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Hero-based FPS Trend: Back To Golden Days?
So, this new trend is kind of nice. FPS games are being focused on skill. Do you think that non-Hero based games like Quake could stand a chance in this new trend?
What Exactly Is The Question Here? 
No question. Just discussion. 
Stand A Chance In What Way? 
if it was released today for the first time? 
What's A Hero Game? 
I played guitar hero in the pub once. That was fun. I was winning but then as I slammed more and more pints down, my lead started to slip. Good times. 
What Is A Non-Hero Based Game? 
Isn't Ranger the hero of Quake? 
Sounds like Quake 3 talk to me. Ugh. *spits* 
"Hero" Is Like 
Overwatch, an FPS where you pick a character at the start of the match and each character has different abilities and weapons. Overwatch is the biggest game in that subgenre now, and Quake Champions seems like it's following suit. I think Team Fortress is similar.

I don't play any of those games, or multiplayer shooters in general anymore really, so I don't have much to contribute other than Hero shooters don't strike me as "old school." To me old school multiplayer shooters should be symmetrical in the sense different avatars all have the same abilities, attributes, and starting weapons, and everything else is picked up from the map. Games like Overwatch are a different subgenre--no bad thing, of course; from what I've seen Overwatch looks more fun that I've ever had with any Call of Duty game, not to mention 100x better character designs. So I don't see how they would influence a revival of another type of game. 
Quake Champions

Quake Champions is just an Overwatch clone; only without any of the fun and quirkiness. Id too busy gauging for the surest buck to focus on making a great game. Flop incoming this fall. 
In Soviet "Hero Shooter Q3A", Mynx fires dildoes at you.

Also relevant: 
Thanks for explaining that. Class-based then. If the OP had used comprehensible terms it might have helped. 
So This Is Multiplayer Only Discussion Then. What, And Indeed, Ever 
Keep Overwatch Out Of Quake ! 
Class based is an emphasis of an archetype, role, or, well, class. It is any person fulfilling those responsibilities in the game. It is typically equipment driven, and thematically tied to contemporary military structures.

Hero games however do not have that thematic tie, and you play as a specific named character with a unique voice, face, backstory, and a mixture of equipment and abilities. With this you can do other characters who may flow in the same _class_ but are different characters and thus can still provide additional styles and abilities. It makes the player more of a controller of an avatar, while allowing for more of a gradient in applications.

For a less wacky comparison, look at Dirty Bomb which has numerous Medics, but none of which play particularly like each other - though they all give healing to their teammates and are less suited to direct combat than others. 
Hero-Based Games.. 
are the worst idea ever. They replace skill of being good at the game with skill at remembering things. 
Better Name: Class(N=1)-based Games 
I imagine that incredibly fine distinction is not very apparent during the 10 seconds I accidentally click on a hero-or-class-orwhateverthefuckinghellitis-based MP shooter video before realising what drivel I'm watching and closing it ASAP.

Also it's an entirely daft pedanticism when these games are being compared to Quake. 
They replace skill of being good at the game with skill at remembering things.

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