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Slip & Frag -- Quake For IOS Now On App Store
Today, the project formerly known as the iOS VR target of "Quake For OSX" will see the light for the general audience for the first time!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you: Slip & Frag.

Just in case you were wondering, the project will continue to be available, in source code form, from the usual address at . Fortunately, the changes required to publish the app were minimal :) .

As usual, I will be accepting any comments, questions or suggestions about the project - see for details.
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Drat! Why Did I Ever Trade My Iphone For An S5? 
really really needs a non-VR version playable with touch controls. 
Respectfully Need To Disagree. 
A couple of years ago I bought Final Fantasy V for my phone. The game has touch controls to navigate through the world. Worst. Control. Schema. Ever! And that's for a turn-based RPG. I shudder to think what would happen in a fast response FPS such as Quake... 
On iOS works just fine. 
Do you happen to have an URL to that? I would like very much to install it in my phone... 
NVM Found It... 
Also damn, not available in my country :( .

Just watched a video of it. Looks like you can play it all right. But it also feels like pointing to shoot is a bit difficult... 
Now, To Be Fair... 
I've been toying with the idea of doing an iPad version of the game, only not OpenGL based, but Metal based. It should work just fine in any Apple target, not just the iPad. Including touch control in a phone target should not be that hard. Still, no promises :) . 
Hey, I just created a booth at Quake Expo 2016. Check it out:

It explains a bit better the thought process that went in order to create it. 
IPhones Are For Cunts. 
HTH. Well done for porting something to it, tho. 
Just out of curiosity... Why the animosity against Apple hardware? Never understood it... save for the exceedingly high price of Macs, of course :) 
I will never use apple products unless they start opening their platform up. Very limited third party hardware compatibility, very restrictive software availability (on IOS devices anyway).

Not very a very "tinkerer" friendly platform. 
Permission To State The Obvious... 
... did you know somebody actually managed to port Quake to iOS? Isn't that open enough to you? :) 
All Up.. 
I quite admire how Apple works.

It's unix, after all... using all the free/open gnu and bsd software. They're a business, so they keep the money side hard. And to maintain their lovely GUI, they enforce interface guidelines. And they stick up for the users rights. Going up against the FBI (or whoever) about phone encryption rights is more than google and mickeysoft do. OS X is free for chrissakes too. 
And Apple Care Is Some Sort Of Business Rort. 
I bought a absolute top range 2013 macbook air (i7/500gb ssd) for $700, and took it to apple to see if they had a rubber key suction cap (1 key+sucker was missing). I ended up walking away with a new display (hinge was loose), and new keyboard/topcase all for nothing because it was still 1 onth left on applecare. 
But 3rd party hardware is kept tight. They *are* a hardware company. 
Sounds Awesome 
I'm ordering a google cardboard now so i can check it out. 
Hey. The game just got listed in a site called appPicker. Not sure who these guys are, but to be honest, any help towards making the game known is highly appreciated. 
Minor update (1.02) has been posted and is in review, going live soon:

- A small flickering issue caused by a not-really-needed call to V_DriftPitch() when in VR mode.
- Updated to the latest GVRSDK - a problem in multitexturing code prevented the update in previous versions.
- The engine will no longer generate cached models in glquake/, meaning you should be able to replace model files manually with no issues.

As usual, your comments and suggestions are welcome! 
IPhones Are For Cunts

Gonna tentatively side with this viewpoint now, after discovering today, that in order to install a custom ringtone on my iphone, I have to connect it to a PC running that mournful bloatware called iTunes.

Yes that's right. I have Google Drive on my iPhone, I can accept email attachments on my iPhone, but to actually place anything in the fucking filesystem, you have to physically connect it to a PC and do it through that. 
I Feel Your Pain 
My relatives used to nag me with various I-anything maintenance tasks, and the anal-retentive way everything is set up there almost made me throw objects across the room. 
custom ringtone

What is this, the naughties? 
It's Not A Bug, It's A Feature 
I will never use apple products unless they start opening their platform up. Very limited third party hardware compatibility, very restrictive software availability (on IOS devices anyway).

This will never ever happen because these limitations are precisely why people find that Apple devices work better and want to buy them despite their higher prices.

"very restrictive software availability" was also quite a hilarious comment. Normal people don't sideload things and in fact, feel overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of apps available in the official App store. 
They took their sweet time in this occasion, but finally there it is: update 1.02 available for everyone! Go ahead and check it out.

Now that there have been 3 versions of the app available, I can't help but notice that I haven't been slapped with some sort of takedown notice from Bethesda/Zenimax/id or whatever which, to be honest, I was kind of expecting to happen. At this point, I'm not sure if I 1) happened to do the right thing with my app, legality-wise or 2) The app hasn't yet reached the "proper" ears/hands in order for that to happen. Wish I knew the answer... This could have interesting implications for the perceived legality issue of GPL apps in the App Store. 
could be nice to link to your code on github, and maybe say the license is GPLv2+

Anyway, cool work! I'll give it a shot on my ipad 2 (won't have VR but it should still run?) 
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