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New Q1SP "The Faults Within" For Arcane Dimensions
This map is a remake of Quakes e3m2 "The Vaults of Sin" which doesn't meet the quality standards of the man himself, Sock.

Sock wrote: "'s subpar, definitly not your best work, you should release it standalone, im not going to include it in the next release.."

He is mostly right, as always ;)

Screenshot 1 2

Download here. (3.14 MB)

Arcane Dimensions v1.4patch2 required!!

Should still be some good 5-10 minutes of fun.
Leave comments below, if you want to make demos do so, always welcome.

Thanks to EricW for last minute bug testing!

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I would like to make something similar one day, really cool. Here is a demo: 
Thx For The Demo! 
I know it is nothing grand, as Sock said. 
Pretty Neat! 
Not your best map by any means but it's good fun with some really cool Runic structures. Now I wanna make another Runic map!
I especially liked the lighting in this map.

Nightmare demo: 
Cool Demo Skacky 
thx a ton! Sock didn't *** me, we both agreed in the end this isn't worth the hassle and all that jazz :D
Glad you loved the building, but you've already made better runic maps than this imo.

RAR Version D/l 
seems .7z is having a conniption. 
That little bit of platforming over lava leading into a close range encounter with a fiend is just plain evil. 
Sub-par mapping that's so sub there needs to be a new basement area especially for it, preferably that's completely inaccessible so no-one has to play it.

P.S. Nice map, architecture improvements are cool as is the end game. Good use of wizards, fun and not frustrating. Would have liked to have seen more layout tweaks though - the few that are around are good. 
Make A Zip If You Want It At Quaddicted 
Can Someone With Quaddicted Log-in Upload The .7z File Thx 
They Can't, I Am A Fascist Dictator With Standards 
pretty fun little map, shame it's not met the standards to be included. I bet it could have been 'tarted up' enough though.

In truth AD is full of remake stuff, which is nice for nostalgia but you want your thirst quenched with the new stuff IMO - 
Rename The 7zip To Zip And Try Again 

Without the skybox, as it is already included in the patch. 
Very nice, great-looking re-imagining! The only part I didn't really like was the Shambler trap near the exit. 
Shambler Trap. 
A bit hard, I got through it but was touch and go... 
Nice Map! 
I always say that we need more runic maps. This one is nice.

skill 1 demos: 
zip is broken for me, 0 bytes. 
Better than the original version. 
Strange Indeed. 
reuploaded demo.

I checked my download folder and the file is there. file was working back then. 
I'm getting the error message:


Engine: Quakespawm 0.91.0
Tool: Quake Injector

I installed Arcane Dimensions, updated with v1.4patch2.

The all maps are in
but the map files of E3M2 are in
Just put the ad_e3m2 BSP, LIT files in "<QuakeDir>\ad\maps\" :) 
I could deduce that solution. But, why doesn't it just install the map seamlessly? I wanted to report this error. 
Ah Sorry 
I missed "Quake Injector" in your post. 
Blame The Quaddicted Editor, This Time Nonickname 
I fixed it. Praise me! 
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