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Retro Jam 6 - Egyptian!
Hey folks! Retro Jam 6 is finally ready!

2017 starts with one Egyptian jam theme and whopping 17 contributions from the following mappers: bloodshot, breezeep, Danzadan, doomer, dumptruck, FifthElephant, ionous, Khreathor, lp, MJB, MukOr newhouse, OTP, PuLSaR, Skacky, Shadesmaster, Naitelveni

Screenshots / Download

Thanks to everyone involved, it's been a huge success! And I have a new-found appreciation for people who arrange jams! :)
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Extra Credit 
to Sock btw for the bsp mdl files, I hope he doesn't mind :) 
I'm away from my gaming PC for 9 days now. Fucking worst jam ever. 
What a showing...look at all of those unqiue interpretations! 
Good Job Guys! 
Very nice release!

My map included in this pack has one minor "bug". In one place fire is levitating and exposing one "thing". But it's not game breaking, so no worries.
Here is version that fix this, for those who care about such detail.
Fixed map

If you are interested in my custom sand textures, here is my WAD:
WAD with sand 
Going To Be Playing Through This In A Few Minutes 
Ready For Battle! 
Good work everyone. Can't wait to try them all. 
Updated The .zip File 
I forgot to put an exit trigger in my map (!!!!!).

I also included Khreathors new version. :) 
Thank You, Good Sir! 
You forgot to put my map in! 
FifthElephant Put My Map In! 
So we do have 17 maps released on 1.1.17 after all!!! 
Sorry Nait 
I have repacked it with your map included and I am uploading the new version now. I literally just packed in maps that were emailed to me. 
two demos:
that fight at the end is a bit unfair. other than that, nice map. good placement of ogres too

nice touch with the messages. it was a challenge, but i managed to end the map without dying. 
The broken version of my map is in this pack.

This link contains the fixed version. 
So That's 17 Entries? 
Wow!... Good job everyone. As an appetizer, I played alk07 Egyptian Myth today, nice map. Not gonna be able to download this until tomorrow, though... :( Anyway, happy new egyptian year! 
Pack Now Has Correct Version Of Mukors Map 
I feel like I will just be updating this pack all year ;) 
there are several diferent styles of gameplay. with so many entries...
very fun map. i liked revisiting previous parts of the map when is well done, and it's well done here.

a bit unpolished, it seems that the author couldn't spend more time in it. fun nonetheless 
Might Be Worth Editing The OP 
17 new maps and Naitelveni should be in the credits. 
Great Jam Everyone! 
There's a handful of quality stuff in here. I'm feeling glad to be a part of this Jam! 
Demos For Bloodshot, Breezeep, Danzadan, Doomer, Dumptruck And Fifth

Loved the otherworldly look and feel of this, reinforced by the odd angles and shapes of the architecture. Good traps as well. Lighting could use some work; very flat and monochromatic, occasionally garish.

This felt like a proper full map with a slight retro vibe. Solid, blocky architecture with a well, interconnected layout, framed by nicely done terrain. Gameplay was fun, challenging.

Nice usage of Sock's blue textures. Solid architecture, highlighted by the outdoor area and the large relief stretching above. Gameplay was decent, best in the aforementioned outdoor area, where enemies kept spawning as I ran away.

This really felt retro, almost like an episode 4 map done in Egyptian (though lacking its unrelenting cruelty). Decent little map.

Nice, desolate feel to the architecture here. Really liked the frozen enemies at the start, which ended up making for a very good final fight. Well done.

Thus far, the design highlight. A beauty to behold, with the background structures suggesting an otherworldly orchard of pyramids, of which this map is one of many.
And how cruel a plot-twist; to have escape be impossible, and to force the player to spend the rest of eternity wandering these dusty halls. Really captured the feel of being an ancient Egyptian mason entombed within the very temples they helped build. 
First Batch Of Demos And Feedback

Skill 2 on all maps.

Wow what an impressive first release! The opening area with the deathly green atmosphere reminding me of a cursed tomb. Very oppressive atmosphere which had me on edge the entire way. You used great use of greens and reds in this map...very original. gameplay was interesting too with some creative traps and fun secrets. I look forward to more of your future work!

Stellar work, highly polished with perhaps a smidgen too hardcore of fights. I liked your "lame" secret as you had to follow the sound. Lovely interconnection and visuals here.

First map I believe? It is really impressive and totally had a "out of this world" vibe. I got some serious sam sickness when I got to the outdoor section which had great amount of depth. I liked the aggressive colors but I only found 1 secret. Nice work!

The most "retro" of the pack so far. A nice simple speed map that worked well enough. I know you had very little time and it shows...but it is still a sturdy release. :)

Really cool stuff and talk about tension! I can't say I was thrilled to be staring at a shambler as soon as I entered! Loved the void pyramid and the option to choose which key you want to grab first. Also enjoyed the Dismal Oubliette-esque event. Is this your first release? If so, very nicely done!

I love the lighting and texture work here...only time I saw the green marble. Fun secrets as well. I found myself falling into the void because I was slope climbing some structures...I think the edges should have been clipped up. I found the gameplay to be a bit cut and dry with loads of Ogres and Death Knights. Keys seemed to be just a single room away and just to slow pacing down. However, the moment you step out onto the vista for the finale is absolutely breathtaking (And not in a Seinfeld way.) The depth of the scene and the unique looking pyramids are just stellar craftsmanship.

I know you had very little time to work on your map but you made excellent use of a very limited space. Fun quad runs and nice flow considering the size of the map...this is basically one room and I actually enjoyed that fact!

I loved the color you chose for your is a pleasing harsh sun and it fits the wonderful sand you included here. I liked the secrets, especially the pyramid popping out. I found the dark tomb exploration to be a bit bland and I would have preferred more of the outdoor harsh sand stuff. I liked the strange little details you included like the ritual portal underneath and the monitor inside of the tomb. It gives it a sense of mystery as to what the hell is going on here. Also good use of the stone face ;)
I think the map was too dark for everywhere that wasn't the outdoor section. I understand if that was the idea but maybe just a bit more fill lights!

I liked this map, another unique feeling tomb raid. Interesting use of textures and a peculiar main room that was satisfyingly interconnected. I also enjoyed the small catacomb exploration and a fun secret. Definitely work on fill lighting as there were sharp black shadows on most lighting sources which really detracts from the experience. The final fight seems strangely paced...seemed like I could have floated away to the exit given the moderate gaps of delay before the next wave. I also telefragged a poor ogre haha. Nice work and way to go on a second release!

That's it for now, I absolutely can't wait to wake up tomorrow and run the rest of the jam. This is seriously better than any new game I bought from the Steam sale. What I love the most so far is EVERY single map is vastly different in design, style, and creativity.

Fucking aye. 
17 maps - it's cool)
It was fun to participate in this jam. Thanks to those who appreciated my work. Tonight evening I will play other maps and maybe even publish a demos (my skill is not the best even on normal or easy). 
17 For 17 
17 maps for year 17!!!!

I can't wait to try theye levels - as well as begin work on a 'non-deadline' map/mod in addition to working on future jams! 
Doomer Map 
I have 49/49 kills but I cannot get to the final door? 
Doomer Map #2 
Ah, I see now (replay). After the killing last vore, I did not notice the steps rise. I hid for a bit to pick of a stray knight and when I poked my head back up, the steps must have sunk beneath the lava again. 
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