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Retro Jam 6 - Egyptian!
Hey folks! Retro Jam 6 is finally ready!

2017 starts with one Egyptian jam theme and whopping 17 contributions from the following mappers: bloodshot, breezeep, Danzadan, doomer, dumptruck, FifthElephant, ionous, Khreathor, lp, MJB, MukOr newhouse, OTP, PuLSaR, Skacky, Shadesmaster, Naitelveni

Screenshots / Download

Thanks to everyone involved, it's been a huge success! And I have a new-found appreciation for people who arrange jams! :)
Extra Credit 
to Sock btw for the bsp mdl files, I hope he doesn't mind :) 
I'm away from my gaming PC for 9 days now. Fucking worst jam ever. 
What a showing...look at all of those unqiue interpretations! 
Good Job Guys! 
Very nice release!

My map included in this pack has one minor "bug". In one place fire is levitating and exposing one "thing". But it's not game breaking, so no worries.
Here is version that fix this, for those who care about such detail.
Fixed map

If you are interested in my custom sand textures, here is my WAD:
WAD with sand 
Going To Be Playing Through This In A Few Minutes 
Ready For Battle! 
Good work everyone. Can't wait to try them all. 
Updated The .zip File 
I forgot to put an exit trigger in my map (!!!!!).

I also included Khreathors new version. :) 
Thank You, Good Sir! 
You forgot to put my map in! 
FifthElephant Put My Map In! 
So we do have 17 maps released on 1.1.17 after all!!! 
Sorry Nait 
I have repacked it with your map included and I am uploading the new version now. I literally just packed in maps that were emailed to me. 
two demos:
that fight at the end is a bit unfair. other than that, nice map. good placement of ogres too

nice touch with the messages. it was a challenge, but i managed to end the map without dying. 
The broken version of my map is in this pack.

This link contains the fixed version. 
So That's 17 Entries? 
Wow!... Good job everyone. As an appetizer, I played alk07 Egyptian Myth today, nice map. Not gonna be able to download this until tomorrow, though... :( Anyway, happy new egyptian year! 
Pack Now Has Correct Version Of Mukors Map 
I feel like I will just be updating this pack all year ;) 
there are several diferent styles of gameplay. with so many entries...
very fun map. i liked revisiting previous parts of the map when is well done, and it's well done here.

a bit unpolished, it seems that the author couldn't spend more time in it. fun nonetheless 
Might Be Worth Editing The OP 
17 new maps and Naitelveni should be in the credits. 
Great Jam Everyone! 
There's a handful of quality stuff in here. I'm feeling glad to be a part of this Jam! 
Demos For Bloodshot, Breezeep, Danzadan, Doomer, Dumptruck And Fifth

Loved the otherworldly look and feel of this, reinforced by the odd angles and shapes of the architecture. Good traps as well. Lighting could use some work; very flat and monochromatic, occasionally garish.

This felt like a proper full map with a slight retro vibe. Solid, blocky architecture with a well, interconnected layout, framed by nicely done terrain. Gameplay was fun, challenging.

Nice usage of Sock's blue textures. Solid architecture, highlighted by the outdoor area and the large relief stretching above. Gameplay was decent, best in the aforementioned outdoor area, where enemies kept spawning as I ran away.

This really felt retro, almost like an episode 4 map done in Egyptian (though lacking its unrelenting cruelty). Decent little map.

Nice, desolate feel to the architecture here. Really liked the frozen enemies at the start, which ended up making for a very good final fight. Well done.

Thus far, the design highlight. A beauty to behold, with the background structures suggesting an otherworldly orchard of pyramids, of which this map is one of many.
And how cruel a plot-twist; to have escape be impossible, and to force the player to spend the rest of eternity wandering these dusty halls. Really captured the feel of being an ancient Egyptian mason entombed within the very temples they helped build. 
First Batch Of Demos And Feedback

Skill 2 on all maps.

Wow what an impressive first release! The opening area with the deathly green atmosphere reminding me of a cursed tomb. Very oppressive atmosphere which had me on edge the entire way. You used great use of greens and reds in this map...very original. gameplay was interesting too with some creative traps and fun secrets. I look forward to more of your future work!

Stellar work, highly polished with perhaps a smidgen too hardcore of fights. I liked your "lame" secret as you had to follow the sound. Lovely interconnection and visuals here.

First map I believe? It is really impressive and totally had a "out of this world" vibe. I got some serious sam sickness when I got to the outdoor section which had great amount of depth. I liked the aggressive colors but I only found 1 secret. Nice work!

The most "retro" of the pack so far. A nice simple speed map that worked well enough. I know you had very little time and it shows...but it is still a sturdy release. :)

Really cool stuff and talk about tension! I can't say I was thrilled to be staring at a shambler as soon as I entered! Loved the void pyramid and the option to choose which key you want to grab first. Also enjoyed the Dismal Oubliette-esque event. Is this your first release? If so, very nicely done!

I love the lighting and texture work here...only time I saw the green marble. Fun secrets as well. I found myself falling into the void because I was slope climbing some structures...I think the edges should have been clipped up. I found the gameplay to be a bit cut and dry with loads of Ogres and Death Knights. Keys seemed to be just a single room away and just to slow pacing down. However, the moment you step out onto the vista for the finale is absolutely breathtaking (And not in a Seinfeld way.) The depth of the scene and the unique looking pyramids are just stellar craftsmanship.

I know you had very little time to work on your map but you made excellent use of a very limited space. Fun quad runs and nice flow considering the size of the map...this is basically one room and I actually enjoyed that fact!

I loved the color you chose for your is a pleasing harsh sun and it fits the wonderful sand you included here. I liked the secrets, especially the pyramid popping out. I found the dark tomb exploration to be a bit bland and I would have preferred more of the outdoor harsh sand stuff. I liked the strange little details you included like the ritual portal underneath and the monitor inside of the tomb. It gives it a sense of mystery as to what the hell is going on here. Also good use of the stone face ;)
I think the map was too dark for everywhere that wasn't the outdoor section. I understand if that was the idea but maybe just a bit more fill lights!

I liked this map, another unique feeling tomb raid. Interesting use of textures and a peculiar main room that was satisfyingly interconnected. I also enjoyed the small catacomb exploration and a fun secret. Definitely work on fill lighting as there were sharp black shadows on most lighting sources which really detracts from the experience. The final fight seems strangely paced...seemed like I could have floated away to the exit given the moderate gaps of delay before the next wave. I also telefragged a poor ogre haha. Nice work and way to go on a second release!

That's it for now, I absolutely can't wait to wake up tomorrow and run the rest of the jam. This is seriously better than any new game I bought from the Steam sale. What I love the most so far is EVERY single map is vastly different in design, style, and creativity.

Fucking aye. 
17 maps - it's cool)
It was fun to participate in this jam. Thanks to those who appreciated my work. Tonight evening I will play other maps and maybe even publish a demos (my skill is not the best even on normal or easy). 
17 For 17 
17 maps for year 17!!!!

I can't wait to try theye levels - as well as begin work on a 'non-deadline' map/mod in addition to working on future jams! 
Doomer Map 
I have 49/49 kills but I cannot get to the final door? 
Doomer Map #2 
Ah, I see now (replay). After the killing last vore, I did not notice the steps rise. I hid for a bit to pick of a stray knight and when I poked my head back up, the steps must have sunk beneath the lava again. 
Mike Woodham 
Hmm, maybe i forgot change "wait" to -1 for final stair. I will be chekc it now. 
Fifth Map 
The 3D faces are superb. And I actually found 4 out of 5 secrets, which is good going for me. 
Ill be uploading a fixed version of my map "Sacrifice Unto Sebek".

It fixes monsters clipping on some geometry. Too much or too little health/ammo. Addresses a slight flow/direction issue. Moved MegaHealth secret to a more practical area. 
Small Fix

Fix behavior of the stair to the final door.

@FifthElephant, please update jam archive. 
Holy shit, I can't wait to play these later.
Thank you all. 
That's a ball-bouncingly large number of maps. I had a quick blast and many of these are of really high quality! Well done to all involved. 
Very Small Update To The Map. 
Added one more enemy in the ending section with the final vore, and made the secret shootable buttons slightly more noticeable. They are still in the same place, so you've gotta keep looking harder ;). 
Enough Of This Bullshit. 
Stop updating your entries if there are no game breaking bugs. 
Arcane Dimension ? 
Is there any map in that jam that uses the AD mod ? 
No, it works in vanilla. 
Missing Maps? 
Unless I'm missing something in both the start area and the maps directory, maps such as Bloodshot's and my own are missing? 
Double check. I had to change a lot of file names to keep everything consistent 
Skacky�s + Ionous� + Bloodshot�s 
are probably my favorites so far. somebody else listening to the new The Fragile Deviations 1 as a soundrack to this pack too? 
I've found a bug in doomer's map: the stairs that raise when kill 3 vores in the end go down shortly after that and one can't exit the level without noclip. 
Doomers Map 
I noticed that also, but i rocketjumped :) 
I Rocketnocliped 
Going To Play Through The Rest Of This Shortly 
Demos And Feedback Batch 2 
Thus ends the Jam, but the later half is just as good!

Skill 2

Wow, what an impressive first release! I love the warm lighting and night time atmosphere. Lots of story elements going on with the center print beckoning you all the way. Lovely secrets...I was able to unearth 7 out of the whopping 9! I think the gameplay had lots of variety and you made good use of entities such as func_train to replace func_bobs.

I think a tiny quibble would be when you need to reach the second sacrifice pool...I just happened to go back and shoot/push the switch. Congrats!

Lovely map, great architecture and fits the theme well. I think the map felt a bit empty, maybe because of the large spaces and sparse enemies. The quad run was fun but there needs to be a shortcut to the top as it discourages jumping for tempting ledges! Set wait with a value of -1 on buttons to make them stay pressed in.

Your style is becoming more apparent to me. I am starting to see NewHouse maps as dark and brutal and this map is no different! The crushers miss their mark a little bit due to the cramped hallways but I liked that you attempted a different way to handle zombies. The void section is fantastic and really gives an out of this world vibe...I like how you interpret themes. I did not find a way to get back to the silver key door after finding said key...I assume it was the slipgate on top. Lastly, a pretty cool idea with the vore sprint.

Congrats on a non-phallic release! I liked the unique theme here with the green poison channels beneath. Gave me a bit of a doom 64 vibe. Gameplay was solid enough but it could have used a little more re-population during key movements. It appeared you ran out of ideas at the finish but it was satisfying enough.

Very dark and moody...quite small but I know you had very limited time. I found one secret and enjoyed my little romp through some very dark corridors. I could have used a wee bit more light in some places.

Congrats on your first release. The map is competent enough but is a bit rough around the edges. That's OK though considering it is your first entry! Secrets seem to be given much too late as the map is over before you know it! Consider using some messages to guide the player as to what their button pressing is doing!

Wonderful aesthetic here with the tech like infused Egyptian structures. Lovely lighting, probably the best lighting of the entire jam to be quite honest. Fun secrets if maybe a bit too close together and even a super secret (Which half of the demo is me spending the time to find the last button...which doesn't happen.) I did check the map for the location and it's worthy enough but why not a marked secret?

One issue I had was being confused when told the path to the key was clear. I triggered the help message earlier due to secret jumping and thus didn't make the connection for a while. Really good work! Also, I chuckled when the level changed.

And there you have it, one of the best jams I have played hands down...perhaps the best! Every map is vastly different. From standard dusty Egypt to out of this world techno-gypt the jam runs the gambit of all flavors.

There are too many entries to pick a favorite so I will choose three that I felt touched me in that oh so special way:

In no particular order:


Congratulations to all! 
Id say with respect to Fifth any and all fixes should be done with the next ~24 hours.

This is a sizable and memorable, jam so I'd say its worth a little effort after the fact.

Im also totally biased cause I'm wanting to submit a small update to my map.

Here is the final update to Sacrifice Unto Sebek. This fixes monsters that were clipping on geometry. Item placements/amounts. Moved Mega Health secret to a more practical spot. It was pretty pointless in its first spot. (proven by ionus' stream) Fixed a sequence of events that occurs in the mid section of the map. First version triggered things without prompting the player which led to even myself being a little confused as to what was going on. The flow is much clearer now. Also, added some monster jumps. :)

I'll be getting to demos tonight once my little ones gone. 
Comments Part One 
Bloodshot: That opening vista is really something. The pyramid is very cool and the green lighting makes it look like the whole land is cursed. Loved the little adventure trope of the sliding pit of doom at the start. Combat is good for the most part, if a bit unfair near the end. Loved the use of traps. Lighting was alright too but colors were a bit strong at times. Very good first map.

Breezeep: Playtested this and it was already incredibly solid, needing only a few changes. Super good map that feels like a full release. Geometry is simple and elegant, flow is superb, lighting is lovely, fights are intense but properly balanced and the temple-in-caves-bathed-in-moonlight theme is excellent. I really like the keys inside the teleporters, that's clever. An all around very good map and a highlight of the pack.

Danzadan: Very good first map, much like Bloodshot. That night sky was lovely and the outdoor area in the middle was proper Egyptian. Combats were hectic, chaotic and ultimately a whole lot of fun. Didn't find a single secret I believe. :(

DOOMer: feels like Sandy Petersen authored that one. One of the most retro of the pack for sure. Pretty good overall. The ending was pretty brutal but interesting.

Dumptruck: Loved the classic Doom monster preview in that one. This map feels properly evil. The pyramid in the void is a very nice touch, so is the Romero lift with the obelisk as the centerpiece. I assume this is a first release as well, in which case congrats!

FifthElephant: Crazy good given the short amount of time used to make the map. It looks good and plays rather well. The pyramids are certainly very impressive-looking. The lighting makes the whole map look very dusty. Short and sweet. A few collision issues though, resulting in the player being able to get into solid geometry. Projectiles also travel inside walls on the right of the silver key door. :P

Ionous: Much like Fifth this is a really really good map, especially given the short amount of time. Feels properly retro, using only simple shapes. The black sky makes it look very mysterious. Flows well, good layout, good fights. Really ace.

Khreathor: Probably the best lighting out of all the maps and the most retro-looking to me. It really reminded me of both PS1 games and Magic Carpet somehow, though I can't really explain it. The architecture is simple but very good and feels properly Egyptian, especially the green marble corridors. Crazy good pharaoh sculpture too. That said gameplay is a bit let down by the fact that, much like my first proper release, the map is mirrored at one point. Time constraints, of course, but still a con. That said, however, this is still a very cool map!

Pretty good map. I'm not too sure about desaturated lighting with sock's Egypt wad, it works better with colored lighting in my opinion. Interesting layout and good combat encounters overall. I got a bit confused at one point but it's more my fault than the map's. Not much to say about it really, it's solid all around.

Bloughsburgh: Even crazier than your jam7 map. This is just insanely fun. Really good design and you actually made water combat fun, which is no small feat. Didn't find a way to get the rune but that didn't prevent me from really digging the map. 
Comments Part Deux 
Mukor: Playtested this a few times as well. It's really, really good. Vertical and a lot of fun. Very impressive visually, feels proper evil and Egyptian. Definitely full-release material here. I'm not sold on the crates you added for the release version, they look a bit jarring with the rest. The button to open the second well is also too well hidden among the scenery, made especially annoying that it has more than 1 health! Other than that it's a really cool map.

Naitelveni: Feels a bit like Serious Sam that one, with the monolithic scale and long sightlines. The Vore at the start is incredibly inefficient and encounters could be a bit more thought out. That said it is still a really fun map with cool events (the gold key was a lot of fun for instance) and gorgeous architecture, which could've benefited from better lighting as it's a bit flat. There could've been a shortcut below to get up to the upper levels too. The map has a trigger_teleport issue as well, but it's not really too bothersome. So yeah, overall this is a pretty solid map as well!

Newhouse: I'm sorry, but I didn't like the gameplay in that one very much at all. It's far too unfair, even with the powerups inside the secrets. The crushers are a cool idea and the quad run is fun, but that's about it. Design-wise, however, this is clearly one of the best maps of the bunch, with superb visual design and really odd stuff. It keeps things fresh and the flow is as bizarre as the visual design, which is something I really enjoyed. It's just a shame the gameplay is so subpar compared to the rest, it feels almost like an afterthought with monsters thrown in just for the sake of it.

Oasis: Sorry, I don't remember your nickname. In any case this is a competently-made beginner map, which reminded me of Kona's maps after Cardo said it in Ionous' stream. Texture choice is a bit dubious but it still works somehow. It's nothing spectacular but still well made for a first map, definitely much better than most first attempts at the least!

Onetruepurple: Atrocious. Horrible. Abominable. Fetid. Awful. Just pure dross. How could anyone release a map like this I can't fathom!

In all seriousness, this is one of the most retro of the pack, it feels like American McGee decided to make an Egyptian map, replacing lava with slime. The brush shapes are very reminiscent of Episode 3, so are the moving platforms. Layout is pretty good too. A solid first proper release that's not textured with cocks this time!

Pulsar: My favorite of the pack. Just an all-around excellent small-sized map that totally nailed the Egyptian theme and looks mysterious as fuck. If I had to complain I'd say it's a bit too dark and the arena with the Hell Knights doesn't work very well, but other than that it's a really damn good offering especially considering it was made very quickly.

skacky: This was interesting to make for sure. I had wanted to make an Egyptian map for a while now. Design was very freeform, so much so that you can completely sequence break the map. I should've found a better solution for the whole gold key accession process but I thought the Lost Crusade trope would be pretty obvious. Oh well! :P
The Angelic Process' haunting music and artwork were a huge inspiration for the map.

Top 5 maps for me:
- Pulsar
- Breezeep
- Bloughsburgh
- Ionous
- Khreathor

Skill 3 demos for all! 
Oops, Wrong Link 
Thanks for your comments so far. I really want strive to create something new in the future and every feedback is welcome.

Sorry I didn't introduce new mechanics, I just thought people would understand without them and I just focused on void sections. 
Thanks for the feedback, I must know though.. where the monsters should have been, because I designed gameplay be this way. Every monster was placed with care, it's a shame the gameplay itself didn't work for you but hopefully it will in other maps in the future. I will try to work on it! 
It's Fine, Newhouse 
You can't please everyone. In comparison I thoroughly loved your jam7 map. 
Dumptruck's map seems to have an elusive bug where the elevator doesn't descend, yet there's no one to shoot anymore. Perhaps some monsters end up falling through the geometry sometimes.

I had a few instances of monsters getting stuck inside/behind walls in Quakespasm 0.92.1 when playing through AD 1.5 and RRP. Maybe it's the engine?

I liked all maps I played so far. 
Not Designed For Ad And Rrp 
so any bugs that arise as a result can't be blamed on the mapper :P 
Umm, I didn't say I played RJ6 maps in AD or RRP. 
@dwere Sorry 
I discovered that too on one play test and couldn't not replicate it again. Sorry about that. Thanks to Skaky, ionous and Bloughsburgh for the critiques and kind words. Yes this is my first SP Quake release, I have mapped a few MP Quake 1 maps but I have learned a ton doing SP maps over the past year and TBH Preach's tuts inspired me greatly. I have only played the first two maps can't wait to play them all and post my thoughts. 
map is great too, love the floaty/dreamy objects + atmosphere, got stuck during my first run though 
Thank you for the feedback Bloughsburgh and skacky.

The crates, now that i think about it, should've been a mixture of base crates and the, as you mentioned in the demo, big blocks from the pillars. The base crates would help explain the grunts/enforcers who are there trying to loot Sebeks tomb. The ogres, zombies, etc are inhabitants of the tomb who Sebek just dont give a hoot about and wants their gibs cause hes mad.

Sorry bout the health on the button and lack of direction. I changed the sequence of events in there but Id rather not explain as itll still spoil things. But basically, after hitting the button you can choose to do more in that room or proceed forward. before you kind of got pigeonholed into thinking you had to complete some sequence of events when it reality its just that you need to hit the button.

Good job on the secrets. The one set of similar secrets are designed to help add story and reveal another area thats probably gonna be left undiscovered to a lot of people. As such, I made it non essential for success/progression. Finding this room in some ways helps explain the grunts and enforcers a bit more.

Another bit of "story"; when you spawn, walk forward towards the items and look forward for a couple seconds :)

Theres a secret where the item fell through the floor. sorry bout that.

Thanks again for the feedback everyone. Happy to give back to all you other mappers/players out there :) 
I was wondering about this one scenario. I saw people jumping to their dead in this vore ambush scene. There is no way I can change it that much, but at least I could make it teleport to back and facing player to the right direction. I really don't like using text messages to tell player what to do. I made huge distance between vores and player, so player would see that it can't reach them. I thought player would never try to jump down, unless it is the only choice. That is why teleport to that RL room was on top and not bottom, I though it would make sense.

I need to make it possible to get back on top to get that rocket launcher, maybe I add an extra teleport to this shambler hall (after you beat them of course), it would be stupid to let player skip that fight. 
I think teleporting from the vore pit to the right direction to exit would definitely assist in communicating to the player that they need to run for it. However, keep in mind that in Quake...players generally want to kill monsters no matter how inconvenient it is. The ideas are creative and unique to be sure but when you introduce something atypical that wasn't demonstrated in a safe environment unintentionally provide a block of communication between designer and player.

It's tough stuff, but watching demos and listening to feedback is the best way to adapt to these things. But please continue to map in your own vision as originality is very important as well. Sometimes you just got to accept some people won't see your map the way you do yourself. It stinks sure, but you grow as a result. 
this won't be updated anymore right? i don't want to be downloading 5 pieces and put them together. 
It is good to see how people react, I learn to understand players better. It is true that I didn't introduce features slowly, I made what was possible in such a tight schedule. If I ever release DLC for this jam, I will surely make sure to do everything I was planning. It often feels to me there is too much ideas, but never enough time to introduce them well enough. After all people want some what complete maps, so I often cut off some of those introduction scenes and try to make them happen faster or without guidance, and there is always by doing so.

I remember playing games like tomb raider, that didn't have guidance almost at all, and I still enjoyed figuring out things and avoiding traps. For the DLC I will add my puzzles I planned, but have to cut them all. So it will be very puzzle orientated map when it is finished that is for sure. 
There is always risk* by doing so. 
I watched your demo and found what you mean about hellknights area: it looks like that is skill 3 only problem, hellknights just don't shoot their projectiles, while they shoot them on other skill levels and that section plays fine. On skill 3 they try to reach you with their melee attack but can't do that. That's kinda strange. 
fucking excellent job. I'll post comments a little later once I've played them all.

Wish I could have had more time to have contributed a map.

Anyways, great job!

Some Thoughts 
I haven't played all maps yet, but from what I've seen it's a very good map jam with a lot of quality content. The best thing about map jams is how different each author's map feels and looks while having the same theme as others overall. I can say this about both quake map jams and hl2 ville competitions (I haven't participated in the later ones, but I've played a lot of them).

From the maps I've already played I can say Mukor's map is very impressive, Bloughsburgh's is very weird in a good way (like Digs meets negke which is cool), Breezeep's map is very nice (short, interconnected and sweet), Fifth and Skacky's maps have great outdoor visuals, Khreathor's faces hall map stands out for unique visuals too.

I'll post some more once I play all the maps.

btw Skacky's map's exit leads to a very cool old map btw. I guess my map should have led to one old egyptian map that uses Sock's textures =) 
i like that pyramid in the void. and how is respawned with monsters when you get the keys. also the enemies in display at the beginning. and the fight at the end too.
the part of the golden key is a bit jerky, when the floor is descending...
the secrets were a little bit easy too.

nice map. small, wich sometimes is a good thing. i trolled a little bit your map with jumps, sorry about that. :D. no clip brushes. the fight at the end is good but could be better. maybe wait until one wave is fully killed to trigger the next one, i don't know. the vore is annoying in a good way, though. the brushwork is very good.

small but well polished map. very good placement of monsters. the two secrets maybe make the map a bit easy, maybe they didn't need to be the same. but on the other hand the quads are fun and make you reckless, so i'm undecided.

a little hard (good in my opinion). but several sections of the map are very dark. changing the contrast in options helps. it also makes the outdoor areas very bright, but that can be considered a good thing by some (me included). the part when you drop to face a vore is unfair. it's very easy to die, you have to quickload to get that part right, and that's bad design imo.

LanePowell: i really liked the selection of textures and the brushwork. very good. original. i rushed two times to my death, that vore and shambler are placed well. i liked the area in the lower floor too.

for now, breezep (gameplay), lanepowell (textures and brushes) and danzadan are the maps i liked the best, in descending order.

well, i saw the next three maps (in alfabetical order) and they have more than 100 monsters
this is it for now. 
Can't get these to play. What source port are you using? 
You Mean Demos? 
Place them to your id1 folder, them write to your console "playdemo demoname", I assume most of us used Quakespasm while testing maps. Some of these might even work in darkplaces. 
@newhouse & Topher 
Got the demos working. Was launching to the wrong game dir. 
Any ETA for when this will be sent to Quaddicted? 
yes, the gamedir is retrojam6. as well as the previous demos that i uploaded.
played in quakespasm, demos checked in quakespasm and markv 
It's now on Quaddicted. 
Skacky's Vulva Mega Super Secret ! 
I finally found your obsession with females. Was that a Vore's vagina !?

Shooting right into it doesn't do anything. WTF !? It should at least trigger a sound !

I have a suggestion for your super secret room :

Change the lonely flying bubble-gum for a vicious Vore standing on the altar. When the player kills it, a freaking number of white scrags starts to get out of that "thing" (from the lower hole, that is). This way, it will be very quaky, disgusting, and ... funny as hell !

Finding the three buttons was pretty hard. So that "spectacle" would be much more rewarding ! ;-) 
I've found a bug in doomer's map: the stairs that raise when kill 3 vores in the end go down shortly after that and one can't exit the level without noclip.
DOOMer provided a fix for that in post #29. Anyway, even without the fix it's possible to reach the exit from the sides with some skilled jumping. 

As others have said, the opening was great. Amazing visual with the pyramid(s) and the pillars in the sand, and the surprise opening. I don't think the falling damage at start was necessary though.

Some very stylish texture combos, apparently mostly rogue textures but rogue itself didn't look anywhere near as good. The colored lighting was okay but sometimes overdone, or in bad combinations - the red runes and green skylight was pretty garish.

Somehow I survived the map, but I shouldn't have because of many bad plays before, you'll enjoy this demo I guess. I think the SNG wasn't needed in the final ambush (I similarly opted out of a SNG in my map and just placed more nail ammo), a megahealth could have made it more balanced, especially for skill 3.

All in all, a really really good first release, if not first map, hope to see more mappage from you soon!

PS. Good traps. 
If I Had One Complaint Though 
Your combat tended to be quite arena based with not opening the doors of a big room before everything is dead. 
Skacky (I'm Going In First-last-first-last Order Because I Can)

Ugly demo for a gorgeous map. Probably the finest visuals from all 17 entries, the lighting works really well (especially in that particular spot I stared at in the demo).

Layout pretty unusual for a skacky map, with this being a more horizontal and sprawling than the verticality we're used to. Gameplay-wise though, hardcore combat with lots of infighting potential shows up again.

I wasn't a big fan of 3 secrets being inches away from one another (and all of them accessed in the same way??), could have done some more inventive stuff given the layout and the texture theme.

Now go make that runic episode I keep pestering you about! 
Umm, Oops! 
Just realized I used the bold tag instead of the quote tag in my previous post... It was a reply to post #39 by PuLSaR. 
that's one thing that i want to do. water as a mechanic to move in vertical spaces. and it's weird seing water like that. very nice.

wow. this map must have taken a lot of time. i want an ad version. this is the best map of the pack in my opinion. i really enjoy it.

nice outdoor areas, well placed ogres in high places. the zombie part is a little confusing. i killed the two shamblers from an advantageous position

i liked the traps and map, but not the placement of the two vores in the silverdoor room and the three shamblers. the void part, with scrags, it's also very good. i want to do something like that for my map for QUMP, fighting scrags with little space to avoid their shots. the vores at the end... are we suposed to run right? i did that, but later i returned to kill them.

i didn't expect grunts or enforcers. good map, and a little variety in monsters for the jam. the secrets are placed too late, the buttons don't have feedback and it's not clear what they do.

nice ambushes. i liked the selection of textures and the cleanness (or something like that, don't know how to portray it) of the map. and more grunts and enforcers.

nice little indoor map. the area with hell knights don't work because they won't walk in the middle of the room. a func_wall with clip textures and 1 unit of height may help. at least i managed to do it that way. the vertical areas have good gameplay. It's similar in gameplay to the map of Ionous.

that map name! lol.
excellent visuals, excellent lighting. but that was expected. solid gameplay. i found a full dark box in one part. it was a button or something like that.

my top three are breezep's, mukor's and bloughsburgh's maps
(wtf, i uploaded the file in the demos folder)
all demos uploaded in one .7z . played and recorded in quakespasm, gamedir retrojam6. tested with markv too (rewind and all that). 
Yes, you're suppose to run at the end. 3 shamblers is interesting challenge, but it depends on how you fight them, one of tactics is run backwards and keep the distance while laying nails precisely, other one is to find secret and saving cells to your LG, plus other tactics as user cover I provided. In silver room you have two choices a) don't touch large golden switch, instead use it as a cover b) shoot button that is on ceiling, which opens door you came from (beginning). 
lmao 5 demos

I think your evolution as a mapper has been quite interesting to watch, from your earliest struggles with TB to this little wonderful map. Though architecturally there are still shades of sock, it's clear that you're establishing your own style of Q1 quite fast.

Everything came together very well, with the skybox providing a sublime setting and the colored lighting being just right. I played on skill 2 and kept getting owned at the SK fight, all of which were me making a mistake. It's been a proper while since a Q1 combat situation made me stop and think about how to approach it the best way.

If I had one complaint, it would be about the secret, which I think was unproportionally hard for the reward given. Personally if I were to go with only one secret per map (which should be alright given the size) then I'd make it something else than something of which there already is plenty. A floating, rotating item would also attract the player's attention more than a box.

Now go map! 

Quite a small map so not much to say, but I enjoyed it. Judging from the lighting you were going for your own idea of honey styled egypt?

Quite difficult secrets, I found the MH on a playthrough after recording and I have no idea where the second one is. 
Played Them All... 
...liked Skacky's the most. 
Played through all of them, liked every map. Some of them are very impressive and inspiring, even though I didn't believe in the theme at first.

Lots of rough-around-the-edgeness, but that is to be expected.

I even decided to search for secrets afterwards. Some levels were more satisfying than others in this regard.

Hm. That came out wrong. 

Better late and all that.. 

I liked how you used rocket jumps to nab the rune haha, but you never used it!

Skacky: I like when the player talks in the demos, it provides another layer of communication. Glad you liked it!

scrbr: Thanks for playing, it was disappointing to see a rage quit but I understand the frustration of having no ammo. There were some packs underwater in the room you quit in.

Thanks to all else who played! A demo is highly appreciated however! 
yeah. recording these demos changed a little the way i play the maps. the first run i don't hunt secrets too much, nor do i try to kill all monsters.
i will make a second full run at these maps, with no quicksaving except when hunting secrets.
probably next month i'll bump this thread, the jam has 17 maps!

i want to make and record a full easy run only with axe in arcane dimensions, too. if it's possible.
and i have to play all the fine maps of other years. so far i only played travail, czg insomnia, rubincon 2, rrp, retrojam1, ad, mapjam6, explorejam1 and than's plumber (apsp2)

so much to play 
Sorry I forgot about that. I was rushing through the maps so I'd remember to share demos for a change. New demo if you want..

1. I didn't fix the wateralpha until I got to the GK room, stupidity or laziness? you decide.
2. I forgot to grab the MH secret.
3. I skipped the first regen.

Your map was the most unique by far, I liked using the water for traversing the level but I think it could be more focused. The rooms were boxes and the fights were on flat ground while the interesting stuff mostly happened in/near the water parts.

Don't take my ragequit to heart, I'm just an idiot. 
Video Play Of Bloodshot To Mukor 
It starts about 1 hour in for this jam -

I stopped at Nait but I will pick it up asap. 
Would You Guys Who Make Twitch Vids 
mind if I asked you to also post them to YouTube? For some reason I can't play Twitch content on my phone. 
I have uploaded my stream to here - 
Thanks 5th 
This was a bit fucking spectacular. So many good maps for such a short timescale, some great ones, some really promising ones from newer mappers, and many varied and interesting executions of the theme.

Things that stood out overall: Use of sand, fog, lighting, skyboxes, ruined details - many maps had great use of some or all of these. Things that were sometimes detrimental in some maps - boxy designs, some overly dark areas, and those butt-ugly blue-grey-thick mortar textures.

Demo pack: 
Which Texture? 
Streamed The Rest Of The Pack 
You can catch it on twitch here -

Or if you want to wait for it to process on youtube on here - 

Appreciate the follow-up comment. I didn't take your rage quit to heart so no worries...just was unfortunate to see the map end prematurely!

Water alpha .65 was crucial to the map's design so indeed if one plays on anything higher then the experience is lessened. I agree with you on the flat bits, that's hard to map for it - vertical layers that interconnect and flow. I'll blame that on the time limit but at the same time I went overly ambitious on the size so it could have been countered.


Cool stream, although the duration of my map seemed to host some political mumbo jumbo haha. Good play though!


Thanks for the demo, was sad to see it end prematurely but understandable considering the situation. I was amused by your method of handling the Quad room, cool to see just how effective infighting can be! I was also entertained by your determination to grab the Pentagram secret via air control dropping...not how I intended but hey you got it! I plan to never force rocket or grenade jumping to achieve anything in my maps including secrets. I am aware that people will use it so I always factor it in however.

Cheers everyone...totally cool with receiving more demos by the way! ;) 
Oh The Pent Secret. 
Yeah that was.....I knew I could drop onto the thing but I was like "fuck you I'm doing it this way".

I can't remember how I died but I did go back and finish it. Digs Map Of Bloughsburgh Egypt! 
Here are some demos on skill 3. I saw few maps on streams, so demos are not always blind playthrough. In some cases I have replayed maps (for various reasons), but most of them are first time played.

Sorry for that...

Fifth Elephant
Lane Powell

Check out newhouse's map demo. I replayed it like 20 times and run is quite well optimized :D

I'll start uploading them on youtube soon.


I agree with previous comments, but here are few thoughts:

- Very solid map! Well designed.
- Cool traps!
- I think I got red armor secret by accident :D Don't know what happened!

- Well Designed;
- Only one secret? (anyway haven't found it...)
- "Arena" fights can be super through, especially on Nightmare;

- Nice map, but fights get repetitive, even few Ogres spawn in the same place;
- Room with Vores and Shamblers is kinda hard, but fun;
- I'm not sure about this texture pack :D

- Retro look is Ok, reminds me of old maps;
- You give Rockets/Grenades before Shambler fight, where Shambler has 50% immunity to explosives :D
- Easy on Nightmare, but final 3 Vores fight is nice troll move ;)

- Tastes like Doom with Quake vibes;
- Zombie killing and elevator part was fun;
- Final fight was borring;

Fifth Elephant
- Good map in overall but...
- ...I can go where I shouldn't be allowed...
- ...and thanks to that, you can cheat in final arena :D

- Solid and well designed map;
- Small but full of smooth gameplay;

Lane Powell
- Interesting layout;
- Smooth gameplay;
- Sometimes enemies can't reach you and you have easy target to eliminate;

- Too big :D
- Few very interesting concepts, pretty well executed;
- I found all secrets, but after I recorded a demo for you. I'll add it as a bonus to YT video.

- Platforming wasn't dramatic;
- Killing zombies was fun;
- I found only half of the secrets from 9 available. Either balance or myself sucks (probably both);

- Interesting map, but something was missing;
- You could add a little bit more detail;
- Definitely too much Ogres...

- Extremely unfair map...
- Platforming sucks ass;
- Traps like this needs much more polishing;

- Simple, short map, would need more polishing;
- I probably discovered 2 secrets wrongly ;)

- Good map!
- Nice and oldschool Quake platforming;
- With such maps you could be a well known mapper, but instead you're a trolling lazy motherfucker (in other words: "Please go map, Sir");

- Cool atmospheric map;
- Sometimes feels empty for some reason;
- Good and not annoying platforming parts;

- Nice detailed map;
- Super secret was worth it, but one of the buttons is not the easiest one to find (I knew more or less where to search for it); 
Thanks for the demos*

It is impressive you had enough patience to try out 20 times my map. You deserve a gold medal.

Thanks for the feedback, though whenever I start working on more my egypt themed map again. I will start from the scratch, so let this be one of those "experimental maps". Hopefully next time I will surprise positively, when the time comes. 
Thanks for the feedback.

>>> You give Rockets/Grenades before Shambler fight, where Shambler has 50% immunity to explosives :D

Yes, I forgot again about the Shambler has 50% immunity to rocket and grenades =) 
Yay Another Demo 
Thanks Khreathor, I really enjoyed watching your demo. You played very slow and observant which reminds me of how I play games. Great secret hunting, I got to see some first time discoveries as well!

Shambler, Cool to hear you went back and finished the map proper! 
Thanks for taking the time to play my map and make comments (that goes for everyone here who has done so.) Looking forward to seeing the demo this evening. It's pretty funny that 3 of the 6 or so demos I have seen "broke" the map. I've learned a lot watching the demos. 
Haven't been around since the start of the jam, what an awesome turn-out! Just had a chance to poke through a few of them and I'm really enjoying all that I've played so far. Egyptian themes look so good in Quake! 
Gonna Begin Going Through These 
retrojam6_fifth by FifthElephant
skill 3
43/43 kills
4/4 secrets

Short and sweet. This is one of the visual masterpieces of the jam in my mind. Love the lighting and texturing. Gameplay felt well-paced for the size of the map and the final fight can be pretty difficult with the Vore and Shambler together, but I liked how their spawns were delayed to give the player time to deal with the grunts first. Secrets weren't difficult to work out, though I suspect the last one would give players the most trouble. Just felt like a solid entry overall, wish I had more to say about it. 
retrojam6_pulsar by Pulsar
skill 3
32/32 kills
2/2 secrets

Another short and sweet entry. Texturing and architecture were especially great. The lighting was pretty dark in many places, but that felt okay given how the whole thing took place underground. Not like that kind of a dungeon would be well lit anyway. The secrets gave me trouble, though there were only two. I missed the first one in my initial run-through and I saw the second but expected there to be some kind of door/portal or platform that I needed to find to get up there. I ended up just grenade-jumping to it because I couldn't find anything. Then I found the platform. Gameplay was fun and I liked the ambush triggers. Felt dynamic. 
I've played Khreathor's map again to see if I could find the remaining secret. Eventually I've given up and noclipped to see where it is, but I couldn't figure out how to activate it, not even with r_fullbright 1.

After a lot of searching I've finally found it, but that's surely one of the most elusive secrets I've come across in Quake maps. I didn't expect the button to be downsized, so my brain ignored it when looking for buttons.

By the way, I've had the same problem with a secret in Fifth's Q-Deck: one of the secrets was activated by a small button.

It seems that the mind gets used to the usual sizes of buttons in Quake and assumes those as a standard, ignoring everything smaller when looking for buttons. 
You are right, this secret is bad, but the thing is, it wasn't always bad...
Originally there was suppose to be a story near every hieroglyph board. Story about giants etc. The one near the secret button had a clue, making you look up.
Sadly I run out of time and decided to remove unfinished story, leaving secret with no clues, making it hard to find...
I should change this small button to some hieroglyph button, standing out from the wall or something...
...but it's easy to talk now, when we have time to analyze whole map ;)

Other than this I hope you liked my map :) 
Another Streamer 
This guy plays slowly and likes to observe the surroundings of each map. He tries to find all secrets as well!

Current playlist and ongoing: 
Yes, I liked it; it's one of the maps I use for inspiration. 
In Case Anybody Wondered. 
Tonight's episode of Doctor Who is where I got the name for my jam entry from. 
Wait... you got the name from a yet unaired episode?! How? Or is it a rerun? Weird thing is, googling that title returns all sorts of funny results except Doctor Who references... 
I Have My Ways. 
Part Of The Staff? 
With the release of Quakespasm 0.93, I recommend everyone who had experienced weird bullshit in my map i.e. teleporters not working, magical flying columns, etc. to give it a shot as the problem has been fixed. 
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