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What Is The Best Engine For An Enemy-heavy Mod?
I'm making a mod heavily inspired by L4D, with lot's of enemies on the maps and dynamic spawns. Which engine fork do you guys think that could handle more and more enemies? I'm talking about preposterous enemy count here.
If I Recall Someone Made A Test Map In Quakespasm With 64000 Shamblers 
networking wise, fteqw, quakespasm-spiked, or dp are the 3 to try for 10k ents visible at once.
other engines will probably have issues with more than 64 ents at a time in coop.

tbh I don't really recommend using too many simultaneous monsters, it just makes the gameplay slow and boring.

I doubt many engines would have issues with 500 simultaneous monsters, so long as you're sure to fully clean up corpses/gibs.

beware serverside overheads. stagger your thinks to avoid sutter. (ab)use fog for extra culling. 
In practice L4D has a maximum enemy count of about 30 at a time, so I don't think you're tied down to a particular engine to emulate it. There are lots of ways it makes things feel busier than that. One is that enemies are spawned as near as they can possibly get away with (and the maps are designed with lots of suitable spots). Another major one is that the enemy navigation is effective, so that they can rapidly swamp the players. I think the way that the specials create high priority threats - at times in combination with hordes - is also vital to making the game seem more frantic and full. 
Serious Sam 3 Engine 
Yeah, Didn't The Serious Engine Got Its Source Code Released? 
I should have be more specific when it comes to "engine": by that, i mean quake ports. I don't really care about other stuff. :D

I was thinking DP as well, but since DP is always my first option for everything, i wanted to know from the experts if it was really a good choice.

Thanks for help, guys! 
If You Do Go Down The DP Route 
just remember it's only gay if the balls touch. 
more like jamie-2cocks! amirite!? hahahahhaha...

A Fistfull Of Ents 
I routinely display thousands of ents with a darkplaces port:

As long as you have some kind of distance limit and dont absolutely overload on ents, it cranks along just fine.

One caution: if you plan on using some override elements for HD - it takes a lot less to overload the engine. 
I'm talking about preposterous enemy count here.
What, like nuts.wad? 
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