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Can I Start A Jam?
What do I need to do apart from making a thread?
Should I provide wads?
Should I make a google doc like the one for QUMP?
I made a few threads but they have been deleted so I want to host a jam without spamming.
A Jam only "starts" when people like a suggested jam idea and agree to start making maps for it.

So instead of asking permission to suggest a jam (wtf), just cut out the middleman and suggest a jam! 
About Jam... 
I wondered the same things and I guess you are wise to ask if your threads are being deleted as spam. The community here is pretty tough on people with manners and tact but don't take anything that is typed here too personally. ;)

Looking forward to your jam thread. If it's something I'm interested in and have time for I will probably join in. 
And suggest a worthy theme that inspires people to map, like some interesting architectural style or texture set, not something stupid and pointless like "silly messages". 
Yeah this board is kinda similar to the way Valve structures themselves. People work on whatever they like and then when a good idea appears, people will rally behind it.

Trying to steer people towards things they aren't interested in will always end in failure! 
Make some maps yourself first for other jams. Once you have established yourself a little bit in the community then organise a jam.

If people see you contribute to the community they will be more likely to contribute to a jam that you host. 
Further Explanation 
The reason people are not receptive to a new/unknown community member is that it feels a bit like you want us all to make maps for you.

It's better if people want to make maps with you
That does not stop you from trying to host a jam otherwise.

If the idea is super, ultra, mega fucking cool people may join in. But I'd look at my previous posts first before doing so. 
I'm kinda tempted to try suggesting a collaborative jam myself - basically set up fte with some mod, give map editing permissions to whoever wants it (and isn't likely to just delete everything), and then everyone can connect to the same server and all edit the same single map and see each other's changes in realtime.
non-mappers would be able to join and offer criticism in realtime too...
It might be interesting to see what sort of disjointed monstrosity would appear...

however, that would first require that I polished my in-game editor enough to actually be usable, so that's one cool-but-probably-bad idea out of the window. :( 
And if two people disagree about the placement of a wall, they can battle it out right there in a deathmatch? 
Wouter Would Like A Word 
When You Stop Spamming Juvenile Shite. 
You know full well why your previous threads were deleted. Stupid trolling has it's place in some other threads if it's amusing but it doesn't need repeated distinct threads. 
I will have to admit,I am pretty stupid at times.(13 years is my age,maybe that's why.)

#9,we need maybe an online thing that has a time limit of 3 weeks coz its a jam and save the map every 10 minutes like TB.If anyone suddenly screws the whole map into oblivion by pressing the button to the left of end and below insert boom,map is back in 10 mins.We better keep an admin for that.

Anyway yeah thanks for advice,will make sure to do something first.Maybe I'll make a map for the jam first then announce it.

Gonna try that one soon.If it contains alcohol or any stuff which muslims can't have them then no,but it's raspberry jam so I'm interested. 
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