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Shambler HD Remake Released!
Its time to upgrade the old shambler with a new model that it always deserved! I always felt that for such a fearsome an imposing beast the vanilla version was a little lacking. So with no further delay I give you the new and improved Shambler HD remake!

It comes with a brand new mesh and animations, plus an additional head gib replacement for consistency.

I hope you like it and take it for a spin! If you take any snazzy screenshots of him in action please post it in this thread.


Download Link!!!!
Compare Video!!!!!
Combat Video!!!!!!
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Nice! Thx for that! 
Danget formatting broke for the main post.... can somebody edit those to be labels please?

Oh well.

Forgot to add the video

Compare Video

Shambler Fight!

Media Request? :) 
If you take any snazzy screenshots of record some videos with this evil beast in it please share them in this post! I would be most grateful. Besides its fun to see other folk maul or be mauled by the new guy. 
I'm so impressed with this model. It works with Winquake too. I'm actually very surprised with the information in the readme that the dog model is higher poly than the original shambler!

I'll schedule a tumblr post later to try and get maximum coverage. 
Very Nice ! 
This model is realy cool !

The only problem is when we have a nice looking and smooth model like this, we also would want a similar upgrade to all other models !

The **fiends** need an upgrade too ! (they are my favorite Quake pet !) 
Vore And Fiend Are On My Hit List 
The Fiend and Vore are on my list of creatures that need some revamp love. Glad you like it! 
Vore First Plz!! 
seriously, that thing is in need of TLC... I know the original game doesnt have idle animations for it but you should make some so it can be added in by modders (mostly AD).

I hope you can add some extra animations for Sock, I know he'd love to expand on the shambler for AD. 
The Vore Doesn't Need An Idle. 
Don't fuck with it.

V good & faithful Shambler update though. 
the vore definitely needs an idle animation, it's a crime that it doesn't have one. 
Oh I would add idle animations. I would be amused with folks getting upset with a Vore that has more character... I wont fuck with it.. cuddle though for sure.

For the Shambler I am planning things and hope to get it implemented in AD. New idles and death animations would be a start. Small steps first. 
It's The Only Non-spawn Monster Who Doesn't Have To Breathe 
Changing that is taking away character, not adding to it. 
OTP... it will still not have an idle animation in normal quake you spoon licker, it needs to be coded in. 
It's a shit idea and I hope Sock knows better than to do it. 
That's just like your opinion, man. 
Really? is this worth arguing about in here? Not even on subject OTP... Would you be so kind as to make me a cool screenshot or two of the shambler instead? :) 
I'd post some stuff Skiffy, not really sure if there's a lot of shambler-heavy maps. I think theres 4 shamblers in my retro jam 4 map on hard? 
Sounds tasty! 
Congrats on the release, must have a ton of work! +1 for having a video 
I've created a video which shows the shambler off nicely, but it's a 2gb upload to youtube so... it's not going to be seen for a little bit 
Convert It To Webm Or Mp4 
it IS an mp4!!

Shadowplay doesn't mess around. 
webm's are the future 
We Can Wait :) 
The Fiend and Vore are on my list of creatures that need some revamp love.

<3 <3 <3 
It's a shit idea and I hope Sock knows better than to do it.

Jesus christ there's nothing wrong with giving the Vore an idle. 
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