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New Mod / Mini-game "The Mansion"
Well,I'm not sure if this thing should be posted here but anyway.It isn't exactly Quake.

Nahuel and Josef(Nahuel is well known on
made a mod in 2 days for the linux jam.
It's called "The Mansion 182" and it is in v1.83 currently,with 1.83 being a menu patch.

Made with Darkplaces Engine.

(or: )

(or: )

More info:
No one likes this.why 
its cute, pretty good for 2 days 
To me it looks utterly awful, I have no interest in box arena horde games with pre-1992 graphics. So I would never try it. HTH. 
Ok.I kind of hate it too.
But the sounds ar egreat 
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