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Retro Jam 6 - Egyptian!
Hey folks! Retro Jam 6 is finally ready!

2017 starts with one Egyptian jam theme and whopping 17 contributions from the following mappers: bloodshot, breezeep, Danzadan, doomer, dumptruck, FifthElephant, ionous, Khreathor, lp, MJB, MukOr newhouse, OTP, PuLSaR, Skacky, Shadesmaster, Naitelveni

Screenshots / Download

Thanks to everyone involved, it's been a huge success! And I have a new-found appreciation for people who arrange jams! :)
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Would You Guys Who Make Twitch Vids 
mind if I asked you to also post them to YouTube? For some reason I can't play Twitch content on my phone. 
I have uploaded my stream to here - 
Thanks 5th 
This was a bit fucking spectacular. So many good maps for such a short timescale, some great ones, some really promising ones from newer mappers, and many varied and interesting executions of the theme.

Things that stood out overall: Use of sand, fog, lighting, skyboxes, ruined details - many maps had great use of some or all of these. Things that were sometimes detrimental in some maps - boxy designs, some overly dark areas, and those butt-ugly blue-grey-thick mortar textures.

Demo pack: 
Which Texture? 
Streamed The Rest Of The Pack 
You can catch it on twitch here -

Or if you want to wait for it to process on youtube on here - 

Appreciate the follow-up comment. I didn't take your rage quit to heart so no worries...just was unfortunate to see the map end prematurely!

Water alpha .65 was crucial to the map's design so indeed if one plays on anything higher then the experience is lessened. I agree with you on the flat bits, that's hard to map for it - vertical layers that interconnect and flow. I'll blame that on the time limit but at the same time I went overly ambitious on the size so it could have been countered.


Cool stream, although the duration of my map seemed to host some political mumbo jumbo haha. Good play though!


Thanks for the demo, was sad to see it end prematurely but understandable considering the situation. I was amused by your method of handling the Quad room, cool to see just how effective infighting can be! I was also entertained by your determination to grab the Pentagram secret via air control dropping...not how I intended but hey you got it! I plan to never force rocket or grenade jumping to achieve anything in my maps including secrets. I am aware that people will use it so I always factor it in however.

Cheers everyone...totally cool with receiving more demos by the way! ;) 
Oh The Pent Secret. 
Yeah that was.....I knew I could drop onto the thing but I was like "fuck you I'm doing it this way".

I can't remember how I died but I did go back and finish it. Digs Map Of Bloughsburgh Egypt! 
Here are some demos on skill 3. I saw few maps on streams, so demos are not always blind playthrough. In some cases I have replayed maps (for various reasons), but most of them are first time played.

Sorry for that...

Fifth Elephant
Lane Powell

Check out newhouse's map demo. I replayed it like 20 times and run is quite well optimized :D

I'll start uploading them on youtube soon.


I agree with previous comments, but here are few thoughts:

- Very solid map! Well designed.
- Cool traps!
- I think I got red armor secret by accident :D Don't know what happened!

- Well Designed;
- Only one secret? (anyway haven't found it...)
- "Arena" fights can be super through, especially on Nightmare;

- Nice map, but fights get repetitive, even few Ogres spawn in the same place;
- Room with Vores and Shamblers is kinda hard, but fun;
- I'm not sure about this texture pack :D

- Retro look is Ok, reminds me of old maps;
- You give Rockets/Grenades before Shambler fight, where Shambler has 50% immunity to explosives :D
- Easy on Nightmare, but final 3 Vores fight is nice troll move ;)

- Tastes like Doom with Quake vibes;
- Zombie killing and elevator part was fun;
- Final fight was borring;

Fifth Elephant
- Good map in overall but...
- ...I can go where I shouldn't be allowed...
- ...and thanks to that, you can cheat in final arena :D

- Solid and well designed map;
- Small but full of smooth gameplay;

Lane Powell
- Interesting layout;
- Smooth gameplay;
- Sometimes enemies can't reach you and you have easy target to eliminate;

- Too big :D
- Few very interesting concepts, pretty well executed;
- I found all secrets, but after I recorded a demo for you. I'll add it as a bonus to YT video.

- Platforming wasn't dramatic;
- Killing zombies was fun;
- I found only half of the secrets from 9 available. Either balance or myself sucks (probably both);

- Interesting map, but something was missing;
- You could add a little bit more detail;
- Definitely too much Ogres...

- Extremely unfair map...
- Platforming sucks ass;
- Traps like this needs much more polishing;

- Simple, short map, would need more polishing;
- I probably discovered 2 secrets wrongly ;)

- Good map!
- Nice and oldschool Quake platforming;
- With such maps you could be a well known mapper, but instead you're a trolling lazy motherfucker (in other words: "Please go map, Sir");

- Cool atmospheric map;
- Sometimes feels empty for some reason;
- Good and not annoying platforming parts;

- Nice detailed map;
- Super secret was worth it, but one of the buttons is not the easiest one to find (I knew more or less where to search for it); 
Thanks for the demos*

It is impressive you had enough patience to try out 20 times my map. You deserve a gold medal.

Thanks for the feedback, though whenever I start working on more my egypt themed map again. I will start from the scratch, so let this be one of those "experimental maps". Hopefully next time I will surprise positively, when the time comes. 
Thanks for the feedback.

>>> You give Rockets/Grenades before Shambler fight, where Shambler has 50% immunity to explosives :D

Yes, I forgot again about the Shambler has 50% immunity to rocket and grenades =) 
Yay Another Demo 
Thanks Khreathor, I really enjoyed watching your demo. You played very slow and observant which reminds me of how I play games. Great secret hunting, I got to see some first time discoveries as well!

Shambler, Cool to hear you went back and finished the map proper! 
Thanks for taking the time to play my map and make comments (that goes for everyone here who has done so.) Looking forward to seeing the demo this evening. It's pretty funny that 3 of the 6 or so demos I have seen "broke" the map. I've learned a lot watching the demos. 
Haven't been around since the start of the jam, what an awesome turn-out! Just had a chance to poke through a few of them and I'm really enjoying all that I've played so far. Egyptian themes look so good in Quake! 
Gonna Begin Going Through These 
retrojam6_fifth by FifthElephant
skill 3
43/43 kills
4/4 secrets

Short and sweet. This is one of the visual masterpieces of the jam in my mind. Love the lighting and texturing. Gameplay felt well-paced for the size of the map and the final fight can be pretty difficult with the Vore and Shambler together, but I liked how their spawns were delayed to give the player time to deal with the grunts first. Secrets weren't difficult to work out, though I suspect the last one would give players the most trouble. Just felt like a solid entry overall, wish I had more to say about it. 
retrojam6_pulsar by Pulsar
skill 3
32/32 kills
2/2 secrets

Another short and sweet entry. Texturing and architecture were especially great. The lighting was pretty dark in many places, but that felt okay given how the whole thing took place underground. Not like that kind of a dungeon would be well lit anyway. The secrets gave me trouble, though there were only two. I missed the first one in my initial run-through and I saw the second but expected there to be some kind of door/portal or platform that I needed to find to get up there. I ended up just grenade-jumping to it because I couldn't find anything. Then I found the platform. Gameplay was fun and I liked the ambush triggers. Felt dynamic. 
I've played Khreathor's map again to see if I could find the remaining secret. Eventually I've given up and noclipped to see where it is, but I couldn't figure out how to activate it, not even with r_fullbright 1.

After a lot of searching I've finally found it, but that's surely one of the most elusive secrets I've come across in Quake maps. I didn't expect the button to be downsized, so my brain ignored it when looking for buttons.

By the way, I've had the same problem with a secret in Fifth's Q-Deck: one of the secrets was activated by a small button.

It seems that the mind gets used to the usual sizes of buttons in Quake and assumes those as a standard, ignoring everything smaller when looking for buttons. 
You are right, this secret is bad, but the thing is, it wasn't always bad...
Originally there was suppose to be a story near every hieroglyph board. Story about giants etc. The one near the secret button had a clue, making you look up.
Sadly I run out of time and decided to remove unfinished story, leaving secret with no clues, making it hard to find...
I should change this small button to some hieroglyph button, standing out from the wall or something...
...but it's easy to talk now, when we have time to analyze whole map ;)

Other than this I hope you liked my map :) 
Another Streamer 
This guy plays slowly and likes to observe the surroundings of each map. He tries to find all secrets as well!

Current playlist and ongoing: 
Yes, I liked it; it's one of the maps I use for inspiration. 
In Case Anybody Wondered. 
Tonight's episode of Doctor Who is where I got the name for my jam entry from. 
Wait... you got the name from a yet unaired episode?! How? Or is it a rerun? Weird thing is, googling that title returns all sorts of funny results except Doctor Who references... 
I Have My Ways. 
Part Of The Staff? 
With the release of Quakespasm 0.93, I recommend everyone who had experienced weird bullshit in my map i.e. teleporters not working, magical flying columns, etc. to give it a shot as the problem has been fixed. 
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