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New Q1SP: The Elder Reality
This is the extended version of my retrojam4 map. It contains at least one room from each Episode 4 map, features lots of spawns and ambushes.

Link1 or Link2


Don't forget to record a demo and share it.
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Another One Added To Queue 
looks great. 
demo :

Hot damn if this isn't pure distilled Episode 4. I was absolutely terrified going through this!

It's very tough on skill 2, but enjoyable none the less. All the Sandy Peterson tricks are present so beware :)

I liked all the riffs on the ep4 maps. The visual style is familiar yet massively upgraded. I felt like I was going through the entire episode in a single map though. All the styles clashed a little when they changed.

Anyway. I need to go and finish it this time. That (what I'm guessing is) final arena was brutal! 
Yep, this map is a weird mix of styles.

btw great demo, why didn't you get RA before the beginning of the final fight? 
Oh Crap 
It is actually called The Elder Reality (not realm). Moderators please edit the news title. 
Sry How Do I Record A Demo In Quake Again? 
Recording Demos 
In modern engines (Quakespasm, Mark V) load a map (map mapname) and type record demoname in console. You have to record a new demo every time you die and load a savegame. 
Since it's Elder, I played and died like an old lady on skill 0:

But I finished it. This is some respectful tribute to Quake. Masterful use of textures, looks like time was spent crafting prefabs. Great sense of color. The exit room is an absolute eye-candy. 
Note: I chose skill 0 because the beggining was too hard on skill 1 and I wanted to enjoy the level. 
Vore HD Testing Ground?? :) 
Oh sweet lots of Vores for my testing purposes! 
Nothing like a sunday morning with a new map to play! That was awesome, i don't know where to start.
The spawns, the designs, everything! So many "deja-vus", it's damn impressive you compressed the episode into one map.
Obligatory spawns all over, i didn't die, many MHs all over sure helped a lot.
And... i found the super secret alternative exit, awesome quadrun there!!

Need to revisit later and get the rune this time :)

Baker: those coop demos of maps with a tight ammo balance for one player always make me feel sad. I've recently watched youtube videos of two guys playing AD in coop: getting thru swampy without ammo was a strange show. Now I've seen something similar in my own map. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

adib: nice run. why didn't you equip pent in the final fight? It is placed specially for it on skill 0.

Skiffy: yep, this is a map filled with vores, spawns and shamblers mostly. HD shamblers look great there already. 
Awesome demo. It's nice that you found super secret! It is possible to finish the main final fight and the one in the super secret and get all kills in this map. You have more secrets to find though. 
I will make a video on YouTube once skiffy finishes the vote ;) 
Vore Shambler Level Woot 
Yes that would be good Fifth :) 
I love the shubchitecture in that screenshot. 
I can still only find 12/15 secrets... :( 
14/15 Here 
Good Stuff. 
<Shambler> just played pulsar's map
<Shambler> niiiiice
<onetruepurple> Shambler: how many secrets
<Shambler> 10/15
<Shambler> but
<onetruepurple> neat
<Shambler> that's cos i exited too soon
<onetruepurple> secret exit y/n?
<Shambler> could have scouted for more
<Shambler> y!
<onetruepurple> !
<Shambler> that was ace
<Daz_> I love the atmosphere and elder world look of that level
<Shambler> skin of teeth job
<onetruepurple> same
<Shambler> i love how the entrances in the outside bit mirror shubs
<onetruepurple> no idea how i survived on my first try 
<Shambler> i got the secret exit via grenade jumping, i guess that is not the way....
<onetruepurple> what the fuck lol 
OTP, I did the same on one of my playtests. I then found the legit way later on. 

kinda (heh) finished the map this time. Lots of downtime as I search for secrets however!

Some serious secretception going on in here. Very cool!

why didn't you get RA before the beginning of the final fight? I thought it would drop 10 spawns in my lap :D 
Hellish Brutality 
nice map, maybe a bit dark and a bit a lot of damn tarbabies, but brings proper E4 atmosphere. had to cheat a bit to give me ammo and health at one spot.

If only I'd known, I could have emailed over the 3 MHs I didn't use...

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