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New Q1SP - Gotshun's The "lost" Levels!
Okay, so they never were really "lost" per se, just more a pain for me to grab off his old PC. But that's over now, onto the fun schtuff :)

For those asking for smaller levels these are for you ;) They are old school claustrophobic with perilous tricks and traps.

** Scourge of Armagon(hipnotic) required ***

Slightly more info is in the readme.txt | 16 levels in all located here:



Hope you guys have fun.
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Old Schoolin 
Just loaded up the first few maps and I would have to say this is some old school goodness indeed! Look forward to playing when I have more time! 
Screen Captures And Previews ! 
It is bleh to not have those, before downloading ! 
Apologies For The Lack Of Screenies But... 
These aren't "100,000 brush masterpieces"!

And since quaddicted is on a bit of an updating hiatus I just didn't see the necessity, oops :( 
The Maps... 
I quikly played all the maps, and I can say that they are indeed "old school" maps, but they are of pretty high quality. You're obviously a strong mapper. 
+1 For Screenies 
Screenshots Are For The Weak! 
Thanks for sharing these, E1UB and E2SL1 are my favourites so far. 
I don't have the SOA progs file. I had a quick look at one of the maps in standard progs but there were too many missing elements and I could not complete it.

Shame; it looks like my kind of map. 
Couldn't It Just Be Run In Quoth Or Something? 
...I have got through the first couple of maps using Quoth but earthquake and several spawn functions are not working. However the earthquake is probably not significant (ambient effect only), and as long as the missing spawn monsters are not triggers, then I should be able to play on.

I will report back. 
Very Good News 
The amount of SoA and DoE levels is minimal, so any new ones are always good news, and these ones at least from the looks are going to be enjoyable.

I'll try to get some time to play them and put some demos. 
I don't have the SOA
Well get it already!

the earthquake is probably not significant (ambient effect only)
Not only: it affects the player's movement, adding a sense of unpredictability when you're in places that you can fall from. If you use Darkplaces, you can run these maps with the SMC: it has the same earthquake effect. 
Mugwump: Earthquake... 
mmm... you obviously didn't play my last map. In that, the earthquake not only affected the player's movement, in some places, it shook you so hard that you lost some of your weapons out of your backpack and into the lava below! Bastard mapper, someone said. 
You mean Binn, Dunne, Gorne? Not yet, no, but I have them all on my HD waiting for me to find some time to play them. The only map of yours I've played so far is Ambush Keen Pilgrims. And since BDG is allegedly your masterpiece, I'll save it for last. 
Ha, ha; masterpiece, no. It was just my last ever map that took forever to finish. And even though it took so long, there are still flaws.

(If you do ever get around to playing it, make sure you play the second version FMB_BDG2 as it is has the follow-on sections (maps) that you get to see from the end of FBM_BDG)

Oh, and just for the record, Ambush Keen Pilgrims were two MP maps from Pingu that I stitched together following an idea from Shambler. 
Well it is regarded by the community as your best map, hence your masterpiece - I wasn't making any comparison to other maps by other authors. And yeah, I know about the two versions and I have the latest one. Thanks anyway.

I also knew that AKP wasn't entirely your work, I just wanted this little off-topic to be as concise as possible - you know how people feel about OT on this site. One last thing before returning to our regularly scheduled programming: AKP is also listed twice at Quaddicted, first as a2d2, released in 2000 and credited to Pingu, and also as fmb7, released in 2002 and credited to you. Any difference between the two? 

I did not know they appeared twice. The Readme files are two years apart and as I did not upload them to Quaddicted I can only imagine that they came from two different sources.

I am guessing that maybe I changed the name sometime after release when I was archiving my own stuff, and that version somehow got into circulation.

They are the same map regardless of the filename. I notice that A2D2 has more comments than FMB7 so perhaps Pingu's name drew more attention than mine ;)

What's funny is that this was 16 years ago, and I am still playing Quake. 
Heh, well Quake still has a unique atmosphere to this day, and still is the best FPS ever, so... 
These levels have excellent "retro" feeling, with nicely hidden secrets. A nice surprise!

Some levels don't use any music at all (mapped to non-existing track01). Was this intended?

Difficulty level is quite considerable even on easy (at least for me), I dunno if you had implemented difficulty levels in general.

BTW, you can also run this by putting all maps into a folder, e.g. named "gotshun", and run it with -game gotshun -hipnotic parameters. You don't have to put everything into the hipnotic folder, you can keep it separate. 
Yeah, I didn't understand about the special "-hipnotic/-rogue/-quoth" switch until after I posted the release :( There is a thread about multiple gamedir's etc recently that is ongoing.

If I had I would have placed the maps in a .pak file and then included the command line you suggested in the readme, for sake of simplicity/cleanliness.

Grrr... I really wish I had thought about the music, I didn't. I could have easily remedied that by editing the .bsp's... stoopid stoopid stoopid :-P

As far as differing difficulty levels, I think they are in. I am just a friend of the author, which is gotshun. He was busy with RL� and his next level so I was the grunt worker bee for retrieval, assembly and release.

Thanks for the feedback 
Question: Can You "replace" A File On Quaketastic? 
If so I could update the .zip archive with a few "needed" changes. 
Got through the first 4 or 5 maps but ran into one that would not load. Bypassed that one but the next one had doors that would not open and presumably they were triggered by non-spawning monsters.

But I enjoyed what I did play. I wonder why the maps have so much z-fighting? 
Afaik, Software quake doesn't have z-fighting, so the maps were probably only tested on software 
Started Playing In Quoth 
so far very nice, great job on these.
Love this era of quake mapping 
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