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Explore Jam 2
Explore jam 2:
No monsters. Instead you can have traps, crushers, jumping puzzles, anything that comes to your mind to entertain a player without monsters.

Not restricted to any texture theme: it may id medieval, runic, base or any custom texture set or mix of them.

Examples: 1 2

Deadline - January 7th

As an experiment you may add monsters to your map on skill 0.
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Looks good! 
there's multiple suns you can place for outdoor areas. Use sunlight and sunlight2 on your world key. Also, lighting can be improved with _bounce and sunlight_penumbra.

Look at the light.txt with your compiling tools! 
Or Just Look At This

I think ill be ready tomorrow! :) 
That's huuuge! 
Ah, seems like you're making a garden/labyrinth~

Can't wait to get lost there, in a good way of course. 
thats what it is going to be. 
Almost Finished 
Although This Uses Id1 
It isn't a retrojam right?

I exceeded some limits... 
Holy Fuck Pulsar 
What An Adventure Awaits Us* 
Just Saw This 
Hadn't checked func in a few days and saw this jam mentioned by Pulsar on twitter. Wish I'd seen it sooner, sounds like great fun!~ 
I Really Hope This 24 Hours Is Enough* 
I haven't even finished my biggest puzzle part, a lot of painkillers might make it possible. 
Noice. Getting a Februus-meets-Honey vibe. Like czg had a baby with czg and called it "czg". 
i'm going slower than i thought. i will cut part of the map and release instead of not releasing anything. it will be a very short map. well, at least the part that is done it's also playtested. by me. have fun circle jumping. or hate me, because i think it may be hard for some 
My Map Wont Be Vised 
So potatoes might explode ;) 
did you use func_details? 
Bless You! 
A Vision Of Things That Never Were 
Started throwing something together, but ran out of time, as I was quite short on it this week.

It will probably be cannibalized into a future SP map. 
that looks fucking awesome ionous! 
It will be great, when finished~ 
Ok, I've Got 2 Entries Apart From Mine 
anyone else to come? 
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