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Explore Jam 2
Explore jam 2:
No monsters. Instead you can have traps, crushers, jumping puzzles, anything that comes to your mind to entertain a player without monsters.

Not restricted to any texture theme: it may id medieval, runic, base or any custom texture set or mix of them.

Examples: 1 2

Deadline - January 7th

As an experiment you may add monsters to your map on skill 0.
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Still working on my map.. it will take some time, I try to finish last puzzle as fast as possible. Other than that, it is in a good shape. 
BTW is it fine to submit then two files, skill select map and an actual map right after it? 
you can add skill selection room right in your map: place info_player_start in the skill selection room, and place rune right at player's spawn point. Then use info_player_start2 at the actual start of the map. trigger_changelevel should target the same map name. 
Ill Do One More Build Of My Map And Ill Send You The Download Link 
My Map Is Ready! 

this map has only been -fast vised! I have not expirienced any performance issues.

Gameplay: this is a puzzle game, and you need to figure out how to solve this and how to approach this. 
Sorry. I wasnt able to come up with anything. :( 
Soon I start working on my skill select room. This is my first time ever making that, but I quess where to get some references... did Bloughsburgh made in rj5 skill select room the way you described? 
check out fallen1c from sock. i copied the hack from there
things that you need: info_player_start; info_player_start2; a rune (this is the hack); a changelevel with the same map name. skill select area should be isolated.

it's the same thing that happen in start.bsp of the original game, when you finish a episode 
Yep fallen1c is where I got the design from. My rj5 map also does the same thing so copy either one. 
Thank You~ 
Doing my last compile now, I send mail soon. 
There is couple warnings and it is not flawless by any mean, but hopefully at least Quakespasm users can play it without any issues. 
It's Coming Very Soon 
contains five entries 
while waiting for new approval here's a screenshot: 
Why Dont My Colored Lights Work? 
there isn't a .lit file in the jam 
Did you include the lit file in the archive that you send to me?

Anyway, I'll update the archive as soon as I get home 
nope! I never knew you had to include it. =) 
Was in your rj6 map colors too? (Sorry haven't played anything yet) 
My rj6 map didnt have colored lights 
I played your dark and hard map. 
If you mean my rj6 map, then yes.
If explorejam2, then use options, lighting is brighter there. 
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