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Warhammer / WH40K Gaming!
Not the TT but feel free to discuss that if you like. I thought it would be worth having a specific thread for anything and everything Games Workshop-derived, which as of last year, is really quite a lot, and I'm under the impression that the games are getting quite good (not fully amazing, but definitely better than previous assware). Obviously the biggest "universe" to draw game material on, obviously Daz just wants XCom2 in the 40k universe and he's right, but in the meantime:


Dark Omen - very old but well acclaimed IIRC

Dawn Of War -
It did a pretty damn good job of being a functional RTS and being full of WH40k style.

Dawn Of War 2 -
A much tighter focus on RTT with some RPG-lite elements. Some people didn't like this focus, I did, and thought it was cool for a sequel to try something a bit different.

Fire Warrior - meant to be arse.

Warhammer Online - shut down.

Warhammer Mark Of Chaos -
I can't remember anything about this??

Space Marine -
Simple, arcadey, not mind-blowing, but good WH40k fun.

Space Hulk Ascension -
Did exactly what it was supposed to. Simple, repetitive, but well done and addictive.

Recent / Present:

Vermintide -
An unforgiving Skaven-smashing L4D2. Didn't have the staying power of the L4D games, but pretty cool.

Total Warhammer -
I've seen good things watching Cohh play it. A lot of negative reviews recently solely about aggressive DLC marketting, what-fucking-ever. Still got to play it.

Battlefleet Gothic -
Essentially a 2D RTT Battlefleet game with plenty of WH40K style. Quite repetitive with randomly generated missions, but also good fun and rather moreish.

WH40K: Eternal Crusade -
Online MP 3PS. Did anyone play this??

Mordheim -
Just started this. Stylish, interesting gameplay, overwhelming amount of stats that you don't know if you need to heed or not. Meant to be frustrating and RNG-ridden, but also good if you persist with it.

Space Hulk Deathwing -
Buggy beta put me off getting this early, but from most accounts, apart from the bugs the style of it is great and the gameplay decent. Hopefully will get polished after release.

Blood Bowl 2 -
Not really heeded this. Seems to look great?

WH40k:Sanctus Reach -
A very very lite tile-based version of the TT game, with only Space Wolves vs Orks at the moment. Looks like it would be spot on as a �5 budget title.


Dawn Of War 3 -
Reverting back to the larger scale skirmishes of DOW1, but with Imperial Knights. Woot!

Inquisitor Martyr -
Pure Diablo3-style 40K ARPG. Looks well presented but purely functional rather than inspirational.

Manowar Corsair -
Something a bit different, Warhammer pirating / trading / naval combat. Currently looks very previous-gen, but also meant to be a whole lot of fun. One to keep an eye on.

Necromunda -
No details but it's the Mordheim blokes, so they know what they're doing IF they listen to the clear criticisms of Mordheim.

N.B. I haven't listed mobile / tablet games because they're the stuff that's given GW games a bad reputation for shallow, pointless, cash-grabbing shovelware in previous years. FWIW I do quite like Warhammer Quest as an Android game - it's very basic, but fun and well-presented.
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Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Martyr Early Access 
[20:08] Shambler: so
[20:08] Shambler: turns out the latest incarnation of inquisitor early access is really pretty cool
[20:09] Shambler: well presented, interesting perspective (not isorpg like d3, much more like guild wars), and pretty fun
[20:09] Shambler: gets u sucked in nicely.

Dumped 3 hours into this this evening. Latest video on - will be pretty slow, but honestly, I was impressed how well it's come on. 
And Now. 
Spermintide 2. I have it, willing to give it a go. Am ready for action when you scum are. Will be able to play until Sat Pm then away for a week so whatevz. 
Proper Diablohammer??

Yup, count me in.

Also Spernintide2 is ace now the balance has settled. Beautiful maps, best dark fantasy pr0n since Dark Souls 3.

Inquisitor Martyr was quite cool but repetitive, I played 30+ hours but didn't feel like finishing.

Battlefleet Gothic 2 is out now....the first was samey but moreish and nicely presented, I will probably get 2 when the price comes down. 
Diablohammer Released

Will be playing and streaming later or over the weekend. 
Some Chaosbane 
I am surprised it is based on Warhammer and not on Age of Sigmar, even more as it is based on a part of the history that only people with one of the older army books for the Imperium and a few more know.

Just hoping it is not so much arcade like as Diablo 3 neither the first acts are like tutorials. 
I'm Glad It's Based On Warhammer. 
As Age Of Sigmarine is the stupidest thing GW have ever done and the death of a great fantasy universe.

It's very trimmed down and arcadey, HTH. 
Just Saying 
it from the standpoint that it should be a more obvious choice, given that it will give GW more money and Warhammer not as it has been abandoned, but there is also the side of the money it will give the videogame company, as Warhammer has more fans and it is recognized better, also due to WH40k, than AoS.

About the background of AoS i agree with you, it is hilarious and almost non existant, but the ruleset seems better than WH's. 

Still shallow (although a skill tree has opened up), with no exploration. But still decent combat and good gfx. 
Warhammer 40k : Mechanicus 
Seems to be a bit of a sleeper hit, a low-key XCom with Techpriests vs. Necrons. I got it on a half-price sale whim (maybe a fair price ;)), and spaketh thusly:

Right so yeah. If you like 40k stuff or turn-based strat, I reckon Mechanicus is well worth a look, pretty much on the gameplay alone.

The theme is fine, for sure. The characters are fairly characterful. But the background fluff, set-ups and inter-combat stuff is bland and drags on.

But the combat just seems genuinely good and satisfying - turn-based, but a bit different to xcom, myz, btech, mordheim etc, because you get a lot more options and freedom in combat, at the same time as managing resources

Your chars end up with a lot of things they can do and it's quite fun working out the best options and combos (rather than just move / shoot)

There's also some solid, if lengthy, background char development/customisation to support that

The whole thing feels a bit "gamey" rather than exploratory or immersive, but it is pretty rewarding and more-ish. - fair review although the difficulty has been toughened up. 
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