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Easter At ..::LvL
A little something for your Easter at ..::LvL Two maps (well, technically 4 maps) are from the same author and are full of brush work, just a little lacking in game play. One of the maps is even for EntityPlus.

* FortTown by Martinus
* Shipyard 17 and Shypyard 17 Boss Battle edition by Martinus
* 2myhouse by Hot[DOG]

Videos and panoramas for all.

Hope everyone had a great Easter break.
It's nice to see that people still make and submit Q3 levels, Tig! 
Do Not Click!! 
Cheers MFX. 
Forum Spam 
Off topic, but...

Not sure if func_msgboard uses something already, but I've been using "Stop Forum Spam" for over a year now on ..::LvL. Catches a lot and was easy to include in to the code (at least it was on ..::LvL).

However, if "" was the spammers IP, it is not currently listed :[

More details here: 
I Agree... 
It's good, we used it on our forum, stopped all of the spam posts and spam users. We had one issue though where someone tried to register a banned username, some strange thing, but we helped him manually.

In the end, that little issue was worth it to stop all the spam. 
Lol, Why? 
2 posts not shown on this page because they were spam
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