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New Q1SP "The Faults Within" For Arcane Dimensions
This map is a remake of Quakes e3m2 "The Vaults of Sin" which doesn't meet the quality standards of the man himself, Sock.

Sock wrote: "'s subpar, definitly not your best work, you should release it standalone, im not going to include it in the next release.."

He is mostly right, as always ;)

Screenshot 1 2

Download here. (3.14 MB)

Arcane Dimensions v1.4patch2 required!!

Should still be some good 5-10 minutes of fun.
Leave comments below, if you want to make demos do so, always welcome.

Thanks to EricW for last minute bug testing!

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Getting rekt by Sock even before release makes this a must-play :DF 
I Endorse 
this awesome post! :D
Keep on mappin! 
Hell Yea 
So now you know how it felt getting rekt by you in the 1990's! 
>Q1SP (...) for Arcane Dimensions
>not ADSP 
You Are Really Weird Otp 
looks terrible obviously
will make sure to skip this one. 
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