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New ADSP: A Horse Named Quake

This is my first publicly released map. It's a small level to play on a coffee break or something.




Alternate download that probably won't work:

I would appreciate if you recorded a demo so I can learn from this experience!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!
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Thanks Ionous 
I'll look forward to the steam and try to catch it live if I can!

I appreciate the feedback, certainly motivating to hear! This is indeed my first map to be released but not first map ever. I am sure people already assumed that since my first map was basically the: "How to build your first room with a light" kind of deal!

Ammo seemed to be a problem for most on Skill 2. I think I expected ammo caches to be searched for around the walls on this skill. Running out of ammo is never fun regardless...will work on that!

As for secrets, same point in having super secrets if no one will ever find them! It's just fun to make secrets, and I went overboard (9 in a tiny map!)

Appreciate you playing man! 
Well, I'd say there's always a point having super secrets,if only so that they are rarely found. :) 
Seeing Yellow 
Hahah, oh man didn't expect that post.

This secret is basically the "easter egg" for the level. To even have a chance to access it you need to have found the previous 8 secrets in the map.

For the vague hint on where the "access" is, you have to do some searching in the skill selection area. You (and at this time, only you) found that hint during your demo you sent me.

If that's too cryptic, I have all of the secrets outlined in the readme!

I love secrets, one of the funniest things when creating a map!

Good luck! 
Couldn't spawn server maps/mjb_horse.bsp
3 demo(s) in loop

Engine: Quakespasm 0.91.0
Command line options: -mem 1024 -zone 2048 -heapsize 512000
Tool: Quake Injector 
-game ad? 
Let me know if -game ad doesn't work. That does seem to be what the problem is. Arcane Dimensions is required to run before loading the map. 
Is That.... 
....because it's an ADSP map that **REQUIRES ARCANE DIMENSIONS** ? 
Is That.... 
....because it's an ADSP map that **REQUIRES ARCANE DIMENSIONS** ? 
quake injector should automatically handle that though, right? 
It looks like it does, but I wonder if patch 2 is also being applied.

Patch 2 is also required for everything to be working. 
The Requirement 
I have already installed the map "Arcane Dimension" via Quake Injector. Wouldn't it help? Do I have to do anything else? 
I think you are missing patch 2. I do not believe patch 2 is installed via Quake Injector. Go to this link and install manually:

Just unzip the contents into the Quake/ad directory. 
Tha all maps of Arcane Dimensions work properly. I only have problem with this AHNQ map. I installed patch 2 from the link you game. It is still the same.

I see the following files in the directory "<QuakeSpasmDir>\ad\maps":

But the Quake engine says that it can't spawn it. Could it be that the engine is looking for in a different disk location? 
If someone hasn't installed AD and can test if running my map via the injector works I would appreciate it!


I am not really sure what the issue is, but just keep the .bsp and the .lit file in the ad/maps directory. I don't think that matters but just to rule out things.

You are the only person to have an issue running the map at the moment so I am a bit puzzled myself. 
Hey, i'm also having trouble loading that map through Quake Injector. So, uh, Han isn't the only one.

However, since that was easily solved by typing "game ad"(and then "exec quake.rc" for good luck), i assumed that the source of trouble is in QI and didn't report it. 
Thanks SumunSinsot!

Okay, it appears something is not working correctly when loading/installing the map via Quake Injector. I'll email Spirit (or if he sees this before I get to it) about the issue.

I am guessing since mine is the first AD custom stand-alone release, there may be some caveat in there. 
Try To 
Install the patch linked on the release page manually.

Just overwrite existing files when asked. 
The patch also has some bonus maps... 
While Im Here 
I played the map a few days ago, forgot to link the demo it seems.

Really nice execution, vertical progression felt great. Forcefields were a nice touch, and you seem to have used the new ents quite well.

P.S. I got a message of 17 mising textures in the bsp, nothing breaks with this warning. Still, test your maps with developer set to 1. Inpect the console for such errors.

I am semi offline for a few days, direct all complaints to negke (who could add ad patch as dependency)! 
Multiple Tries 
I am guessing since mine is the first AD custom stand-alone release, there may be some caveat in there

This is mostly my fault because of creating patches and not completely new versions of AD. Ideally I would love if Quaddicted glued everything together under one entry so I can keep creating updates not have multiple database entries. It sort of exposes the rigid setup of Quaddicted and why not many mods are listed.

Hopefully this problem will be fixed with the new version (coming soonTM) of AD 1.5. I know it will be a new database entry, but there is nothing I can do about that :( 
I'd appreciate using PAK files this time, and please don't add "final" to the zip name again. 
Thanks All 
Appreciate the efforts and explanations of everyone! 
Thanks MFX 
A lovely demo to watch after work. I think a large concept I have to get down is visual language. I did attempt it but I see the majority of players getting a bit confused at times...even when I didn't expect confusion to take place!

All part of the learning process and the fun! 
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