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Retro Jam 6 - Egyptian
Retro Jam 6!!

Retro Jams are vanilla style, id1 only, and can be of any build quality.

The theme is Egyptian, so think pyramids, tombs, catacombs, sandstone walls, arches, columns, pillars, obelisks, temples, deserts, dusty canyons etc
If you want to include a custom skybox that's fine. Suggestions might be sunset/rise, dusty/stormy, starry night-time, moonlit.

Theme - Egypt
Deadline - 30th December

Lots more info in the guideline link below!

Jam Guidelines / Texture Wad


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Try Clip Brushes, To Block Player Not Go Through It? 
Submitted a better version of my map, with fixes and additions and whatnot. And no more leak. A few hours after noon GMT, tho given a deadline extended for a few more hours it shouldn't be a problem. My exit points to map 'start' hope that's ok! 
Yeah, I Used Clip Brushes In The End To Fix It. 
It's in God's hands now. 
I'm Not God... 
but thanks for the compliment Danz.

On a key note I am having a world of pain trying to get my map to seal. If it comes down to it I might have to exclude my own map (!!!!). 
My map is almost VISed :D 99.9% after 5h. 
Hype Hype With Added Hype. 
Fifth, extend until you can do it man. 
99.9% After 5h 
lol, my map took 9 minutes to vis. 
Pack Will Be Available Soon 
Just populating the map with assholes to kill 
Remember add at least 50 Ogres, since it is so rarely used in custom maps (sarcasm) 
I fixed it, now it's few seconds :D
Thanks to skacky for help! 
[21:23:50] �Ionous� I moved a scrag 32 units 
#243, #244 - it's a pure brushwork, mouth is a door. You have to play it, to see how it works :) 
Im pressing F5 every 30 minutes to see if the mapjam pack is up :D 
Skacky�s + Ionous� + Bloodshot�s 
are probably my favorites so far. somebody else also listening to the new The Fragile Deviations 1 as a soundrack to this pack? 
↑ ↑ ↑ 
admins, pls delete, wrong thead, thanks 
Revising Carmack's Carnak 
I want to revise and re-release my map as a stand alone release. There are some things that can easily break and some cosmetic tweaks to do. It's no masterpiece but I think I'd like to fix what's wrong with it. Here's the question: How should I name this thing?


What are best practices for releasing a new version of a previously released map?

Not asking for it to be replaced in the pack BTW. That's way too late. 
Just Submit A News Thread For Your Re-release. 
This jam's all wrapped up. 
Well. Yeah I know you didn't read my post I guess.

"Not asking for it to be replaced in the pack BTW. That's way too late."

I am asking how people commonly name re-released maps. Maybe there's no set way but I thought I'd ask.

"What are best practices for releasing a new version of a previously released map?"  
There's no standard naming convention. You can call it "Susan" for all we care :) 
Carmack's Carnak (Susan Edition)

What's important is the filename; don't start it with "retrojam6_" since it's going to be a separate release. 
Roger that. Cheers. 
Roger that. Cheers. 
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