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Shambler HD Remake Released!
Its time to upgrade the old shambler with a new model that it always deserved! I always felt that for such a fearsome an imposing beast the vanilla version was a little lacking. So with no further delay I give you the new and improved Shambler HD remake!

It comes with a brand new mesh and animations, plus an additional head gib replacement for consistency.

I hope you like it and take it for a spin! If you take any snazzy screenshots of him in action please post it in this thread.


Download Link!!!!
Compare Video!!!!!
Combat Video!!!!!!
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More Custom GIBS! 
Well everyone I've finally got around to adding custom giblets for Arcane Dimensions to go along with this HD shambler release.

The above links have all been updated so the ZIP and readme "should" be the latest versions.

New Screenshot!!

Give it a try and tell me what you think.

Looks Great... 
But what about a remake of our favorite bitch on three legs, with a bloody oozing snatch and puffy tits ? 
Vore and shambler are among the best models in the game. I think of all the monsters they should've been remade the last (unless every subpar monster model was remade already).

Anyway, looks great. 
The bones sticking out on those gibs are so effective yet so simple.
Loving it! 
NICE Gibs! 
Great job! 
Wow, Nice Job! 
Tasty barbecue material. Yummy yummy. 
the axe having no impact flesh sound

Actually, it has, but it only works on other players, and is a horrible hack. 
Gibs Gibs Gibs. 
Barnak later end of the year I will resume that project. But your dream version will stay a dream. I wont go down that path for the Vore. Feel free to make it yourself though.

Dwere - Nope the Shambler was the worst offender next to the Vore when it comes to a model that was lower that the most basic enemies in terms of polycount and pixel density. That is why I put them on my list first. You can find some notes of that in the text file.

Happy gibbing everyone! 
Polycount and pixel density don't mean much to me. 
Bloody Pixels? 
Thats ok it does to me and its the reason I made a new shambler and eventually I will get to various other members of the Quake cast. 

Your HD Shambler is how I see the Shambler should have always been. I have used it since the day of its release!

Looking forward to future models and well done. 
Bloody Pixels 
They aren't that bad, especially in engines that can display NPOT skins in their original resolution (judging by your preview/comparison picture, your engine of choice can't). Not that I'm trying to convince you.

If I was to nitpick anything, it's the overuse of dithering. It only looks noticeably messy where red meets brown, and pretty much only on the head gib, but still. 
Sexualising Does Not Make Them Creepy! 
You weirdos disgust me the vore is a monster not a demon hooker!! The old vore sounds way creepier than that pervertery! Fuck you! 
You created a new account to bump this and say that? Come on man, I thought Skiffy had posted the Vore model... 
I Have A Logic Reason To Critisize The Vore: 
In Quake none of the lovecraftian enemys have 'heads'. Only a teethy opening to devour lesser creatures. :D 
This model won't work for me.

I'm using it with Quakespasm, I have the progs folder in the id1 folder...what gives??? 
Unfortunately, *.pak files take priority over anything that simply lies in the folders in Q1.

Either shove the model into a new pak (make sure to name the pak properly, Q1 is picky about that too), or use a mod directory instead of id1. 
That seemed to work thanks, I named it PAK2 and put the progs folder in.

But if I put the gib files it, it says invalid filename. 
Oh wait see it only works for Arcane Dimensions... 
The filenames are simply too long. It's not a pak format limitation, it depends on the pak editor used (PakScape doesn't have this problem, IIRC).

But yeah, there's no point in including those gibs for regular Quake. 
Ah thanks, I was using pakexplorer...

works fine now, I'll keep those files in the id1/pak2 file :D 
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