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New Q1SP: Requiem By Gotshun
O.K. Guys, I'm new at this so please be patient.Three new maps with start and difficulty choice. I made these maps to thank CZG for his maps "Honey and Saint." So much these maps are inspired after CZG's honey and saint.Thanks to all guys for all your hard work, Pete (Gotshun) D.


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I'm at work, can someone verify this is real? the readme says 12/2013, and there are no screenshots. 
Yep, 4 Maps + Startmap 
Didn't tried'em yet. Will in 5 min. 
Great ! 
The startmap is very good !

The first map is excellent! This is already a major release. However, the map would be much better looking with a fog. There are some defects here and there (blinkering floor parts in some places). But really, add a fog !

I didn't played the other maps yet, but is seams to be a major release. 
Everything After The Start And Map 1 
feels like it was lifted entirely from their respective maps brush for brush. If I was CZG I'd feel a little mad tbh.

I may be wrong but that's how it feels. You should have gone for something like func mapjam 1. 
Can You Please Post Pics? 
Second And Third Maps... 
also need a fog.

They're great complicated maps, very long to play. Geez, how am I supposed to find time to play all this !? I guess I just need to save the game and play a little bit each day, instead of trying to play the whole map in a single day.

The wood works are really great ! 
poked around first map, just seems like a loving tribute. derivative but still pretty high quality.
i doubt czg will be mad people have been ripping him off since like, numb nimbus 
Screenshots Please?? 
I did say the start and map 1 were fine.

The other maps have areas which are practically identical 
Hmmm, Gotta Agree With Fifth 
There's "homage" and then there's "open up someone else's .map file and just c'n'p most of it across"... 
Are there any meaningful changes? Like progression or I dunno. 
These is a good release, I dig it. It's like the Mr.Oizo remix of Honey.

The start map is a very cool piece of work, reminded me of Zer a little bit, and I think exploring that style further in some other map would be worthwhile!

First map is good. It's a bit odd for me to play through and see so many things that were like "oh this bit is inspired by this! cool!" and yet it was all connected together in a completely unexpected and original way.
It got a bit confusing towards the end where I was just wondering where the fuck I was supposed to be going, but then I just closed my brain and followed the arrows.

Second map was also cool, though it was even more obviously bits and pieces from honey, again assembled in a different way. And not even just straight copied pieces, but things that have clearly been rebuilt at a different scale.

Third map is where it gets weird. This is pretty much just saint.bsp, but it has been completely rebuilt from scratch? And there are small variations all over the place that keeps it just weird, unpredictable and uncanny. And it's super interesting to me because those variations introduce design motifs that I either actually were thinking about when I made the originals or I wish I had thought about. The overall effect is sorta unreal, and it's almost nauseating.

Then the fourth map appears and I'm like wtf is this. This is E1M5 with at first glance just some gameplay alterations? But then you move around and again there are small (and some large) things that have changed.

I was wondering what this map was doing in the release at all, but then I realized you can apply some sort of design narrative to the whole pack:
You start off in a completely fresh and new environment (start map), and then as you progress the world becomes more and more uncannily "familiar", and eventually regresses all the way back to the shareware episode you played in 1996. I'm not sure if that was intentional, but I thought it was a funny reading. IT SYMBOLIZES THE QUAKE COMMUNITY????

Overall I think this was a fab release and I am eager to see something more from you. (Something more original lmao jk gg)

Oh and consider me thoroughly flattered. 
The "Nah" Was Directed At Kinn Btw 
My Favourite Bit 
In the third map the huge open area that has the silver key door and all the collapsed arches lying on the ground. I was doing a little bit of that in saint.bsp, but this implementation is a lot closer to what I was actually aiming for.
Czg Approved 
Gives me an excuse to replay Honey and then check this out! 
Thanks Guys 
This is what I was shooting for. I wanted to mimic CZG
with a bit of a twist to the maps, but to keep them close to the original authors ideas. I'm sorry I didn't have something more original, but I wanted to see if I was just wasting everyone's time or if I was going to get encouraging feed back. Looks like I'm going to making more maps from all the positive feed backs. Thanks again everyone. I'll start to com up with more A.S.A.P

Pete (gotshun) D. 
Well If CZG Is Cool 
then fair play.

Aside from the inspiration stuff I did feel like the actual maps could have done with a bit more brightness/contrast in lighting. I kind of missed the changing fog etc that added the extra atmosphere in Honey.
The pack itself felt much harder than Honey, I ended up using god mode through most of my playthrough (something I very rarely do).
Also I think a few more ambient sounds dotted around would have helped with the atmosphere.

Sorry I didn't record a demo, it was super late when I played it and I forgot. 
No Problem 
Your a fine level designer FifthElephant and I greatly appreciate the feed back. I have played quite a few of your maps and very much enjoyed playing them. And I'm flattered that some of the greats actually played my maps and commented on them. I'll use all the input I got from you guys. Like I said, I'm new to this mapping thing. I started making maps when Ben Morris came out with Worldcraft but I stopped making maps a long time ago. I only started back when I seen Daz playing Honey, that's when the bug bit me again. Thanks again for your input.

P.S. Can you steer my in right direction on how to implement fog in MY levels? I got to agree, fog and ambient sounds do add to flavor.

Pete(Gotshun) D. 
I suspect you will have needed to use a custom prog file, like the one in Honey, in order to implement fog triggers. I'm not sure of a way to change this otherwise (my guess is Preach will come bounding in and work his dark magic and show us some new trick).

Ambient sounds is easier since they're straightforward entities, ambient_drip, ambient_suck_wind, ambient_swamp1, ambient_swamp2 etc.

Also, thanks for the kind words about my maps. I certainly wouldn't count myself amongst the greats though, I've only been releasing Q1 maps since 2013 and I'm still learning. 
didn't notice that title there 
this is pretty weird. 
Screenshots :( 
I'll be on a week long trip so won't have time to play this for a while. 
added to OP 
Thanks czg for the pics. Your a great guy and so are the rest of you! Thanks again for the feed back and hope to hear from more of you. Btw I'm working on another map. This compliments Socks atmosphere but the level in completely original. It takes a little longer for me to produce maps due to the work thing!

Pete_Gotshun) D. 
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