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Bal - Born Robotic Song
Hi. Bal has always been my inspiration. I made this song in 2008 after playing balq3dm3. it's called Born Robotic. i posted it on Terrafusion as well. what do you guys think?
Terrafusion For Life 
born robotic is a song i wrote for Bal on terrafusion in the year 2008! 
Hey Bal, You Can Crash On My Couch! 
I'm going to be doing a interview where I ask questions from terrafusion. Might put a sharpie in my pooper too 
music 6/10
vocals 2/10

If you're not going to learn how to sing, then learn how to use autotune. OR a vocaloid. 
Holy Crap 
i was 17 when i made this. Bal is such an inspiration to me... and Friction and Lunaran too. 
that comment was probably uncalled for

no offence was intended. 
I would like to thank whoever summoned avenger out of the depths of wherever. 
Not sure how to react to this thread. 
Bend over, spread ass cheeks, lube up. 
Something like this: 
killes, i've always been around. sometimes i dissapear for a bit but i always return to my roots. i truly believe czg would really appreciate this song. im going to be doing a terrafusion interview. sharpie in pooper too lol 
The comment was mean but the rating was kind. 
Picture For My Background 
does anyone have a picture of Bal that i can use for my background? 
Out on parole huh 
For Bal. 
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