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Retro Jam 6 - Egyptian
Retro Jam 6!!

Retro Jams are vanilla style, id1 only, and can be of any build quality.

The theme is Egyptian, so think pyramids, tombs, catacombs, sandstone walls, arches, columns, pillars, obelisks, temples, deserts, dusty canyons etc
If you want to include a custom skybox that's fine. Suggestions might be sunset/rise, dusty/stormy, starry night-time, moonlit.

Theme - Egypt
Deadline - 30th December

Lots more info in the guideline link below!

Jam Guidelines / Texture Wad


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Typo: This is Retro Jam 6. Mods... please amend? 
Just to keep you inspired, guys: 
Typo Fixed 
I may be pretty busy with IRL stuff this weekend, especially trying out my new gifts next week, but I'll try to make something for this. We'll see. 
Challenge Accepted. 
Egyptian but no mission pack 2? 
Egyptian but no AD? 
Sweet! I Am In. 
I'm Considering Joining 
christmas is busy...

is the texture pack a guideline? can I use socks Egyptian textures? 
I won't be able to map this weekend, but that's interesting for sure. I'm in. 
Extra Egypt Textures 
Are allowed as long as they're on theme.

Reason for no AD or no mission pack is due to the votes on twitter. Nothing stopping people releasing an extended version of their map later on. :) 
I think there was a speedmapping session with egypt+tech theme 
interestingly sock_eg is mentioned as a jam wad in the "Jam Guidelines" link, but not in the post itself here. 
Damn! Busy Week 
I only have two free Days during christmas, I can make something small and rough though 
'Extra' Egypt Textures 
So that means textures from the mission packs, right? 
Literally ANY textures so long as they are Egyptian themed. Period. 
ASSDFSHSFDGHDFGHDFGH Why Not Write A Post Then Close The Fucking Tab!! 
Maybe we should extend this to Dissolution of Eternity? Maps will benefit from enemies available in this mission pack. 
Nothing can ever benefit from using Dissolution of Eternity content. 
lol, ok 
Absolutely Top Theme And Long Overdue. 
Theme Is Egypt 
So if you want to extend the theme a bit then cool. As long as it's recognisable as Egyptian at a glance!!!

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