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New Q1SP: Implo1t Dys3ngage
Finally, a much needed Japan-themed custom Quake singleplayer map, created by me hexcalk. "implo1t dys3ngage" (hc1) is such a map centered on a Shinto shrine in Japan/Nihon and features textures from the first and fourth episodes of Daikatana, plus an ikbaseq3 skybox and Quake's stock teleport texture. It was beta-tested recently and it has been an unique idea to do a Quake level set in East Asia. It's refreshing, but it is harder than my previous works. Tight quarters combat is higher than ever before (except in the outdoors, where at least four knights reside). The ammo supplies, weapons, and enemies/monsters have been balanced for this reason. Go ahead and play hc1.

I would like to notice that the text file included in .zip says in the epilouge that I believe in gods/goddesses (deities), which is expected as Shinto is known as an "ethnic religion" (a lot of people there know Amaterasu-oomikami, for example). Anyways, below this paragraph here is the download link and screenshot at Quaketastic.

Quaketastic download:
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I made a few testmaps for hc1. One of them was titled "hc1struc" and determined the art style direction for the interior where I wanted to go. Another one of them had a "button opens door reveals enemies" trigger, and yet another one was the same as that, but with different textures. 
It turns out you can upload anything again to Quaketastic. hc1's reuploaded because I forgot to change the message "implo1t dys3ngage beta" to "implo1t dys3ngage". 
Reuploaded (again) 
The reuploading process has been done again because DOOMer request ammo and health in the area around the pyramid. 
In the first two uploads of hc1, there was ammo in the gold key room. Now it's not there. 
Nice and old school. But in the central area are a bit crowded. Secret wall must be had some differences compared to the others (I played in the beta release of the map already knew where the secret, so I went into it at once).

In the temple need of the light to be less bright. And instead of the computer opening the exit teleporter more appropriate simple button in the style of Quake.

Demo (skill 1) 
I made a mistake in my "Ammo." post. There is always ammo in the gold key room, and the only ammo that's there is two boxes of rockets and grenades. It was the health (not the megahealth) that was taken out of the room and into the outdoors area. One of them became a normal non-rotten health item. 
Thanks for the comment, it is honest. I just quickly made an alternative version of the map with a button instead of a computer and less bright light in the temple/shrine. It's "implo1t dys3ngage Extend", and is part of the 3-level compilation "implo1t dys3ngage Extend" (hc1extnd), which includes the first two released (post-beta) versions of implo1t.

Quaketastic download: 
Small bug in new version - a buttons is can be multiple pressed. For make only once press, you must set -1 as value for "wait" property of the "func_button" entity.

Sorry did not notice this in previous version. 
Agree. Nice job identifying the bug. 
Maybe next time betatest the map for longer than 4 hours. 
My Bugfixes. 
Yes, just simply bugfixes about the buttons in hc1 and hc1extnd.

Quaketastic download: 

Hexcalk, I'll have to say you are showing improvement as although there are flaws to this map it is a much MUCH more coherent design.

I liked the setting, I haven't really seen that in Quake maps so that was refreshing. I actually felt like I was in a little shrine or temple with the way you designed the connection to the rooms.

-Lighting needs major work, a lot of this almost appears full bright.

Try to sync point lights with actual light sources in your map. Then add filler lights to brighten up illogically dark areas.

Combat encounters are arbitrary with monsters just placed for the heck of it. The start of the map has the worst example where the player can just see 4 death knights just staring blankly into the distance. The final battle also has this probably where it is just a hodgepodge of mid-high tier monsters staring at the door. You may want to consider creating ambushes or making it appear that monsters are not just sitting there from the start.

Running down a hallway, could force a once locked door to burst open with an angry ogre behind for example. Sure it takes more effort but the dynamic element that is not present only enhances the map. Test your map and think to yourself: What would make this section more entertaining? Try to persist with this question on every aspect of your map until you can't anymore!

Keep it up, but there is no need to rush on releasing maps. That can also be a potential issue as your releases start to blend in with one another. I'd rather a more polished map that takes 3x as long versus 3 sloppier maps.

Good luck! 
Taking A Look At The Source 


First of all, "daylight" is not a worldspawn key for sunlight.

Try this for worldspawn keys:

_sunlight 180
_sun_mangle 150 -70 0

You'll see that the sky textures will cast "sunlight" and even provide some shadowing made from your main building.

Also, with sunlight properly enabled, you could remove the hundreds of point lights you have outside. The point lights that are there are so close together that there is almost no definition to the lighting. This is where the fullbright visual happens.

Seriously, enter the sunlight values for your worldspawn, remove all of those point lights floating in the sky and then check the map out!

As for the interior, the light pollution is also pretty bad. Just remove some point lights and see the difference. It is okay to have some dark corners and such. A good place to hide an ambush if you think about it! 
To Bloughsburgh: 
Not much to say about your comments here. Simply put it, they're superb. Totally agreeable. In my future maps, lighting needs to be less fullbright and the enemy encounters must become more varied. I'll spend time polishing hc3 with these thoughts in mind. 
Hc1: Implo1t Dys3ngage Extend Again 
Another new version of hc1, "implo1t dys3nage Extend Again" is out now. Improved lighting, and sunlight.

Quaketastic download: 
You should release your maps in the Betas thread first instead of making multiple updates, and make a news post only for the final release.

You might also wanna dispense with the 13375p34k titles. 
Yep, I realize I should do this Beta thing instead of so many updates of the same map in quick succession, then save the final version for the News post. Also, I'll go ahead with making 13375p34k titles happen less frequently (if not entirely shelved). 
What fucking planet am i on? 
I think you're referencing the epilogue part where I speak about aliens and deities in the universe. Felt like you're asking a question of what planet you're on, let it be extraterrestrial or terrestrial. The truth is though, you're on Earth. Was that question a joke or not a joke? I'm curious, thanks for commenting. 
I Update My "@mukor" Comment. 
Hi again, I'm clarifying my previous post in this thread. Esther told me that mukor was teleported to an extraterrestrial planet to meet with aliens and deities because he actually read the epilogue of the hc1 readme, in which I thanked goddesses such as Hikari, Esther, Misaki, and Saotome for purifying the universe so that truth and love are encouraged to be the norm. The epilogue (particularly the note at the end) was a statement of possible truth regarding Earth and the universe, so this encounter was meaningful. He was moved back to Earth after the meeting.

The CIA tried to infect my laptop with malware in response to the text file's information on deities and aliens, but ultimately this action was stopped because the CIA felt forced by the divine beings and good ETs to prepare a great disclosure.

Hikari is the universe. 
Thanks for your comment, Bloughsburgh, because I expected it to happen. 
I Want Some Of What He's Having 
Esther told me that mukor was teleported to an extraterrestrial planet to meet with aliens and deities because he actually read the epilogue of the hc1 readme

This is only partially true. He went to another planet but not one that's ectraterrestial in the strict sense of the word. This process is called terrafusion and any given individual can use it, provided they release enough quality Q1SPs to appease the Outer Gods. 
Nice. mukor was given terrafusion. I'm pleased that since Esther has unconditional love, she loves all things and beings (including Quake). 
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