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Map Jam 9999 - Contract Revoked / Quoth / Knave
Ok, it's time to start Map Jam 9.

Today is 15th anniversary of a great Contract Revoked episode. We all played it, we all love it so Contact Revoked map jam starts today.

Therefore you should use incredible Knave texture set and Quoth mod by Kell for your maps. Details in readme below.

Dark Lowecraftian atmosphere, epic castles, creepy dungeons, fleshy caves, it's all up to you. As long as it's covered with Knave textures.
For inspiration you can play Contract Revoked, Quoth, Lost chapters and many other maps tagged as quoth and knave on quaddicted.

Deadline is July 15th, so you have 4 weeks to make your maps.

Textures and Prefabs


Now go map!
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Dumptruck Has That Podcaster Voice. 
Quake Podcast Confirmed. 
the beauty of Adobe Audition 
So I Replayed Contract Revoked Last Night 
with my tracks to get in the mood for jam 9, and I was quite pleased to hear that they fit pretty nicely. I used Infinite Library for the main maps (track03) and Sign of Koth for the secret level (track06). Speaking of the secret level, did Kell just rip off Romero's Lost Entrance or did he get his blessing? 
Romero Practically Released The Thing Into Public Domain 
* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.
Oh, OK, Cool. 
Has anyone else ever done other maps based on it? 
Thrash metal rhythm guitarist? Wow! Tell us about that stage of your progression mugwump. You lose a hand or something? 
Until The News Post Is Sorted Out... 
Yes, It Is 
Congrats to everyone! 
I Don't Have Access To Twitter 
download link, p-p-pretty please ? 
@Pulsar @onetrupurple @Giftmacher 
Thanks for putting this together gentlemen!!! Almost quitting time at work then PLAY time. 
Dumptruck_ds, Link Not Working ! 
It gives a white page. 
Works All Fine Here. 
Dl=0 To Dl=1 
Had to change the url parameter... Now downloading 
Gonna Stream My Playtrough In A Few Minutes... 
Where's The Poster !? 
No poster !? God'dammit, I want my money back !

Not playing this until there's a decent high res poster for that crap !

W*T*F No Poster !? Geez ! 
My internet computer isn't working!!! Can't download... :( 
Poster LOL 
Tx Pulsar. I was joking but nice poster ! ;-) 
Screeniez Look Ace, Anyway 
Congrats Everyone 
I swear I'll record a playthrough of Skacky's map on skill 2 without dying. Tonight...
I would play at lunch break, but my work computer at work has terrible color balance when playing Quake, everything looks dull as fuck. 
Skill 3? 
Anyone having issues running it on fitzquake mark v? 
The map "jam9_naitelveni" in Quakespasm Version 0.92 does not allow the player to exit the level. 
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