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Warhammer / WH40K Gaming!
Not the TT but feel free to discuss that if you like. I thought it would be worth having a specific thread for anything and everything Games Workshop-derived, which as of last year, is really quite a lot, and I'm under the impression that the games are getting quite good (not fully amazing, but definitely better than previous assware). Obviously the biggest "universe" to draw game material on, obviously Daz just wants XCom2 in the 40k universe and he's right, but in the meantime:


Dark Omen - very old but well acclaimed IIRC

Dawn Of War -
It did a pretty damn good job of being a functional RTS and being full of WH40k style.

Dawn Of War 2 -
A much tighter focus on RTT with some RPG-lite elements. Some people didn't like this focus, I did, and thought it was cool for a sequel to try something a bit different.

Fire Warrior - meant to be arse.

Warhammer Online - shut down.

Warhammer Mark Of Chaos -
I can't remember anything about this??

Space Marine -
Simple, arcadey, not mind-blowing, but good WH40k fun.

Space Hulk Ascension -
Did exactly what it was supposed to. Simple, repetitive, but well done and addictive.

Recent / Present:

Vermintide -
An unforgiving Skaven-smashing L4D2. Didn't have the staying power of the L4D games, but pretty cool.

Total Warhammer -
I've seen good things watching Cohh play it. A lot of negative reviews recently solely about aggressive DLC marketting, what-fucking-ever. Still got to play it.

Battlefleet Gothic -
Essentially a 2D RTT Battlefleet game with plenty of WH40K style. Quite repetitive with randomly generated missions, but also good fun and rather moreish.

WH40K: Eternal Crusade -
Online MP 3PS. Did anyone play this??

Mordheim -
Just started this. Stylish, interesting gameplay, overwhelming amount of stats that you don't know if you need to heed or not. Meant to be frustrating and RNG-ridden, but also good if you persist with it.

Space Hulk Deathwing -
Buggy beta put me off getting this early, but from most accounts, apart from the bugs the style of it is great and the gameplay decent. Hopefully will get polished after release.

Blood Bowl 2 -
Not really heeded this. Seems to look great?

WH40k:Sanctus Reach -
A very very lite tile-based version of the TT game, with only Space Wolves vs Orks at the moment. Looks like it would be spot on as a �5 budget title.


Dawn Of War 3 -
Reverting back to the larger scale skirmishes of DOW1, but with Imperial Knights. Woot!

Inquisitor Martyr -
Pure Diablo3-style 40K ARPG. Looks well presented but purely functional rather than inspirational.

Manowar Corsair -
Something a bit different, Warhammer pirating / trading / naval combat. Currently looks very previous-gen, but also meant to be a whole lot of fun. One to keep an eye on.

Necromunda -
No details but it's the Mordheim blokes, so they know what they're doing IF they listen to the clear criticisms of Mordheim.

N.B. I haven't listed mobile / tablet games because they're the stuff that's given GW games a bad reputation for shallow, pointless, cash-grabbing shovelware in previous years. FWIW I do quite like Warhammer Quest as an Android game - it's very basic, but fun and well-presented.
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you forgot chaos gate.
that thing is perfect. well, no it's not. but it's how a w40k should be.

i want a new chaos gate. with the success of xcom2 perhaps it can happen 
There are few old (pre 2000) Warhammer games on GOG:
Warhammer 40k: Chaos Gate
Final Liberation: Warhammer Epic 40k
Warhammer 40k: Rites of War
Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat

For those who wants to complete their collection. 
Yeah I Didn't Put In Super Extra Old Old Skool Stuff. 
Also Worth Reposting This:

Because it is so damn cool. 
of this i have played
dawn of war: really good fps. the bolters feel like machine guns, not like mini rocket-launchers. there are some other things. but overall, good rts. i didn't play much multiplayer.

space marine. fun ride. nothing mind blowing, but it's fun. besides, this is the only game of the genre (third person shooter) that i played to the end.

chaos gate. i replayed this in 2015. it feels dated, but i really like this one. it would be really cool a new w40k game in this style. others game are fine, but this is what i want. or a mod for xcom2, but that will get shut down by gw lawyers. damn 
Played Quite A Bit Of Mordheim Recently. 
It's interesting stuff. Not exactly a relaxing game but I'm doing okay so far. Only failed one mission, the first story mission, because the difficulty suddenly jumped from just fighting the enemy team to fighting the enemy team plus:

Being outnumbered.
The enemy getting reinforcements later on.
The enemy having a fucking Impressive when you don't. That you have to kill.
Having to keep an extra unit alive who is no more survivable than the rest.
The mission not telling you that you have to collect and place the fucking explosive barrels as well as finding them.

Etc etc.

Anyway the game functionality is pretty cool with the movement circles and initiative ranking.

The main thing that frustrates me is the illogically large "action-blocking" circle of your own units at all times. I can understand in combat each unit would need space around them, but not being able to collect some Warpstone or jump off a ledge because a teammate is within 2m of it is a bit fucking daft. Pretty much every mission I have a carefully laid plan thrown off balance because of this. The game is pretty damn pixel splitting about movement and gaps and stuff.

The number of stats flying around is a bit distracting. It would be nice to be able to minimise these a bit.

I seem to be picking up a LOT of items I can't equip, hammers, bracers, guns, is that right?? 
Actually bought a DLC character for it - Poison Wind Globadier aka GAS BRO. Loving his style. 
Gasbro Interactive 
Come On Daz Get Ur Arse Involved. 
I might buy Necromunda if it's good.

Participation medal please! 
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade available in latest Bandai-Namco bundle 
Total War: WARHAMMER in the new Humble Monthly Bundle 
Nice One. 
Still got that stacked up to play, still got hype for it, although I doubt it's a simple "just dip in and give it a go" game.

Mordheim is still gripping me. Had a low period where I got too careless and greedy and lost a couple of wee rats, then got massively hyped for getting the RAT OGRE before discovering he is subject to Stupidity and spent 2 games doing fuck all apart from picking warts off his scrote while the rest of my disparate, unsupported Skaven got minced. Now having spent equal to his original fucking price training half my warband in the Guidance skill, he's actually doing something useful and it's all good.....if again. 
Inquisitor Martyr Open Alpha This Weekend. 
Pure Diablo clone but could be worth checking out.

This is pretty neat, especially if it turns out to be effective in gameplay and not just a gimmick: 
Warhammer Gaming Irl 
Mordheim 70% Off

TBH I've got �20s worth of gaming out of it and I'm not even on the 2nd act yet. Worth a shot at that price for sure. 
TBH, He Has A Point: 
<Shambler> czg is the worst, i'm even less hyped than i was for fricd3sp1
<czg> at least there are some bitchin' rad wh40k games coming up that you can be hyped for!
<czg> like "dude in giant armor fart simulator 2018" and "space cocksuckers" 
Inquisitor Martyr NON-OPEN Alpha Gameplay Video:

Voiceover in Fifth's accent :D

It's early access for pre-orderers only so fuck that.

OTOH the video is useful. Terrible voice and bad camera jerking whilst running, rest looks good tho, background GFX are good. 
nice detail on characters 
Blues News Item

"They offer four tiers of access ranging from a $40 version with just the game all the way to a $999.99 Grandmaster Pack which they say is for "enthusiasts," though others might choose a different word."

This is why I like Blue....straight up gaming news, with only the driest snippets of humour. 
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide in the new Humble Jumbo Bundle 8: 
Space Hulk: Deathwing with 33% off on Steam:

Been patched quite a bit and apparently was already tweaked and improved since the shoddy and underwhelming public beta (read: alpha) before release. I cancelled my pre-order based on the beta, with a view to purchasing later based on patching. Is now the time?? Hmmm, decisions decisions. 
Is Now The Time?? 
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