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High 5 - Retro Jam 5: E3M5!
Wind Tunnels is a cool theme, very befitting the dark and moist weather of middle November, and also the actual trigger_push functionality always leads to some fun & creative usage by the mappers. Over the years there have been several maps which adhered to the original E3M5 theme fairly closely Antediluvian, vastly expanded upon it with additional id1 and/or custom textures Lose Tunnels, or others, who ran with the wind tunnels mechanic and created something very different Backsteingotik.

A perfect theme for a short mapping jam!

Below are the only requirements, few but significant:

- at least one exit
- original BSP limits
- vanilla id1 gameplay only
- non-ridiculous detail level

Why so? Because it's not the point of this jam to spend months on making a 100,000 brush masterpiece uniquely textured on every face. Also because the original Quake maps still look great in 2016, and the vague idea behind retro jams is to recreate their simplistic beauty.

You are recommended, but not restricted, to use this wad.

I will be accepting your finished maps at funcretrojam5 at gmail dot com until November 18th. Why 5 days to make a map? Because 4 was fine for retro jam 4, and the more maps, the merrier ;-) This also leaves a possibility for a weekend extension...
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Map File Now Also Sent* 
It's become common for jams to include sources of the entries, to give others a look into how the thing was built - in case the entry proves particularly inspiring.

I can make you an exception if you're really strongly against it, but it would be sad :( 
Why Did He Map For It Too?? 
Oh Ok Then 
Soon we can play these, I assume. 
I do it because it is fun. I got motivated to do this short deadline jam because I saw others opting in. I don't really care who organizes the jams, I just enjoy making maps and learning new things along the way (Which I did during this jam!)

Giving me a deadline helps me to actually fully realize a map from start to finish instead of poking it with a detail stick. That is why I gave myself a deadline for my personal project as well. 
I sent it. But I really don't like the idea, since it is like releasing your own source code of you game before it is even released even* and it is not an excuse, because these are jam maps. Many jam maps can have a lot of things "artists" want to keep with themself, because after we all are a pretty selfish persons. 
Including Map Sources Is Not Mandatory 
I have released the source to every map I have released... Most of the top mappers do this as a standard practice. 
Don't Want To Share My "private" Map Files 
I want to keep them save, and use them for the final releases. Then I might share map files, since then those would be actually finished (final releases). 
I think you may be looking at this the wrong way.

For instance, there are numerous mappers here who I looked at their .map files to try to learn how certain brushes were created, or entities were set up. I know I looked at Sock's/Skacky/MFX and even id source maps to learn about many many things. Without those provided source files I may have never figured certain things out.

If a budding mapper or a (veteran!) uses my .map file to learn something new then I would be very flattered.

Now if they are re-releasing your map and selling it for drug money...then maybe there is an issue. 
And I really don't want to follow others steps, sorry. 
But then again, those are finished maps* 
It's an odd thing to withhold. 
Jam Maps Are By And Large Finished Maps 
I don't want to argue with you, and none of you aren't wrong. I just like to withhold things. 
Thats Fine, Bsps Can Be Decompiled Anyway. 
Sent my .map. 
If They Really Want To Do That, That Is Fine. (I Have To Give Up) 
only thing what I'm trying to protect might be that I'm really bad when it comes to making brush work in a right way. Not really into showing off my broken maps, so far there has been so many issues in previous jams. 
"And I really don't want to follow others steps, sorry. "

I mean like design-wise I don't want to copy others if possible.. but I do like to watch how for example sock/mfx made scripting for their maps. 
it is like releasing your own source code of you game before it is even released
...So? It's not like you're gonna make money out of it, anyway. Community content is free and including sources is a standard practice with GPL/copyleft material. And as Bloughsburgh said, source .maps are a great learning tool.
And I really don't want to follow others steps
It's not about copying others, it's about learning how stuff is done. Also, if you do something the wrong way, a more experienced mapper could point you towards how to do it right for your future releases. Really, it's a win-win situation. Besides, if someone reaaaally wants to look into your map, he can decompile the .bsp without your consent (yes, this is wrong, but it's possible nonetheless), so withholding the .map is utterly pointless. 
Do you need to continue this further? Never mentioned about those you just said. I do maps just because I want to and it has nothing to with money. But then again you can use everything you do in the future for your portfolio, it really doesn't matter whether it is old-school stuff or not.

So please, no continue this any further? 
Fine, as you wish. I just find it a little unfortunate that you don't want to see the benefits of the practice. 
When did I said that? I practice from others maps, just by playing them. Is that something odd? 
"A practice" (noun) does not mean "to practice" (verb). The noun means "something people do". 
"27 New Posts" 
Reads the posts...

All chaff :( 
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