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New Q1SP (AD) Nyarlathoteps Sand Castle
Large Bucket of Sand, Stone and Water!
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What Did You Say About My Mum 
Replayed This. 
Completely different route by going straight into the waterfall area from a secret at the start. Very cool to have that option, can skip 1/3 of the monsters that way. Of course I didn't and went back and rekt their arses. Still can't remember how to get the MH pyramid secret legitimately. I did get the MH "below" that in the waterfall room which I'm sure I didn't get first time, very fun. Best Retrojam6 map for sure. 
Very enjoyable map. Love the details and shapes, interconnected layout, lighting and all. Gameplay is good fun, really appreciated the two quad events, and of course cool secrets and 'off-route' pickups. The blue parts give it a unique aesthetic along with the warm lighting... quite the spa vibe.

I feel like I should say more, but can't think of anything else. Just another sock map!

Replayed this gem for, I don't know, the 5th time yesterday, focusing on finding all secrets and other hidden treasures. I think I got them all now, except the MH on top of the pyramid with the RL inside.

Anyone who knows how to access it? I can of course rocket jump to it, but guess there's a smarter way of getting it. 
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