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Q1SP - Bilious Outpost By F14m3z
The first Quake map by the author f14m3z, created in Trenchbroom.

It's a speedmap. 
Flames designed the map with speedrunning in mind. He's done a great job... And it has a real vanilla feel, he's also done really well to jam all those secrets in such a small map. 
I did play this after seeing GGRC post a video about it. I'm not big on speedrunning or the lack of detail in speedmaps, but this one was alright. I did not get an impressive speed but managed to kill everything after finding all the secrets. 
I Saw The Same Video 
So what's the deal with speedrunning? 100% kills/secrets as fast as possible? or just find the exit as fast as possible? Do people post their records somewhere? Are there Quake speedrunners who stream?

Is F14m3z on func? 
F14m3z (the author of this map) streams as he runs Quake on Easy skill:

Here is the web page where most of current speedrunning is happening:

In recent years the easy run of full game was getting most of the attention but single Quake levels are being speedrun also:

Check SDA for all the demos and records:

And there is also Quake Done Quick :) 
Thanks. I had only really heard of qdq before. I never had any exposure to levels specifically made to speedrun. I might have to make one! I like how the records on are down to the millisecond. 
Tried this though I'm not a speedrunner. Quickest I could do on skill 0 was 40-something seconds. I have no clue how this can be done in 9 secs as F14m3z claims in the readme. 
here is a 14s demo, he tried to get through without killing anything thus no grenade boost from zombie etc 
Tried to jump to silver key without raising the bridge first, all that got me was a fried azz. Similarly, I don't know how he can slope-jump to the ledge above. I can manage to (sometimes) reach the demon face on the wall but not higher.

grenade boost from zombie
Huh, whazzat? Never heard of that before. 
Something like this men:

something like this :P 
Oh, Right, The Push From The Blast 
Wow, this is impressive! Outrunning one's own grenade is beyond me... 
My Runs 
Nice to see some interest in the map. Here are my runs for those who are curious about how the times were achieved.


Super slick run there :) 
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