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Blackroom Is About To Make You Its Bitch.

I'm making a thread for this because it's probably quite an important release for us, considering who it's made by and what we know so far about the game design.

In brief: oldschool FPS mechanics, fast (like Doom-fast), abstract (apparently) level design across lots of varied environment themes, headed by id founders Romero and (Adrian) Carmack. Unreal 4 Engine. Release date: 2018

More info on Kickstarter.

Post your rumblings here. Trousers optional.
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Ok, so I guess now that the kickstarter money is dribbling in at a not-very-impressive rate, Romero is now frantically thumbing through his notebook of contacts from the 90s, trying to find developers that he hasn't burned his bridges with yet, who'll shill his game for a crate of beer and a hooker. 
I bet they would get funded in no time if they added Sock to their list of developers 
Crowdfunding, unless the developer has something his audience already had a huge crave for (e.g. Shenmue 3), is a desperate race. Running a Kickstarter campaign is a full time job, where the developers must keep engaging with their audience in all kinds of different ways to keep the hopes of their backers up and to generate more mouth-to-mouth marketing.

Romero already released a new Doom map today (E1M4B). I wonder if we'll have gotten a whole Doom episode replacement by the end of this campaign. 
onetruepurple: meanwhile at func
onetruepurple: almost 30 posts in and no BLACKED joke at blackroom

if they added Sock to their list of developers
I cannot even raise $5 dollars on a patreon page, I don't think my name connected to a retro game project would be any benefit. I will be shocked if this KS project actually works! I got the impression retro doom/quake stuff is such a niche market that even an indie project like Strafe struggled to get all of its 80K funding, let alone 700K!

To be brutally honest I am more excited by the new doom snapmap system than another retro game. I think the community around the new doom game is going to be more exciting and the possibilities to create / share new content looks awesome!

One thing that I cannot understand is how this project is going to translate from a freely released doom remix map to the sales/promise of another retro game. Once you start charging for content it becomes a whole different situation to something done as a free map for a 20+ old game. People are going to expect a greater quality level for a start and that means more expensive development costs. 
I don't think my name connected to a retro game project would be any benefit

I think you're cool. =/

The big thing for me is that there is no gameplay footage shown, even alpha/pre-alpha stuff. I know a lot of old school guys get the gist but people who grew up with cod/halo probably wouldn't get it as easily. 
probably should have gone for a retro design as its target design. Something Quake 1 or even Duke 3d level of quality. I would buy that straight away but I'm not likely to be pitching in on this game without something very tantalising.

Hell, making something for Unreal Engine is completely different to making a Doom map. Plus a project like this only having 2 confirmed people, Romero making all the maps and it's coming out in 2018?

I'd be cautious. 
They needed to show a gameplay video. 
What Fifth Said 
Also, I've googled Randy Pitchford's name now. Sigh. 
I am lolling at the upvote/downvote ratio on that Randy Pitchford video 
I think strafe got 180K. I'm pretty sure that was retroblazer's target as well. I think they got up to like 8k or something.

Also, sock, everything you've done with quake is fantastic. I would pay good money to play the things you've made. 
The Pitchford video, judging by what he says, was filmed before the Kickstarter went live. This isn't frantically digging through the rolodex, it's part of a planned rollout of content.

STRAFE struggled largely because people questioned their ability, being new devs.

They do need to show gameplay, definitely.

They don't have only two confirmed people, they've just been public with only three names. Romero has said one of the programmers on the project is a very accomplished AAA dev with a recent large project on the shelves. He has said they have a team - I'd wager some might be reticent about putting their names out there yet if they're established in the industry, in case the KS doesn't go well. Go back to the normal day job and all that. 
They do need sock on the team. I'd kickstart them then. 
So Would I 
Moreso if they promise to let him run the show. 
Welp, Donations Are Stagnating 
Hoxar Or Hoaxarrrrrrrrrrrr? 
"Fully modable on PC!" ( must be hard when using UE4 )

Their rewards... you get to pay to design stuff.


They get paid and you do the work. And people think design by committee is bad, what do expect from design by wallet?

Maybe they are serious about this game but they kind of make the impression of converting their names and history into coins. 
Donations typically drop in the middle of a kickstarter, and pick up again near the end as the campaign takes shape.

There may be spikes of donations depending on if they reveal gameplay (even alpha/pre-alpha stuff, though that seems unlikely) or on any exciting announcements, concept art, etc. 
True. And "pay to design some doodad" is a pretty standard KS tier. I don't think it removes any work from the developers... if anything it would add more work for them. 
Give Him The $$$

his friends are saying so. 
pay to design is definitely nothing new, seen it on a lot of kickstarters for games.

As much as I love Romero's Doom maps I really would love to see a little snippet of something made in UE4. 
when did cliffyB turn in a porker? 
*turn into a porker 
Lol 2 
comments disabled AND unlisted 
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