially the map list which, right now, is quite a mess. 
No, quirkyness is good. The pink is equally good. Don't make it look like ever other site.

What I would agree with though is some polish in the presentation of the front page. More and bigger images. More distinct text areas so people would faster see what is what. 
And then 20 videos with 200 maps? Part of the reason I suggested fly-throughs like in the intro to each CG episode rather than full reviews.

Yep, that was what I meant - 3-5 minutes per map in each video.

Not only the frontpage, also and especially the map list which, right now, is quite a mess.

True, at least the default sorting should be by release date. 
Agree that default sort should put newest maps on top 
Quaddicted is half self-written, half wiki. The self-written part is FOSS and patches are welcome:

Not as unrealistic as you think but I have too many things to do in Quake world so I rather focus on other stuff. The bad usability and publicity of Quake is a bigger problem than Quaddicted's quirkiness. 
And AAS 
That is bloody wonderful, even though it's C++! ;)

If you want I could upload the original design document somewhere.

Ah yes, a proper API. To-do list #42 or something. :( These days I would really like to give up the website stuff and focus on the archives. We badly need more web developers in our community. 
Oh, it would be nice to see other's ideas in easy-stealing form (: 
AAS gone in a day. This is verbatim gibberish from 7 years ago, take what makes sense (probably not much). 
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