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Map Jam 9999 - Contract Revoked / Quoth / Knave
Ok, it's time to start Map Jam 9.

Today is 15th anniversary of a great Contract Revoked episode. We all played it, we all love it so Contact Revoked map jam starts today.

Therefore you should use incredible Knave texture set and Quoth mod by Kell for your maps. Details in readme below.

Dark Lowecraftian atmosphere, epic castles, creepy dungeons, fleshy caves, it's all up to you. As long as it's covered with Knave textures.
For inspiration you can play Contract Revoked, Quoth, Lost chapters and many other maps tagged as quoth and knave on quaddicted.

Deadline is July 15th, so you have 4 weeks to make your maps.

Textures and Prefabs


Now go map!
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Oh Crap 
I ment 15th anniversaty. Moders fix please. 
Quoth 2.2 
Latest version from here?:

i got them knavish jam sweats
good luck - looking forward to jam maps with ~20 secrets! 
I'm getting somewhat tired of the overused knave set and gameplay-wise, I would've preferred AD instead of Quoth, but a new jam is still cool news and I totally get the anniversary thing. Here's hoping that there'll be some originality in the architecture instead of more of the samey-samey infinite library stuff that often goes with this texture set. 
Please Clarify This: 
* Fit into the limits of the original BSP format

Certain r_speeds? 
Nice, I was starting to wonder how long we would have to wait until someone complained about the jam. Glad to see it didn't take long. 
Challenge Accepted. 
Cheers. Some of those headings are red on the Wiki. But I assume I can track this stuff in BSPinfo. 
Jeez... Will any comment ever not be turned into a complaint/controversy by you guys? 
Let's Aim To Bsp1 Limits 
Tho bsp2 maps won't be refused any way 
Moral Support 
Love the anniversary idea since major contributions do alter the trajectory/evolution of later stuff. We do have some historical distance to Contract Revoked now, and it's been very influential. If it's over-used it's because it's inspired a lot of mappers with a theme that draws on Quake's original ideas very effectively. I think that also creates the challenge for new contributors to do something new with the theme and that is always interesting. Some of the most creative stuff comes out of attempts to avoid being boxed in so to speak. 
Gee I Wonder 
What did you expect whining about the theme when everyone else is more than happy with it? You're literally the only one complaining about it and you haven't even said whether you're entering or not. You not liking Knave's tropes won't prevent any of the participants from making a map for the jam.

Oh and I don't agree on the notion that it's overused. 
Knave Is A Cool Theme I Can't Get Enough Of. 
Don't complain, go map! 
As I Mentioned Before 
I can never get tired of knave and runic maps.

Tronyn: would you take part in this map jam? 
Tho bsp2 maps won't be refused any way

Not interested in using BSP2 but if we are bound to sticking with Protocol 666 (which allow mostly bigger limits) then why are we trying to stick to the original BSP? Honest question to try and understand the reasoning and tech side of this.

The Knave theme will be new to me. I have never played Quoth or the maps mentioned. I do recall a couple of Daz's YouTube playthroughs featured it as did AD. So it's new to me! ;) 
Question About Gamedir 
Since this requires Quoth (obviously) how will this be distributed? Most jams have their own game directory (again, obviously!) But how will this work? Will this be pak'd underneath the end user's Quoth directory or will Quoth assets etc be included in the jam distro? I want to make sure and do this right as I have only ever mapped for id1 and mission packs. (and RetroJam 6) The ability to add customs music and custom sounds is a big reason why I will be partaking in this jam. 
How Will This Be Distributed? 
As its own game directory, to be ran with the

(engine.exe) -quoth -game jam9

Some of the most creative stuff comes out of attempts to avoid being boxed in so to speak.
I couldn't agree more, which is why I was advocating for some architectural originality.

I can never get tired of knave and runic maps.
I did love knave at first, but just like a cool song that you hear everyday for months, there always comes a time when it gets tiresome. I've played a lot of knave maps but rarely saw this set being used in a really creative manner. You can't deny that it's often used on very similar architectural shapes.

@skacky: Whining? Bwahahahahahaha! Did you miss the a new jam is still cool news bit? And if "whining" bothers you that much, you must really hate yourself: you just whined about whining... ;) 
I hate myself so much that I felt some beautiful bliss when I saw that you weren't replying to every single thread anymore. You've been back for a day and you're already behaving like an asshole. You're basically the guy that yells "STOP LIKING THINGS I DON'T LIKE, I WANT IT MY WAY!" at people who happen to enjoy something the way it is.

If Mugwump the Great is so tired of Knave lacking creativity and being used the way it is, why doesn't he enter the jam so he can school everyone, because obviously everyone who ever used Knave lacks creativity. I usually never use that 'argument' but in this case I think it's warranted. I wouldn't say that to Shambler for instance because Shambler, while he doesn't and won't map, at least says something of substance. 
I felt some beautiful bliss when I saw that you weren't replying to every single thread anymore.

I awoke with a tremendous feeling of optimism and confidence in you and your future. That was my vision of you. I'm so glad to have had this opportunity to share it with you. I wish you nothing but the very best in all things. 
Peace, Love, And Knave. 
Well, this thread seems to be going in the wrong direction already. 
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