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High 5 - Retro Jam 5: E3M5!
Wind Tunnels is a cool theme, very befitting the dark and moist weather of middle November, and also the actual trigger_push functionality always leads to some fun & creative usage by the mappers. Over the years there have been several maps which adhered to the original E3M5 theme fairly closely Antediluvian, vastly expanded upon it with additional id1 and/or custom textures Lose Tunnels, or others, who ran with the wind tunnels mechanic and created something very different Backsteingotik.

A perfect theme for a short mapping jam!

Below are the only requirements, few but significant:

- at least one exit
- original BSP limits
- vanilla id1 gameplay only
- non-ridiculous detail level

Why so? Because it's not the point of this jam to spend months on making a 100,000 brush masterpiece uniquely textured on every face. Also because the original Quake maps still look great in 2016, and the vague idea behind retro jams is to recreate their simplistic beauty.

You are recommended, but not restricted, to use this wad.

I will be accepting your finished maps at funcretrojam5 at gmail dot com until November 18th. Why 5 days to make a map? Because 4 was fine for retro jam 4, and the more maps, the merrier ;-) This also leaves a possibility for a weekend extension...
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Who Cares In The End 
If NewHouse doesn't want to release his .map file then so be it. 
Is this even serious? Can't people nowadays say anything that doesn't please others. And yes, Mugwump, I'm not native speaker. 
English is not mother language. And I thought you knew that, since we talk a lot. 
I found a bug in my level and re-sent you the files. Hope this is cool. 
I just had the other email open ;) 
Pencils Down 
If It's A Bug Fix It's Fair Game 
As a player, I don't think you want to unexpectedly fall through the geometry of my level. That was the fix, no features were added, no prettiness was added. 
@Shamblernaut We weren't just making small talk here. You don't think discussing the benefits of releasing the source is a worthwhile endeavour?

@NewHouse Can't people nowadays say anything that doesn't please others.
Calm your pants, man. I'm not mad at you, we're cool. You can do anything you want, including ignoring valuable advice provided for your own good... ;)
English is not mother language.
I know, which is why I kindly explained the difference to you. 
compared to a release post, yes it's chaff =P
f5 f5 f5 f5

otherwise I would agree with you (the discussion, both points have their merits) 
Give us some screenshots! If I can't play it yet, I want to tease myself with screenshots at least. 
There Were A Few Posted In The Thread 
Some Fresh Ones Please 
That is freaking awesome!
Look at all of those unique interpretations!

Looking forwarding the shit out of this. 
These Three Knights Are Such Poseurs 
Whose map is it on the bottom left? Looks plenty atmospheric. 
looks cool 
I would have participated in this jam if I wasn't finishing my map for ad 1.5 
Ooh, a new PuLSaR map for AD, neat-o! BTW, will Sock and you make another explore jam eventually? 
It's not completely my map for AD, it's a collaboration with Ionous as well as with Sock who made the final boss fight (both area and the boss fight itself).

No plans so far on another explore jam as far as I know. We need to release AD 1.5 first. 
3 great mappers working together, I'm sure it's gonna be mucho tasty! 
It's Done! 
Awaiting moderator approval on the release thread, in the meantime, feel free to post in GA

Thanks for the maps and all the misc support! 
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