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High 5 - Retro Jam 5: E3M5!
Wind Tunnels is a cool theme, very befitting the dark and moist weather of middle November, and also the actual trigger_push functionality always leads to some fun & creative usage by the mappers. Over the years there have been several maps which adhered to the original E3M5 theme fairly closely Antediluvian, vastly expanded upon it with additional id1 and/or custom textures Lose Tunnels, or others, who ran with the wind tunnels mechanic and created something very different Backsteingotik.

A perfect theme for a short mapping jam!

Below are the only requirements, few but significant:

- at least one exit
- original BSP limits
- vanilla id1 gameplay only
- non-ridiculous detail level

Why so? Because it's not the point of this jam to spend months on making a 100,000 brush masterpiece uniquely textured on every face. Also because the original Quake maps still look great in 2016, and the vague idea behind retro jams is to recreate their simplistic beauty.

You are recommended, but not restricted, to use this wad.

I will be accepting your finished maps at funcretrojam5 at gmail dot com until November 18th. Why 5 days to make a map? Because 4 was fine for retro jam 4, and the more maps, the merrier ;-) This also leaves a possibility for a weekend extension...
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By original BSP limits, you refer to the "Normal Limits" on the BSP table from this page?

I just wanted to verify as I am ignorant in the original stuff when it comes to mapping. 
Fitzquake Limits 
Aka protocol 666.

I will not be accepting BSP2 (or 2PSB) entries. 
Oh okay, whew...I am okay with old school detail and even the short deadline but was afraid I had to adhere to that static entity limit. (Nice break from my current 100,000 brush masterpiece that is uniquely textured on every face.)

I am going to play with some brushes and hope to have something to submit by the 18th! 
What The Hell Are You Going To Build In 5 Days That Breaks The 128 Sta 
tic entity limit? 
no one wants to participate in a jam organized by a hostile and abusive jackass who's entire contribution to the Quake community is an unlit unfinished map textured with cocks. 
Nice One Scampie. 
Did you already forget about your entry for the last jam I organised? 
Nevermind The Fact That RJ4 Was The Most Successful 
Yeah, I mapped in your last jam, and I still don't feel good about my association with you in the slightest, for the reasons I already stated and more. You are a pimple on the ass of the Quake community. 
bit harsh. 
I think you mistyped le pimp. 
I guess I don't know how many I usually use...

Anyway, this jam isn't for me I have been plugging on my current AD map for too long and I can't get the creative juices flowing for another map. 
another classic map to reference, "Rust In Peace" -- 
True, OTP is one of Func's very own anal warts.

But equally true, this is a good jam, eloquently laid out with a good theme and simple rules. And for that reason lot should be IN. 
Make Me Stuff! 
For some reason I read this as "Hey Guyz, I need some maps to play, can you make me some!?! thkx bye!" :P

I think the Quake community really needs people that makes content rather than just organizes it. As I have said before, if you organize a mapping event, you should at least enter it yourself! 
Bloughsburgh: Well, that's a shame, since I was partially hoping that a short jam would be a good sort of palate cleanser for people working on/coming off larger personal projects. Good luck with your map though!

Metl: Thanks for the link, I don't know why I hadn't tried "e3m5" as a tag on Quaddicted.

bler: Thanks for the objectively true statements (both of them bitches).

sock: I think you might be positively surprised by this jam :) 
Sock Go Map. 
Sounds Like 
OTP has a map in the works.

I'm too busy atm to contribute but it's a good theme!! 
Are Those M'kay? 
1) Color lights ?
2) Fog ? 
Yes To Both 
Progress Report 
Level: retro5_qmaster - "Trick Bricks"
Start Time: 11/15/16 18:00 CST

Base Geometry - 100%
Detail Geometry - 60%
Progession (Doors, exit, etc.) - 100%
Lighting - 0%
Items - 10%
Enemies - 0%
Secrets - 50% (2 so far)
Current Playtime: 2min.
Current time of writing: 20:42 CST

Pretty fun little map so far. Added something interesting for the last part to make use of the small space. I accidentally made this fit within 768 jam limits at first so I stuck with it.

Go map. No more excuses. 
Make that:
Lighting: 75%
Current Time: 21:25 CST 
I am busy this and next 3 days. But I will make "something" even if I have only 1-2 days. So it is fine to make very abstract and simple design? And the focus is more in gameplay itself and not the look? Okay then* 
Where will it exit? Original 
Well, that's a shame, since I was partially hoping that a short jam would be a good sort of palate cleanser for people working on/coming off larger personal projects.

I'm in.

50% brush work, 25% lighting, overall layout planned out.

I think the fact others are joining in made me change my mind. It will be nothing spectacular but it will interesting to see what I can come with in a very short amount of time. 
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