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New ADSP: A Horse Named Quake

This is my first publicly released map. It's a small level to play on a coffee break or something.




Alternate download that probably won't work:

I would appreciate if you recorded a demo so I can learn from this experience!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!
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Cannot Download 
no matter what i do, i cannot access

choose a better mirror for your files please, google drive has some viable options for everyone. Besides terrible privacy settings, which can be undone btw ;)

Or quaketastic, the password for it can be found on the screenshots thread.

Please don't make it so. Please. 1/5 would try again.

+1 for imgur screenshots.

happy easter. 
Im Only Writing My Rant 
because the screenshots look good, btw.
So, get it together, quick! 
Not Copy Pasta 
Hum, never thought copy would give such issues to people. Maybe that's why it is being discontinued in May haha!

I'll just use quaketastic from now on for file uploads...I mean wow that's pretty convenient after all.

Thank you Preach for providing a mirror.

Cool to hear you think the screenshots look good, hopefully the actual level is also good.

Happy Easter to you as well! 
I'm worried about breakables: I accidentally shot one window and it smashed - I then proceeded to shoot every window in sight just in case!

And what's with that barrier that appears when the skull-chucking geezer pops up? 
Non-Fragile Windows 
I suppose there is a disconnect with what would be breakable windows and what are not. I could have made only a certain texture breakable but it wasn't so!

Think of it like the skull wizard's little temporary force field as a dramatic entrance for them to phase in!

Thanks for playing Mike! 
Very Nice 
This map is very good for a first release. Goos re-use of space.

Though I was confused in places I enjoyed this level a lot. It has its problems (like exit being unobvious) but it's a fun map. Keep on mapping.

skill 2 demos: 
Thanks Pulsar 
I have to say it's certainly strange to watch someone else play your level. Not going to get used to that.

I loved how you took your time and slowly began to get a feel for the environment. Finding ammo caches on the walls and such. I said yay at the same time you did when you axed the gargoyle hah.

Nice fighting, and damn does 4 voreballs at once hurt! I also loved that the "horse" charged out of the stable and smacked you down. Previous versions he would be stuck there.

You were one "shot" away from the sealed stable...and you almost found the location too. I thought you were going to, it certainly caught your eye for a moment. I am really pleased you went back and looked for secrets even if none popped out at you. My readme contains a list of all of the secrets if you are interested.

You may have noticed that the bobbing crate was too low on your last load...that's some bug that either happens with the func_bob or my map. The little lift sticking out of the wall is my form of a fail-safe.

Did you have particles turned off? I use particles for signage a bit in the the exit having purple runes flowing out of it. I will definitely go for a more obvious exit next time though.

I appreciate the time you gave to my map, thank you very much! 
Good design in the central arena, nice style and textures. Needed more rooms and interconnections around that to support the design quality of the main room. Secrets were good as were breakables. Falling damage was annoying. Gameplay was semi-horrible mostly due to the ammo sponge / unavoidable damage of AD monsters (I think having to use respawning items is an obvious symptom of this), and I didn't complete it. (if it ever uploads).

Shows a LOT of potential for future maps as the design of the main room is easily equal to the AD norm. 
Thanks Shambler 
Oh man, that was a great demo!

-I am glad you kept the skill selection area in as there are some hidden places there. You managed to break the path on how to get the nightmare key! Cool that you got it none the less and I can rest easy that it wasn't too convoluted.

-The spawn infight was freaking hilarious and made me burst out laughing.

-The skull wizard fight is poorly implemented, it was me re-using the space so it wasn't just (Stable Key > Fall > Exit) the camping of the health was quite comical haha.

-Like Pulsar, you were very close with solving the sealed stable even stopped and examined the solution to the last yellow window!

-I enjoyed watching you look for secrets, you are quite good at it! You are the only person so far to find the early SSG secret.

-The exit is available when the minotaur dies, so you basically played the entire level so no worries.

That was some excellent play, some moves you pulled made me go "Wait, what??" and it was very entertaining. At the same time, I don't know if it is intended but the way you play and your "player" reacts is comical. I had myself laughing at certain things like camping the health spawn and reaction to certain enemies. I am very glad that I included the teleporter shortcut...that was one of the last things I implemented.

Thank you for the feedback, made my day to hear it adheres to the AD norm. One of the reasons I made the map so tiny was so I could pour as much quality into a single dense area. Next time, it will be extended!

Thank you for playing and recording a demo, it will help for future maps! 
I played for the second time. I'm not familiar with this mod, so was not ready to attack and kill me, after taking a stable key. The second time I just fell down, killed the boss and he could not figure out what to do next. Perhaps there was a message, but I did not pay attention to him. It seemed to me that I had to get inside the fence and therefore can not finish the map. But then, accidentally hitting the starting point, I finished it.

The design was interesting, but the map is too small. If I understand correctly, this is your first map? If so, then very well. Good luck in the future!

Ps. I do not know why, but the file with the demo was very large 

I can't wait to check the demo!

I believe demo sizes are inflated due to the particles used. Particles are fun so it's worth in my opinion. ;) 
Thanks Digs! 
Nice to see Skill 1 be played this time.

-Looks like most things went well up until the stable key section. You sequenced broke that arena fight bahaha.

-You are the only person so far to find open the sealed stable secret! That was great to watch but I wonder if some of it was due to your confusion of where the exit was.

-The message: "That's not my horse, I'm getting out of here." displays when you kill the minotaur. Furthermore, I have a light and particle effect activate when the exit is triggered. I see this was not enough and I will definitely rethink things the next time I am opening the exit!

If the arena wasn't sequenced broke, I wonder if you would have ventured to find more secrets...!

Thanks a lot for playing digs, I appreciate it! 
Its My Horse

A very nice addition to AD, I had forgotten much about the new enemies and their behaviors, so I sort of had to learn them again as I was playing, which made for a rough time.

Visuals were great, I could almost smell the horse manure through the monitor. Combat was tight, but fair. I had trouble navigating the catwalks and timing my jumps, which normally led to me falling and climbing back up. I'm quite impressed you managed to squeeze a 15-20 minute map in what is essentially one big room.

If this is your first map, I can't wait to see what you'll bring forward in the future.

First run demo, hard skill. I also found the stable secret :) 
Thanks Orl! 
A great play, you were going to be the first person to find the secret in the skill selection area...the slope jump gods were not with you at the time it would seem. ;)

-Oh man I love that infighting hilarious to hear the inevitable explosion of dead knights.

-Nice going finding the stable secret! Looks like that hidden window was no match for your eyes heh.

-Ah, I see that you may have forgot that you grabbed the stable key, or perhaps did not know what door it unlocked. Player guidance is a large element I will be improving on for next time. That appeared to be my largest fault.

Motivating to hear the feedback, and that you got the atmosphere! I was aiming for a place that felt "humid" I guess you could say.

-Thank for playing the map and recording a demo I appreciate it! 
Going To Be Playing Through This Tonight... 
In roughly 4 hours. 
Had to move up my timeframe. Starts in ten minutes. 
Sorry I Missed It 
Ah, this was going on when I was sleeping. Hopefully I can catch the uploaded broadcast...? 
I forgot to switch to 'game capture' when I stopped mapping and started playing. And forgot to check the chat. Ended up being a half-hour of a blank screen. I deleted it out of embarrassment.

I'll play it again on Saturday, before I do my Travail playthrough. And hopefully remember to actually broadcast correctly.

That being said, you should feel proud of this map. Good visuals, far more than one would expect from a first map. Some of the secrets were good, though I only found four. I really liked the 'magical barriers' and wizard fights, nice idea. Ammo was a bit more scarce than I would have liked. Ultimately, a nice little map. 
Thanks Ionous 
I'll look forward to the steam and try to catch it live if I can!

I appreciate the feedback, certainly motivating to hear! This is indeed my first map to be released but not first map ever. I am sure people already assumed that since my first map was basically the: "How to build your first room with a light" kind of deal!

Ammo seemed to be a problem for most on Skill 2. I think I expected ammo caches to be searched for around the walls on this skill. Running out of ammo is never fun regardless...will work on that!

As for secrets, same point in having super secrets if no one will ever find them! It's just fun to make secrets, and I went overboard (9 in a tiny map!)

Appreciate you playing man! 
Well, I'd say there's always a point having super secrets,if only so that they are rarely found. :) 
Seeing Yellow 
Hahah, oh man didn't expect that post.

This secret is basically the "easter egg" for the level. To even have a chance to access it you need to have found the previous 8 secrets in the map.

For the vague hint on where the "access" is, you have to do some searching in the skill selection area. You (and at this time, only you) found that hint during your demo you sent me.

If that's too cryptic, I have all of the secrets outlined in the readme!

I love secrets, one of the funniest things when creating a map!

Good luck! 
Couldn't spawn server maps/mjb_horse.bsp
3 demo(s) in loop

Engine: Quakespasm 0.91.0
Command line options: -mem 1024 -zone 2048 -heapsize 512000
Tool: Quake Injector 
-game ad? 
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