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SM178 - Base Theme.
Speedmap 178 session under the name "24h Jam" is released. We have for you 3 small retro style maps with fun action by mappers: Mukor, Naitelveni and Newhouse.

The theme was base and the mappers had 24h hours.



Go kill some Enforcers!
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Congrats. We jammin' in 2017 here on func. Think about the amount of content that is being made for this 20 year old game just from this community. Wild. 
Please Announce Such Events At Least A Day Before In Starts 
I warned in terrafusion that i will announce a map jam the day after explore2 ends! XD 
Yes, But Not Here 
I'm not 24/7 on terrafusion, neither are some of the users here. 
Congrats guys, curious to see what one day of work holds! 
Man, the new releases are piling up since a few weeks, I can't keep up! I still need to finish RJ6... Not that I'm complaining, of course, it's pretty awesome to see so much new life breathed into a 20-year-old game that many think is dead. 
Sleep deprivation caused me to misspell my map title. :'(

"Emenius Sleepus" is the 'proper' spelling of my map title. Ripped from the song of the same name by Green Day. 
Terrible lighting, terrible textures, broken maps, terrible gameplay.....and thus perfectly suitable and great as speedmaps :D

Good jobs y'all, these were all really cool speedmaps- and is traditional, show a lot of promise for future mapping.

Newhouse had a cool style and atmosphere, I like the Zer interpretation of Base. Too short tho.

Naite was basically a proper full map that had been textured and lit by eating IKBase and then shitting out like diarrhoea, but aside from that was a cool and well-rounded experience.

Mukor's was the obligatory "really this is just as nice as a full map but quite a bit smaller". Cool crisp style with very subtle lighting and fog. Just needed a bit more beef in the end arena. 
Jack Bauer Jam 
Skill 2 All secrets (I think)


You have great talent when it comes to brushwork and creating environments but the gameplay side of it is pretty poor. I am not a betting man but I could see people quitting out of the map after entering the second door. I can see what you were trying to do but you can't predict that the player will know to do the same thing. My first instinct when I encounter that is what you see in the demo.

I also do not like how to progress one must go through hazard liquids. Again, you give resources to handle it but this could run out before one reaches the point of use. I don't think they respawned but I could be mistaken.

That said, the main area looks nice enough and it's neat with the large open sky. Also it is always enjoyable to nail down hordes and hordes of grunts.

Also put a title for your map.


Nice choice of style here, love the red sky and dull green colors. The trap gimmick doesn't work the best because my first instinct is not to get close to numerous enforcers when I just have a shotgun. The other nitpick is that the deadly slime looks like safe dirty water...I was completely surprised when I exploded. I see that if the starting enforcers got dunked we would know but as you can see, that is not what the player (me) did.

I liked the two secrets considering the teeny tiny size. You didn't spend 24 hours on was more like 4 hours right? If so, very nice! The best visuals for me.


By far the most impressive in terms of level of detail if you truly spent a full 24 hours well...that's just nuts! I like the use of monster jumps throughout...more mappers should do this in my opinion...but it can look silly if used ad nauseum. The map just ended before I knew it as I accidentally ran into the slipgate!

I like the rocks on the higher sections and the general height of everything. Now go MAP!

So just a note, I noticed that "Think of E1M1" was a part of the original thread. Was that just to explain what a base theme is or did every mapper not follow this! I am going to assume the latter because we got the whole menagerie of quake in this collection.

Congrats to all, quite impressive for so little time. 
Feedback, Good Poimts 
+ Visual feedback
+ Claustrophobic areas
+ Interesting ambushes (didn't expect seeing shamblers and vores)
+ Style was very id base, lighting did it job*

+ Spacious areas / abstract feel
+ After couple tries, out running shamblers scene, turn out to be really interesting idea
+ Interesting use of teleport textures, in order to create that red hallway.
+ Red id style looks refreshing.
+ So much enemies 
Thank you. I think some players have more courage to try out pushing that button that is basically in middle of the screen when player starts, so player is immediately curious what it does. 
Hmmph. The ending battle didnt sequence for you Bloughsburgh :( im not sure what happened there :\ ah well. thanks for the demo.

One thing I'll definitely be putting more work into on the next one is item placement. I either give too much or too little. Need to put more thought into the number of enemies and how much damage they need with each weapon/ammo type etcetc.

and, yeah, i kind of got liberal with the monsters. :P sorry for side skirting the E1M1 notion 
Oh sorry, it was indeed made in 6 hours, I spend yesterday writing down layout but didn't have time to actually start making it. So I just opened editor quickly tried something I haven't yet tried. Sorry, I should have introduce many things, before showing off this trap thing. 
Shitting Out Like Diarrhoea 
Thanks man! I really appriciate the commitment on playing these small maps. The shambler area should have been constructed alittlebit more carefully. The idea was that you should run and be left with 25 hp.

Mukor's map is impressive! Consistent and true to E1M1. 5/5

Newhouses map has a nice idea, good visuals but is abit short. 4.5/5 
How does one get past the smalbers on Skill 3? 
Maybe two shamblers in skill 3? I really hope quake would have nightmare spawnflag too. 
Thanks for your feedback, sorry that is was too short.. next time I will try harder. 
you cant run past them on skill 3? 
But you can jump / shambler boost... So I guess it's okay. 
Ill have to reduce the distance to the safeplace. and add a double door hallway that has a crusher so you cant avoid the shambler encounter. 
I liked your entry and I'm impressed with LOD. Favorite little detail was the way you cut out the buttons. Subtle but a nice detail and I don't recall seeing that before. Thanks for your restraint in colored lighting. Less is more in Q1. +1 for monster jumps 
I Agree With Skacky 
...on the time frame of the announcement - you would have had more entries and I for one am not of terrafusion. 
Thanks. My favorite part about the buttons is the lights. it starts with a red light then when pressed, trigger_relays to turn the red light off and and another trigger_relay to turn on a yellow light. :D 
You Mean Dumptruck 
There's no post by Topher in this thread... 
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