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Blackroom Is About To Make You Its Bitch.

I'm making a thread for this because it's probably quite an important release for us, considering who it's made by and what we know so far about the game design.

In brief: oldschool FPS mechanics, fast (like Doom-fast), abstract (apparently) level design across lots of varied environment themes, headed by id founders Romero and (Adrian) Carmack. Unreal 4 Engine. Release date: 2018

More info on Kickstarter.

Post your rumblings here. Trousers optional.
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I'd add, the abstract level design is being done entirely by Romero himself. e1m8b was a dry run on mapping like that again. 
They are going to be "abstract and surrealistic" because the levels are supposedly holograms, so they can morph and be corrupted in unexpected ways.

Sounds like a pretty good excuse to justify weirdness using any environment style. 
Good Split. 
#9159 posted by Shambler [] on 2016/04/25 18:01:34 spam
That video did sound promising. Decent premise to allow for some good experimentation and diversity within the SP game.

<Shambler> daz how much custom gaymer hype is there for the new romero FPS?
<Daz_> none
<Daz_> no gameplay = fuck off. Basically
<Shambler> i presume they intend to implement gameplay at some point before release??
<Daz_> hopefully
<Daz_> :)
<Shambler> also i've just found i can get a refurbished alienware with a 980m for �1300 :S
<Daz_> well I hope the game is good but Im not backing hopes and dreams
<Shambler> i didn't mean u actually kickstarting it you fud
<Shambler> personally i think the idea sounds cool, having someone a bit saner along i.e. adrian c might well help, and surely he must have learnt from dkt
<Shambler> then again not too many fucks will be given until there is more stuff to actually see
<Daz_> indeed
<Daz_> I really have no strong opinions about it either way
<Daz_> so im happy to wait
<Daz_> but that is perhaps a bit of a worry for their kickstarter... considering they are marketing to people with my tastes :P
<Shambler> his own fault, and the industries fault as a whole
<Shambler> people are right to be skeptical about his capabilities, and right to be skeptical about many new action games given how often big companies fuck it up
<Daz_> maybe they have a gameplay video or something like that coming soon. who knows :P 
Yup. Read the Hoxar corporate site, it's like the holodeck meets conjectural psychics, psychotherapy, and military training. And of course it screws up and starts not just reading to generate, but also writing. Across users. So you can have someone's nightmare replicating across the themes of another person's military training, and another's memory of a novel, and so on.

Plot as a foundation for Go Map.

I'd be more skeptical, but, I've read a ton on Daikatana, seen him talk about it a lot, experienced first hand how open he is on the subject, and... e1m8b. It was a pretty good map. I'd like to play more like that. 
Kid Chameleon FPS FTW 
The idea sounds cool, and I hope he makes it. 
Incidentally, "Blackroom" would also have worked as a title for Doom 3. 
I can't believe Daz isn't excited - Romero explicitly mentioned during the livestream that under-lift secrets were a distinct possibility. 
He'll get excited the moment he finds out that under those lift secrets, there is lava to fall in to. 
In the underlift secret itself. 
yeah I saw that coming a mile off, what with their rather skeevy shilling of the Carmack name in the marketing. 
I still think Adrian Carmack is the bigger name to get on a game project at this point. Him doing art design means more to me than a new engine, which I doubt would be particularly different or more advanced from UE4 or idtech6.

Carmack left game engines behind because of the lack of interesting problems to tackle. Even at id, he spent a lot of his final time there on VR, and ultimately quit when Zenimax put their foot down on VR work. If this were 2000, maybe even 2005, it would be a different story. 
I still think Adrian Carmack is the bigger name to get on a game project at this point.

Totes. We are way past the point where you need new engine tech for a game like this, there's nothing you'd need JC to bring to the table here.

However, the general public don't really know who the other Carmack is. When you hear "Romero & Carmack" you only think they are referring to one dynamic duo.

Anyway, that sort of advertising just rubs me up the wrong way, I think it's because I got so sick of whenever Christopher Tolkien farted out a new hardback - that was basically just a collection of his father's shopping lists and an invite from the local vicar for tea and crumpets - you'd get an epic Alan Lee painting on the cover and just the name TOLKIEN slapped on it in 1000pt text. 
I still like to think of Blackroom as "A John Romero & Carmack game". 
It's A Little Sad 
that this has to be spelled out to people.

It's widely known that JC is heavily into VR at this point and I doubt he's leaving oculus any time soon.

Meanwhile I haven't seen AC don't a whole lot recently so it would be obvious to most that it was the *other* Carmack. Also, I feel bad for AC that whenever someone says Carmack it's automatically attributed to JC. The guy was one quarter of the team at one point, he needs a little more credit. 
I just found out the last game Adrian Carmack worked on was Doom 3.

I'd be interested to know how involved he actually is in this. 
Fandoms are messy, it's natural I guess. Some people also gets the two Johns mixed a lot, even in Quake-dedicated websites. 
It's Been A Day 
How has this not been funded yet?? 
Fuck yeah!! I was so excited for Daikatana when that was originally announced, and we all know how awesome that was.. Forget HL3, this is now at the front of the hype train. Count me in! 
Is the reason it's not funded yet. 
You Are Probably Right. 
People who don't know who Romero is won't fund a promise to make some weird "old-school" shooter and those who do know the guy, probably was burnt by Daikatana. 
One Day In, Seems To Be Doing All Right? 
what do kickstarter fund curves normally look like? 
CZG's Anus Obviously 
A key indicator is hitting 20% of your goal in the first 48 hours. You can still fail, but apparently this is a feature of most KS successes. They're $40k short right now of hitting that.

But measures like that aren't law, if I remember correctly STRAFE had a good initial burst, languished, and then a good last week push (because they released the Time Trial demo - people like something tangible).

I think a few real screenshots would go a long way. That and more coverage of course. 
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