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Map Jam 9999 - Contract Revoked / Quoth / Knave
Ok, it's time to start Map Jam 9.

Today is 15th anniversary of a great Contract Revoked episode. We all played it, we all love it so Contact Revoked map jam starts today.

Therefore you should use incredible Knave texture set and Quoth mod by Kell for your maps. Details in readme below.

Dark Lowecraftian atmosphere, epic castles, creepy dungeons, fleshy caves, it's all up to you. As long as it's covered with Knave textures.
For inspiration you can play Contract Revoked, Quoth, Lost chapters and many other maps tagged as quoth and knave on quaddicted.

Deadline is July 15th, so you have 4 weeks to make your maps.

Textures and Prefabs


Now go map!
Oh Crap 
I ment 15th anniversaty. Moders fix please. 
Quoth 2.2 
Latest version from here?:

i got them knavish jam sweats
good luck - looking forward to jam maps with ~20 secrets! 
I'm getting somewhat tired of the overused knave set and gameplay-wise, I would've preferred AD instead of Quoth, but a new jam is still cool news and I totally get the anniversary thing. Here's hoping that there'll be some originality in the architecture instead of more of the samey-samey infinite library stuff that often goes with this texture set. 
Please Clarify This: 
* Fit into the limits of the original BSP format

Certain r_speeds? 
Nice, I was starting to wonder how long we would have to wait until someone complained about the jam. Glad to see it didn't take long. 
Challenge Accepted. 
Cheers. Some of those headings are red on the Wiki. But I assume I can track this stuff in BSPinfo. 
Jeez... Will any comment ever not be turned into a complaint/controversy by you guys? 
Let's Aim To Bsp1 Limits 
Tho bsp2 maps won't be refused any way 
Moral Support 
Love the anniversary idea since major contributions do alter the trajectory/evolution of later stuff. We do have some historical distance to Contract Revoked now, and it's been very influential. If it's over-used it's because it's inspired a lot of mappers with a theme that draws on Quake's original ideas very effectively. I think that also creates the challenge for new contributors to do something new with the theme and that is always interesting. Some of the most creative stuff comes out of attempts to avoid being boxed in so to speak. 
Gee I Wonder 
What did you expect whining about the theme when everyone else is more than happy with it? You're literally the only one complaining about it and you haven't even said whether you're entering or not. You not liking Knave's tropes won't prevent any of the participants from making a map for the jam.

Oh and I don't agree on the notion that it's overused. 
Knave Is A Cool Theme I Can't Get Enough Of. 
Don't complain, go map! 
As I Mentioned Before 
I can never get tired of knave and runic maps.

Tronyn: would you take part in this map jam? 
Tho bsp2 maps won't be refused any way

Not interested in using BSP2 but if we are bound to sticking with Protocol 666 (which allow mostly bigger limits) then why are we trying to stick to the original BSP? Honest question to try and understand the reasoning and tech side of this.

The Knave theme will be new to me. I have never played Quoth or the maps mentioned. I do recall a couple of Daz's YouTube playthroughs featured it as did AD. So it's new to me! ;) 
Question About Gamedir 
Since this requires Quoth (obviously) how will this be distributed? Most jams have their own game directory (again, obviously!) But how will this work? Will this be pak'd underneath the end user's Quoth directory or will Quoth assets etc be included in the jam distro? I want to make sure and do this right as I have only ever mapped for id1 and mission packs. (and RetroJam 6) The ability to add customs music and custom sounds is a big reason why I will be partaking in this jam. 
How Will This Be Distributed? 
As its own game directory, to be ran with the

(engine.exe) -quoth -game jam9

Some of the most creative stuff comes out of attempts to avoid being boxed in so to speak.
I couldn't agree more, which is why I was advocating for some architectural originality.

I can never get tired of knave and runic maps.
I did love knave at first, but just like a cool song that you hear everyday for months, there always comes a time when it gets tiresome. I've played a lot of knave maps but rarely saw this set being used in a really creative manner. You can't deny that it's often used on very similar architectural shapes.

@skacky: Whining? Bwahahahahahaha! Did you miss the a new jam is still cool news bit? And if "whining" bothers you that much, you must really hate yourself: you just whined about whining... ;) 
I hate myself so much that I felt some beautiful bliss when I saw that you weren't replying to every single thread anymore. You've been back for a day and you're already behaving like an asshole. You're basically the guy that yells "STOP LIKING THINGS I DON'T LIKE, I WANT IT MY WAY!" at people who happen to enjoy something the way it is.

If Mugwump the Great is so tired of Knave lacking creativity and being used the way it is, why doesn't he enter the jam so he can school everyone, because obviously everyone who ever used Knave lacks creativity. I usually never use that 'argument' but in this case I think it's warranted. I wouldn't say that to Shambler for instance because Shambler, while he doesn't and won't map, at least says something of substance. 
I felt some beautiful bliss when I saw that you weren't replying to every single thread anymore.

I awoke with a tremendous feeling of optimism and confidence in you and your future. That was my vision of you. I'm so glad to have had this opportunity to share it with you. I wish you nothing but the very best in all things. 
Peace, Love, And Knave. 
Well, this thread seems to be going in the wrong direction already. 
Yeah, whatever suits your delusion. Can't stop the douches from pouring, can I? Funny how this kind of holier-than-thou characters are always the ones resorting to insults while I'm keeping it civil. Sure, I am the asshole... Thanks for the laugh, buddy. Peace out. 
Who Was In Life A Foolish Prating Knave? 
Which is more punk, Knave-Anti-Revolutionary-Knave or Knave-Anti-Conservative-Knave?

I actually really want to see "New Knave" whatever that means. Knave has been done it's true, very well done. But something still lurks beyond it... 
New Knave 
One Tiny Itty Bitty Thing More 
You think you're keeping it civil but I don't think you realize how insanely insufferable you are. I am not the only one thinking that either.

I'm not a holier-than-thou type but I do take issue with narcissists like you who barge into a project with demands without actually doing anything about it themselves. You think Knave maps lack creativity? That's fine. You were being a killjoy, but that's fine. I've asked you twice already if you were entering the jam and you did not answer. I'm taking this as a no. Let people do their thing and piss off if you don't do anything yourself. Nobody cares whether you think Knave is stale or not and I can guarantee you nobody here will lose sleep over that. 

its a tribute jam

why do it with anything besides Quoth and knave.wad other than to please Mugwump?

Its like going to McDonalds and being upset they served you a frozen burger.

"I do declare these burgers would me much more delectable if they were fresh ground beef prepared medium well with perhaps some bleu cheese crumbles?" *curls mustache*

with that out of the way, Ill be entering this jam. 4 weeks should be more than enough time for me to whip something up with my busy schedule. 
Tiny Itchy Bitchy Thingy 
Oh yeah, right, silly me! I forgot that some interwebz dwellers can't suffer any opinion that doesn’t 100% fit their own narrow view. "Insanely insufferable"? Puh-lease... I can't help it if you take a passing comment the wrong way! And even if I could, I wouldn't: I'm not here to cater to any random self-righteous internet diva. Get over yourself and stop blaming others for your own shortcomings. Talk about narcissist... the irony is staggering! Also, please point me to where exactly I made an actual demand - good luck with that!

You haven't actually asked me if I was joining in (for comprehension purposes, I suggest you read your own comments again), but considering my first comeback comment in the GA thread, the answer to this non-question is quite obvious.

Now, can you please leave it alone and stop polluting the thread with this stupidly nonsensical flame war? 
You Started It, Pal. 
Look, we get it. You don't like knave. Would you kindly stop posting for a while and stop this thread from going further off the tracks? 
That's Just The Thing, 
I didn't start anything! I only made an inoffensive comment and then got bashed for it for no valid reason. After that I only defended myself. I'm not the aggressor here, don't pick the wrong target. May I point that I did want to end this 3 posts ago? The "peace out" bit. But I'll never be one to bow to attackers, so if they keep at it I keep defending myself. You want it to stop, ask the perpetrator. 
Shut The Fuck Up Already... 
Meanwhile... Back On Topic 
...but if we are bound to sticking with engines using Protocol 666 (which allow mostly bigger limits anyway) then why are we trying to stick to the original BSP? Honest question to try and understand the reasoning and more of the tech side of this.  
Extended limits let you do a lot of brushwork anyway, so there is no point of using BSP2, until you reach the first limit. 
Internet Diva/Perpetrator 
Do you even hear yourself? The reason people around here don't like you much is because you're a passive-aggressive jerk and with your year-old account and your 1,000+ posts (most of them about yourself in some capacity, hence the narcissist bit) you have contributed nothing of value so far for the community and are actively creating dissent whether you realize it or not. You've been told repeatedly by various people that you're attitude is frankly bothersome. I've been quiet but I've honestly had enough. You reappear and the first thing you do is complain about a lack of 2017 releases since Retro Jam 6 and then whine about this jam's theme. So please, please excuse me if I take your unwanted bitching about the theme the wrong way, especially since you evidently aren't even planning on doing anything for this jam in the first place. Sure, I didn't ask your directly whether you were entering. I did ask you indirectly though.

You should maybe think once or twice before you post something in the future, actually contribute something valuable or change your attitude altogether. That first post of yours was uncalled for. You have the right to have an opinion; everyone does, but we certainly didn't need to hear it.

What do you think this is? This is a tribute jam. The maps in this jam are going to be similar to what Kell did. There is nothing wrong with that and people are excited for this for the simple reason that Contract Revoked is a milestone and to this day remains one of the finest Quake releases, no matter how stale you think it has become (it hasn't). Please do enter and show us what you can do with Knave and I bet people will love it if you manage to pull something unseen off. I'm being 100% sincere here.

Anyway, off to bed. 
I was super-excited for this jam, but then I saw skacky's hatemongering rant and now Knave & Quoth are dead to me forever... 
The only way to heal the universe is obviously a negke knave map. I surely can't be the only one who wants to see this; a cyclical, infinite dark world where even the elevators respawn. 
Skacky, Please, 
this has been requested by several people already, including me: if you insist on continuing this crap, do so in the GA thread and leave this one to on-topic stuff, dammit! Like this for instance:

I've just played the map that OTP linked to in post #28 and that's exactly what I was talking about: a much less common use of the knave set. That's only one example of the kind of stuff I'm looking forward to see and I suggest that entrants check this map if they haven't yet. Who said tributes can't take creative liberties? At any rate, they should. I haven't had a reason to say this very often yet, but here it is well deserved: thanks to OTP for sharing this (and also to the author for making it in the first place, of course)! 
I think that map jams always show how different one theme can turn out in every mapper's way. That's was what impresses me in any map jam every time. Therefore I think it's too early to complain about the similarity of Knave maps (I don't think it is).

Look at Nastrond, apsp3, hrimfaxi's knave maps and many others. They can be outdoors map, indoor maps, they may be located in giant caves. So it's all up to the author's vision of his map. I think there were even coagula knave maps.

So it's a great opportunity to show how different knave maps can be. So go map instead of complaining.

The idea of sticking to bsp format is for aiming for not that large maps so one can finish it to the deadline (unless you are Tronyn). 
About WAD 
Original quake textures is valid? 
I'd Suggest To Use Knave.wad Only 
You can use some id.wad textures like lava or trims as long as knave is dominating texture set in your map 
Def Or Ent 
Has anyone made a def file for quoth2? No luck in my search 
(unless you are Tronyn)

I think that map jams always show how different one theme can turn out in every mapper's way.
Agreed. RJ6 in particular proved that quite brilliantly.

it's too early to complain
Does anyone here really believe that I was complaining in advance about the outcome of this jam?! That would be pretty rich! I was of course talking about the knave maps I have already played, as a reminder to keep it personal rather than too faithful to the classic knave style as found in maps like Red777 or Conference of the Shamblers. I browsed the wad this morning and this set has so much potential that it's a bit saddening to see it used predominantly (I didn't say exclusively, mind you) along the lines set by these classics. Imagination is the one and only key to ever hope to rival such masterpieces.

As for Yours Truly mapping for a jam, I doubt it will happen anytime soon: first, I still feel far from confident enough in my mapping skills to undertake something with such a short deadline, plus I have stressed in my comeback post that I won't have much time to map at all in the foreseeable future. I need to find a job and that doesn't leave much room for such a time-consuming endeavor. I may have pulled something off for the QUMP project but the ship has sailed and it's much too late now.

One final note: thank you PuLSaR for not partaking in the haters' bandwagon! It is so much more pleasant when my interlocutor is capable of having a respectful, grown-up conversation...

more fgd

Was looking for something compatible with radiant =p 
Love Knave! 
I'll try and speedmap / make something small, limited time during weekends 
awwww i just noticed my book textures are in the jam wad.


makes me feel all tingly inside, thanks pulsar! 
Wish I could, knave has a special place in my heart, just don't have the time :( Look forward to seeing the results, though! 
Just Out Of Curiosity... 
Why four 9's in the jam title? 
Mugwump Pls 
We get it you're unhappy you can stop 
Huh, Wut??? 
First, your post shows that you totally don't get what I was saying earlier, and second, I'd be curious as to what unhappy vibe you could possibly infer from my genuine question. 
Wish I could, knave has a special place in my heart, just don't have the time :( Look forward to seeing the results, though!

You have at least 3 weekend. You can make a very small map for it. 
Finally Trying Again 
I might actually have time for this mapjam. I have an unorthodox idea I wanted to try with Quoth for a while. I should be able to knock out a small map for this jam. 
9999 Reference 
Nice, Qmaster! But seriously, I know of 999 as an anti-666 but does 9999 have a special meaning or is it "just because"? 
Does It Really Matter? 
"Jam 6" was "Jam 666"
"Jam 9" instead of being just "Jam 999" become "Jam 9999", so it's always better than "Jam 6 (Jam 666)" in every way.

It's a joke, got it?

Instead of wasting time on some philosophical contemplation, you should forge it into mapping. 
Asking a simple question wastes considerably less time than having to constantly explain myself and fight my way out of stupid feuds. You'd be surprised. I'm curious, so I like asking questions. You may feel like it's pointless but I value curiosity as one of the highest character traits. My time is currently wasted seeking a job. Discussing Quake matters is supposed to be recreational for me but it's hard to have fun while dealing with sadfaces. 
I just answered your question, so you should be happy you have fed your curiosity.
I'm just trying to change silver-tongued Mugwump into "doing important stuff" (like mapping) Mugwump.

This Jam is an opportunity for you to start making something. Even if it's a small map, it counts. If it's still too much, maybe do some collab?
...and no excuses...
If you spend 1h a day on mapping, you'll get proper map till deadline.
So you have 8h of sleep + 1h of mapping and you get 15h of time to find job.

If you still don't want to map, you can make some custom music inspired by Knave. I saw you did some music previously.
In quoth you can load custom sounds too, maybe someone need some sounds?

Or go create some Pinterest album with architecture that can fit Knave theme and share it with mappers.
This way you will have your "recreation" and value for this jam/community.

Discussing Quake matters is supposed to be recreational
Maybe spamming is recreational to you, but you should think about others too. 
I'm just trying to change silver-tongued Mugwump into "doing important stuff" (like mapping) Mugwump.
Heh, fair enough. ;)

This Jam is an opportunity for you to start making something.
As I have already explained, I currently lack time to do much mapping. Plus, I already have two cakes in the oven and I don't feel seasoned enough yet in my mapping skills to do anything decent in a month's time. I'm not the kind of mapper who would like to tinker a tiny crappy map just because there's a jam going on. When I'm ready to release something, I want it to be memorable, or at least try to.

As for music, it also consumes a great deal of time for me to compose something. I don't own a master keyboard so I can't just play and record, I have to painstakingly craft my melodies note by note in my DAW. I could try to make some ambient background music without much melodic stuff. After all, there's not much going on in NIN's original soundtrack either. I'll see about that. 
While We Are Talking About Music 
I have not mapped for Quoth yet. Is there something I am missing here re: music? Is music in Quoth an entity or a proper music track that lives in quoth/music/trackname and called in the Worldspawn?

If so, I am doing some ambient Quakey music for reals! 
Yes, just name your music: track12, track13 etc.
Then point to 12 or 13 in your map, or load it from console: "music track12" (Quakespasm). Idk about MarkV or DP, but should work the same way. 
music in "mod/music/trackXX.mp3" and set in the "sounds" worldspawn key is an engine thing emulating a CD drive, itll work on any mod if the engine supports it. at least quakespasm, markv will use that format. 
#64 & 65 
Great to know this works for any mod. 
I'm Making The Start Map For This 
Shoot me your map titles so I can add them. If you don't have a title yet, tell me you're in so I can make your map portal. 
Issues With BSP 
I am getting an error when compiling in Trenchbroom 2:

Corrupt .BSP: bsp->nummodels is 0!

I am afraid I am not familiar enough with this process nor can I find anything online with a simple google search to resolve this problem. I deleted a bunch of stuff, got it to compile then tried to isolate what caused it and nothing seemed to change.

Any help? 
Do you have a world brush in your map? Is everything solid a func_detail or group? 
Have at least one worldspawn brush, that means one brush that isn't incorporated in a func_group, func_whatever kind of ent. 
I am in. No title yet. 
moderators, please fix typos in the main post, I can't look at them anymore 
does that mean I can't have my own skill select map? sorry I'm new to this, don't know how things work 
Ah, Thanks Guys! 
I have been updating the worldspawn, but with no brush selected... that would be the problem. I was able to recover everything.

Thanks again! 
You could have a skill select room in your map but that would be redundant with the start map I'm making, in which players can choose their difficulty and the maps they want to play. 
Going to cheat on the Episode Jam for a brief spell.

I am in, no title yet! 
Pretty Cool To Have A Start Map In A Jam 
Water Alpha 
Be designed with water alpha 0.65 in mind

I see that in the readme, however Quoth has info_command/spawn which can send a message such as changing water alpha on load. My current concept would work with r_wateralpha set to 1 (Blood is thick and opaque here.)

This only affects the map with that entity in it.

Would this implementation be okay? 
Yes this is okay, I use that myself. 
I'm still on the fence about joining in...I have a knave episode I never released, though I would have to rename it now since I stole my own name for my mod...

And I think it might be cheating to use a ready made map(s) even if it would be cool to Quothify it and tidy up the strange bits and maybe add some sections.

Is there a rule against multimap entries? 
You can submit multiple entries but they won't be an episode. You can use a map as a base, but map jams are more about making new content. You can expand/change your map and submit it. And you can always make something brand new for this jam. 
Fair Nuff 
You cheating whore....

I'll never forgive you.

If You Already Have An Episode 
I'd recommend just releasing it now, and making something new for the jam. 
Seriously Though 
good luck guys, have fun with the jam :) 
What OTP Said 
Would be a shame to waste an episode in a non-sequential map jam. 
I'm Going To Try To Enter This Jam 
I can't promise anything but, I do have a radiant gamepack all set up to work with the content. If I have some ideas and it looks like I'm going to actually finish I'll have to convert the fgd to ent... not the biggest deal but, I'm not looking forward to it. Right now I'm just blocking things out with a wad full of grids. We'll see what happens. 
Do it. Even if it's a small map we'd love to play it. 
Gypsy, U Mapping Now? 
If you dive into it as you do coding, you gonna kill it! 
Believe It Or Not I Know A Whole Shit Load About Mapping 
clean brushwork, guiding the player, rspeeds, clipping, any and every entity even if I've never heard of it or seen an example (cause I can [read/program in] qc)...blah blah blah. My problem is creativity and sometimes over-creativity (serious brush porn). However, I have a game plan and an idea. If I can find the discipline and time to finish this by the deadline it will be called "Wrong God". My map is going to be pretty much nothing like the games listed in the OP. I say this because I looked at the prefabs and they don't look a fucking thing like the style in my head. Maybe those games or some maps in them don't look like the prefabs either...I don't have time to go play all this stuff. I'm going to use the knave wad as stated in the requirements but, past that it's pretty much all my own thing. 
That's awesome, I am doing the same. I am using knave textures but then just transforming it to the silly idea I have. I think that's the best part of map jam events. It's really interesting to see how a mapper interprets the theme at hand.

Looking forward to "Wrong God"! 
Jam 9 Discord 
I have set up a Discord server for Jam 9, so we can better coordinate and post WIP shots, etc. Come say hello:

avengers need not apply. 
Bloughsie, I have complete trust in your creative skills as you have shown every single time since you popped up on the scene.

Gypsy, really curious as to what you're gonna make. Ever released a map before? 
Allow me if I may (not uncouthly I might hesitate to add) interject and briefly mention.. I SUCK ALL DICK 
@mugwump ~ Ever Release A Map 
Not exactly. Here are some screens of stuff I started though

gyp1m1 (e1m1 remake)

An SP/MP map based on the idea of constantly transforming a small area. This map actually was turned into a mod by nahuel and I believe zop made a video play-through. Both were done before I even finished.

Some shit that never went anywhere

My first ever attempt 
Re: Zop Made A Video Playthrough... 
Not at all. I just happen to sincerely believe that Bloughsburgh is (one of) the most promising mappers of the new generation. What's wrong with a little due cheering? As for Gypsy, I already know him from

@Gypsy Thanks for the screens. Maybe it's because the levels are unfinished but they look quite monochromatic. My favorites are the "shit that never went anywhere".
Demos need the .bsp to work. Hmmm... Jmappy, the name rings a bell. I think I have played it before. 
That was just some place-holder name. It was never meant to be called that. I initially named it mappy as a place-holder but, then my girlfriend started helping me so I just saved a duplicate with her first initial before the place-holder map name. She was responsible for all the dogs.

@need BSP for demo
Yeah I released the bsp and map numerous times as I was building it. I have since added numerous things but, everyone was turning my unfinished work into maps and demos so, I just let them do whatever and never released what is actually a finished map.

@monochromatic ~ maybe cause unfinished
It's monochromatic cause I'm not an awesome mapper. You don't have to worry about shit being gaudy if everything is the same color :) 
Wooops I Meant To Say That The Map Is Actually Called The Playground 
Grrr Woops Maps And Demos = Mods And Demos 
Hi & Help! 
Here is what I'm working on:

offtopic - so I've registered here, but I'm unable to login, it says "ERROR: Login failure. Check your spelling and try again." I'm pretty sure my spelling is fine, can someone kindly point me to where I can resolve this issue? 
Weird Ip Adress 
screens look ace 
@ DelusionalBear 
That screenshot looks great! There have been some server upgrades recently with a couple of hiccups. I'm sure the login thing will resolve itself soon enough. 
Screenshot looks cool, that yellow fog makes the map look very honey-ish. 
thanks guys!
@mfx its just russian IP, can't do anything about it =)

@PuLSar yeah, actually I thought the same about it, so I'm definitely going to change it now :)

@dumptruck_ds, thanks for that thread, still can't login tho, asked my question there. I have a feeling that I might need to register again 
#96 - Khreathor?
It wasn't me:
1) I don't have such rich vocabulary;
2) IP is from GB, London area;
3) If I would like to write that someone "suck all dick", I wouldn't hesitate to log-in :D

#104 - DelusionalBear
Excellent atmosphere! 
definitely going to change it now
Nothing wrong with a little Honey vibe. Looks nice. 
@khreathor thanks!

@Mugwump but Honey isn't the theme for this jam, thats why I need to change it :) 
3) If I would like to write that someone "suck all dick", I wouldn't hesitate to log-in :D

Heh. Noted. :) 
Going To Be Streaming Some Mapping In 30 Minutes 
Goth rock and mapping 
Updated Quoth.def For Le Nigers Netradiant


100% typo free assured. 
The Start Map Is Almost Finished 
Currently sitting comfortably at 8430 solids. 
And It Has 12 Slipgates So Far! 
With room for more. 
Excellent news. But we need another entry to make it lucky 13! 
That Fucking Guy! 
Does it have horde combat, platforming, logic puzzles, trap sections, and mini boss encounters before every map exit?? 
No, It's Just Very Big 
I'm In 
will post my progress on Discord. (name is Sir Cheeki of Breeki) 
Some Pics Of The Start Map 
If it's really that big, might want to turn it into a proper map. Better to have one more level with gameplay rather than a huge start map that's ultimately unnecessary for a map jam pack... 
Start Maps In Jams Aren't Unnecessary 
Re: Startmap 
Don't agree with negke. Nice to have a hub for this jam. A little cleaner than watching streamers type long ass names like:

I wanted to make a start map for this because Chapters had one and it wouldn't make sense for this not to have one. 
Start/hub Maps Are The Shiz 
That start map, beyond being unnecessary for a jam, is far too big. Start maps are selection menus, and menus fucking suck when you have to spend any amount of time navigating it trying to find the map you want to enter and it means people can accidentally miss maps. Contract Revoked is a great example of an awful start map.

Just make it completely utilitarian if you're going to have a start map, a big box room with a bunch of teleporters in a row. Leave you brushcount dickwaving of generic arches you copy pasted a billion times to your actual map skacky.

dumptruck: tab key autocomplete. 
Cool story bro. Just shift maps through the console if that shit bothers you. 
Shtart Mapsh 
I for one like to have a nice start map to select the maps I wanna play far much better than typing something in the console, even with autocomplete. That said, I agree that it's unnecessary (even detrimental) for a start map to be overly big and complex. 
Start Maps Are Like Preliminaries In Sex (do You Know What It Means?) 
I prefer big fat and complex funky start maps (even with tits), if they have some game in it, like traps, mystery, a few dogs and zombies to bang in the arse, and some puzzles to solve.

Good start maps are not for pussy grabbers. 
Start Maps As A Full Level 
And why do you have to stick to old style ID soft boring start maps ? Make it a full level with 500 zombies and dogs, moving geometries and traps, and many "exits" (to other maps). 
The Problem With 
injecting gameplay in a start map is that you'll have to replay it every single time you finish a map. 
Of All The Things To Complain About... 
Reprimanding Skacky for making a start map for a jam seems a little silly. I've always wondered why participants didn't use trigger_nextlevel in map Jams pointing to the next level. It falls on the admin of the jam to deal with I know... This a better alternative but long overdue. 
Is the start map name for linking i the trigger_changelevel? 
... Injecting Gameplay In Start Maps... 

well, that's the whole point ! Make the startmap gameplay such that it's never the same each time you replay the start map. Traps could reconfigure, puzzles could reset in new ways, and the monsters could be redistributed randomly.

The map geometry could even change (rotating plateforms and gears).

And more easily, the paths to each exit (i.e to other maps teleporter) isn't the same :

The first time you go to exit 1, you'll have to beat the zombies walking their dog. The next time you replay the startmap to go to map 2, you'll have to find another room, with a shambler waiting for your balls to snack. To find exit #3, you'll get to go down, trigger a button that launches a swarm of 600 scrags on your ass, etc.

Start maps are just in need of imagination ! 
The start map is simply start.bsp
The start map doesn't have any monsters. 
That would be a hell of triggers! Interesting idea, though I doubt it would be suitable in the context of a jam with a deadline. It would fit more within a story-driven episode. 
Wow Crazy! 
Scampie your horrible true colors are showing again, and they are all shades of GREEN.

Contract Revoked is a great example of a start map that sets the tone of the episode and gives the player something else to do than to simply find an exit. Chapters had an excellent start map, which cleverly showcased the possibilites of pre-release Quoth, looked amazing, and allowed for the mod to be a proper anthology episode with a start and an ending, different from all previous mapping competitions at the time.

This start map is a tribute to both of those, and to Kell's outstanding craftsmanship in general, given it's 15 years since Contract was released. You failing to recognise that reflects much more on you than it does on skacky's alleged dickwaving (nice projecting, btw).

menus fucking suck when you have to spend any amount of time navigating it trying to find the map you want to enter and it means people can accidentally miss maps.

But I remember you saying that Dapak was perfect in every single way? Which is it Sean?!?

Your complaining about generic copy pasted arches was very rich coming from you, given how your most popular release to date is a remake of E1M5 (wow, never seen that before), co-created with Lunaran (because you ran out of interest in the middle of making it - truly the mark of a passionate designer), and also featuring lots of arches (I'm sure they were all unique, and made from scratch, right?).

skacky's start map is a display of appreciation for Kell's work, drive and passion for mapping, and ability to map quickly, none of which are qualities that can be assigned to you.

Leave being a poisonous non-person to the jams I organise, Scampie.

PS We all know that if this was a sock map you would keep sucking his dick, like you're now immortalized for doing so
In Shorts 
Start map is
+relaxation zone
+memorable (appreciation towards the kell)

Impatient users can type map name into the console, if that is so big deal. 
Start Map 
should be its own full map, seems like a waste of a cool layout for a start map. 
It was never conceived as a regular map. 
I like the look of that start map, it doesn't seem confusing to find portals, just big. Which makes sense since there's a lot of entries. 
I never thought that people would be up in arms over a start map being too big. 
so much ado about , you know

skacky, don't listen to anybody and just release your map 
People Have A Habit 
of getting all up in arms about pretty much anything around here... 
If He Wants 
Skacky can fill it with monsters as a separate release later if he really wants to. As it is, on with mapping.

I came up with a concept last night. Name is "Foucalt Vaults" (the player is like a pendulum going back and forth across a chasm-like tower/hall). Bsp name jam9_qmaster.

I have some custom textures that build on the knave set. Skacky, I can upload them here if you want to use them for any features around the entrance in the start map? The metal bits I'm using as a sort of foundation/drainage underneath the classic knave brick portion. 
FoucaUlt Vaults 
Sounds Neat 
Like the concept Qmaster! 
Mapping Stream Incoming 
Along with some Funeral Doom. Starts in fifteen minutes. 
Sure, upload them. I'll see what I can do with them and they also may be useful to other people. 
@skacky my map will be called 'Delusions of Grandeur' and its file name - j9dbear.bsp That is assuming I can manage to finish it on time :)

Am I correct assuming that level exit should lead to start.bsp?

Some progress 
Yes, all map exits should lead to start.bsp. Your map filename should also be jam9_yourname.bsp for convenience's sake. Organizers can rename it later but it's better if the map already has the correct filename. 
This Looks Great, By The Way! 
By convention, jam map names follow this template: jamX_mappername, so in this case yours should be jam9_dbear. 
second time today someone posts what I'm typing while I'm typing it... 
ok, thanks. didn't knew there is a convention. jam9_dbear.bsp then :) 
just try and pay more attention next time. Good lad ;) 
I now have a name and also want to confirm file name for my entry into the jam.

Name: Knight Gaunts

Filename: jam9_dumptruck 
Gaunts Like Short For Gauntlets? 
Or other origin? 
Gaunts Like 
Gaunts man. Flying bat lightning critters of ill repute. From quoth. 
It's From Lovecraft 
If I Can Finish In Time 
My map will be called "The Tugging". jam9_haunter it shall be. 
There's actually an id connection and a Lovecraft connection in the title. :) 
Welcome Haunter! 
Glad to be here. 
Gotta Love Guys Who Say Tanks Instead Of Thanks! 
So how many entries is it now? 
i removed the fullbrights from the jam wad with the use of EricWs "Defullbright"

Heres the updated wad: 
@mukor great! thanks. I was wondering what are those full bright pixels in my dark corners :) 
Awesome Mukor! 
Tanks! :D 
For The Record 
... I'm looking forward for this start map. I love to wander around a Quake level. Skacky's cyan and yellow arabic map in Qonquer jam was one of the things that got me back to mapping. So, I'm very curious about this one. 
Sounds Like What We Need ... 
... is a good ol' fashioned Start Map Jam. 
^ I'm In 
Start maps leading to other start maps...Lost in Quake....actually that would be neat if there was some sort of overarching rune quest/hunt. 
Start maps leading to other start maps...
You mean like in AD?
some sort of overarching rune quest/hunt
You mean like in AD? 
Ha, Learn From The Best, Or Map Trying 
Is it bad that I only have a modicum of brushes with only 16 days left, only 4-5 of which are "mappable" days?

I only have one finished "room" if you can call an arch surrounded space with a ceiling a room...and mostly ceilings elsewhere.

Sigh...I tend to map in full detail as I go so I end up with neat bits and a cool room or two but struggle to achieve a cohesive whole. 
Work Continues On The Level 
In about thirty minutes.

Quake mapping. Black Metal. 
some more progress on my map 
very cool atmosphere - keep it up! 
Colored Lights And Blue Fog? 
Definitely a nice combination. 
@dumptruck_ds thanks!
@Haunter there is actually couple more blue -ish fill lights to create stronger contrast, but yeah fog helps a lot 
Nice. Keep going. looking forward to seeing this in action, especially where the heck that stairway leads to in the second shot. :) 
I am going through a lot of effort (which is why my screens so far are all of similar angles of the map) not to give away my plans for this level. Reverse your logic and you might raise more questions, but be on the right track. 
Going To Be Starting A Stream In 30 Minutes 
Quake mapping and Black Metal. 
Im aiming to get the basic layout done by friday and after that its just polishing and bug fixes. 
Those look f'ing great. 
thanks dumptruck_ds! they dont look too dark? 
I like the mood. You may want to up some contrast in the outdoor area so the "sunlight" is a little brighter. 
Keep It Up Nait 
Nice progress, that first shot really gives an open/exploratory feel to the map.

A cozy little knave map with a bundle of secrets to find. 
Looking Good Mukor 
A final shape is emerging from the wreckage... 
Always trust ionous to make something crazy and 45-degree-angular. 
Looking Good Everyone! 
Not participating myself but I look forward to the jam.

Also my friend who I send quotations to on facebook appreciates the drama in this thread. ;) 
Almost Stream Time 
Quake mapping. Finnish Black Metal. 
Dang It 
Only 2 days left for mapping. Crap. Now what? I haven't even put a single monster or item in yet and still have 60% of geometry to do.

But it looks cool! Dang it. 
You have until July 15th. 


If my 24hrjam map contested anything its my ability to work under pressure. 
Hang In There 
Ugg mine's pretty beastly at the moment. Hey we all have a lot of work to do.

@Qmaster. Just cut your level down to 40% and make that playable. Might turn out better than you think.

@mukor - you can do it! 
Looks great, Pulse! 
Looking Forward To This. 
Everyone's screens so far are looking real good. These jams have produced some of my favourite maps. It must be hard to make something under a tight schedule, but all of the maps are impressive regardless. 
Love the elongated architecture. Lighting looks pretty damn cool with that Sky box. 
They would love to have maps like this, but instead they get procgen crap. 
Everything Is Looking Awesome! 
Can't wait to check these out on The Quake Grave, going to be another great map jam! 
Your channel's a weekly habit of mine GG!. :) 
re: deadline

I think a lot of us will be working hard to complete our entries by the deadline but since this community is global (I am in California) could you give us a bit more info on when you'd like the files? I recall with retrojam 6 I rushed to get something done but my deadline was hours before a lot of the other entrants. IIRC there was an extension which really fucked me. If we have a solid time to target I'd appreciate it. 
Thanks buddy! Glad I can keep your Quake habit going. =) 
Deadline Extension 
Due to many mappers' requests, the deadline is extended to July 22th 7 pm GMT.

I hope that will help everyone to polish their maps and test them well.

Moderators, please update the OP. 
Thanks. Nice to have the extra week and a specific time. Might have to add some coop or something special with the extra time. 
You could maybe sock-detail it. Add in some ceiling beams, background details such as little areas out some windows, etc.

I, for one, will now probably be able to finish this so yay, thanks Pulsar! 
You could maybe sock-detail it. Add in some ceiling beams, background details such as little areas out some windows, etc.

At my level there's no sock anything in my maps. :) But yes my floors will now look proper and I'm a big fan of "out of reach" / secret detail areas. 
A Few Screenshots 
refactoring a lot of the map right now, but this might give you an idea about how my map is progressing...

Eh, its OK 
Love It 
Love the shot with the lava and skull :) I think the lighting needs some love, especially in the larger outdoor areas. It's very patchy and the ground is dark, therefore any enemies in that area will be dark too. Get some fill lights in there and make all the little lights around the place have a higher intensity but less range. 
Great Stuff! 
New Stream Starts In An Hour 
Quake mapping. Black Metal. 
The Wheels Grind Onward 
Starts in 90 minutes. Think I'm going to go through 'The Slow Death' discography. 
Is there a fixed WAD yet? 
I Linked To One In Post #169 
"i removed the fullbrights from the jam wad with the use of EricWs "Defullbright"

Heres the updated wad:
That Defullbright Program 
is a great idea that will come in handy! Thanks EricW (and mukor for sharing it). Does it work only with wads or with bsps too? There are some released maps, like [kona]'s or Serge Jaeken's The Contract, that I'd like to fix without having to de/recompile. 
It only does WAD files. bsputil can extract textures from a bsp to a wad. Adding a feature to qbsp or bsputil to update a bsp's textures from a wad is on my todo list.. not sure if any tools can do it at the moment. 
Adding a feature to qbsp or bsputil to update a bsp's textures from a wad is on my todo list

not sure if any tools can do it at the moment
None that I'm aware of. 
You removed unintended fullbrights though (cruxluminis3 and others) and this f'd up the fence textures. It's been a headache. :( 
Not yet, been busy/lazy. I think considering how many Knave textures have fullbrights intentionally I think it's better to have a list of which textures have them by accident and then just excise them. 
i didnt even consider that, dumptruck. apologies for my lack of foresight..

use texmex to replace the original wad with the desired non fullbright textures in the DEFULLBRIGHT wad. 
Hey you were trying to help!

use texmex to replace the original wad with the desired non fullbright textures in the DEFULLBRIGHT wad.

I think it's better to have a list of which textures have them by accident and then just excise them.

Yep that's what I was doing, slowly but surely as I found them. But it was pretty late last night so I got everything mixed up. (that's when I posted ;P) I may have time this week to do a revised version or a smaller version with just the fences/lights at least. In TB you can have WADs obey a hierarchy (or whatever the term is) so if you have a fixed wad above the de-fullbright one you are set but I am not sure if JACK or NetRad or QuarK do the same. 
if you run defullbright.exe with the "-preview" flag, it will generate one .tga image per texture with simulated dim lighting, so you can quickly spot the ones that have intentional fullbright pixels. Just need an image viewer that can load a bunch of tga's at once. 
OMG. I am speechless. I have a to-do list I want to get through tonight but I will give this a whack in the next day or so we can fix this wad up for anyone who may be having issues. 
I just tried it on the wad and the results of the -preview thing are a bit hard to see at the moment.. I'm going to tweak it a bit and take a stab at making a fixed wad 
Thank you. 
Thanks so much for doing this. OMG what a time saver. 
Ericw Saves The Day Again!

Some detailing left in a couple rooms, minor monster/item placement, and the final encounter triggers are all that remain. 
looooking goooood

this is gonna be a great jam 
are there no candles in Quoth?? 
You can place custom models in Quoth. Therefore candle prop + light above it will work. 
Can I submit custom models for the jam? I was under the impression that we were restricted to just what Quoth had. We don't always want to have every jam be its own mod...or do we? 
You Can 
so how many hours do we have left? and since this is my first jam/map ever, where do I send the files and what's the general protocol for submissions? 
To funcjam9 AT gmail DOT com

Check the readme link above to make sure I didn't have a typo. 
Deadline Per PuLSar 
Due to many mappers' requests, the deadline is extended to July 22th 7 pm GMT. 
oh yeah readme! totally forgot about it. thanks! 
slightly less than 48 hours than :) 
Sorry for double post hit submit before finishing my thought.

Usually you would include:

readme.txt (you can use this old one of mine for a template and edit where needed)

If you have any other custom files (sounds, music) make sure and include them with instructions for where they should go.) 
I'm Out 
I had tomorrow off until problems came up...gotta work. Engineer's life I guess, work work work even on vacation. No time to finish now. Oh well have fun guys looking great. 
Deadline Extension 
We're almost there, but most of people still require some time for polishing and final gameplay tweaks.

So the new deadline is July 26th 9 pm GMT
So the new deadline is July 26th 9 pm GMT.

I had a comp day coming so I took the day off to finish my map. More time is always good though! 
The Thing I Hate About Extensions 
Is that I always plan around what I thinkg I can do based on the initially announced date, and then I decide if I can or cannot work with that. Then there's a surprise 10 extra days and it's a totally different story =/ 
There is always an extension, so you basically add 2 weeks to initial deadline when planning stuff :D 
So, 4 More Days Then! 
Cool, it'll allow me to make more stuff. I've only made one music track so far - spent way more time than expected rummaging through my samples bank... 
Details ! Details ! 
Come on guys, add more details. This is what make quake1 maps interesting ! Make the player wondering about possible hidden secrets,...

Broken pipes and cogs, holes and traps, dangerous pegs, piles of scrap, bricks and random stones, wooden planks, crates and boxes, broken machinery, baroque pilars and altars, dead or agonizing bodies on the walls, wooden or iron gallows, random skulls and candles on the floor, random books and librairies, jars, thick fog, ...

Details can make a huge difference between a dull looking map and an awesome one.

Don't make your map looking like a retro/classic/id/boring map ! 
Or Concentrate On Finishing The Maps And Make Sure They Play Well 
I promise I won't procrastinate over the next few days before the new deadline. 
Or Concentrate On Finishing The Maps And Make Sure They Play Well
Yeah, I would say this should be the main focus in the context of a time-limited jam. Details should come last. 
Devil In The Details? 
Details can make a huge difference between a dull looking map and an awesome one.

But if plays like shit then might as flush it down the toilet. 
Further work upon my Map Jam 9 entry, as well as Black Metal.

Starts in twenty minutes. 
Don't Add More New Areas 
just polish, playtest and add more details 
WIP Map Jam 9999 Jam9_dumptruck 
more WIP screens

once more gameplay area to go and then testing... testing... testing. 
Looks awesome! 
Alright, So Here's My First Completed Music For Quake: 
Sign of Koth

TBH, I'm not sure if it fits this jam: I feel like it would suit a base environment better. That said, listen to it, try it in your maps and if you like it feel free to use it and rename it after the Quake convention - you may wanna talk among yourselves to make sure not everyone uses the same track.

Speaking of, is anyone actually making a map which has the classic infinite library look? I was thinking about making a library ambience for such a map but if nobody's going in that direction, I won't bother and do something else instead - I have other ideas to explore. 
That's A Really Nice Track! 
Heavy and evil, definitely a Quake vibe to it. I don't think it necessarily fits a Base theme more.
That said I think the sounds that start at around 1m11 get a bit annoying after a few repeats. I think they'd sound better if they were a bit more down in the mix. 
Also I Do Have A Super Tall Library In My Map 
With the bottom shrouded in darkness. The map is city of domes and spires with a huge vertical library beneath and then with a dungeon-ish area under that. 
Good Shit Mugwump 
Thanks Guys! 
Ooh, a compliment from OTP! :) Didn't expect that.

@skacky I'll see what I can do. I found some samples on that I could put to such use. However, if your map doesn’t start in a library setting, it might sound odd to have this ambience from the get-go.
As for the sound that annoyed you, I considered lowering it but decided not to: I happen to like weird sound balancings, such as prominent whispers or background yells. 
The map doesn't start in the library. The layout serpents around it quite a bit before you can reach it. The map then goes to a city plaza with a central keep structure after the library for a final showdown. 
Love this. Probably wouldn't fit my map though but I could easily see this in some massive subterranean complex. 
Very nicely done! That could be for one dark and moody Quake map! 
Funnily Enough I Think That Track Would Suit Your Map Perfectly 
Thx Haunter & Bloughsburgh! 
So, if someone actually decides to use my track, please include the following info in your readme:

Filename: trackXX.ogg
Title: Sign of Koth
Time: 4'05"

Composed by Guillaume "Mugwump" Perez a.k.a. The ?uestion Mark.
Mastered by David "dumptruck_ds" Spell.
Released on 07-22-2017 under Creative Commons license CC BY 4.0.

You like The ?uestion Mark's music? Explore more!

Feel free to reformat this text according to the style of your readme template as long as you keep all info in (don't forget to rename the file as trackXX.ogg and replace the XX in the text with the number that you've chosen to use) 
Good Track 
Custom Music FYI 
I have an ambient music track in my jam entry. I am using track128 as my filename. I highly doubt anyone would use the same track number but I thought I'd mention it. Stranger things have happened. If you are using track128 please post here so I can change the name.

I love Mugwump's track but I had already remixed a track of mine from 1999 for this. It's been waiting for a map for a long time. :) 
A Bunch Of Pics From Mine 
Those a crazy. I'm getting vertigo. Can't wait to play it. 
2x Post 
Wait. @Skacky did you do a start map AND a playable map? If so, Jezzzuss. 
All Anticipation And No Mapjam... 
Makes Jack a dull boy.

Really looking forward to these maps. Might not be able to play through them all for a while because of my work schedule. Looking great everyone. 
Looking good. These tall volumes would be nicely complemented by some fog and more contrasted lighting. 
Map Submitted Via Email 
I can't wait to see everyone's work! 
How Many Hours Left? 
Oh, 9PM GMT... 
...which makes it another 4 hours if my math is correct. I doubt I'll be able to submit more stuff but I'll try anyway - dumptruck, U up 4 some express mastering if need be? 
So I Haven't Played Any Of Kells Maps. 
So this is inspired by his mappack/episode contract revoked, what other works of Kell should I play? 
All Of Them 
Do I Need A List, Or Do I Search Kell On Quaddicted? 
Honestly, there aren't that many, and you can find all of them with a Quaddicted search:

One you might miss, though, is Remix of the Damned (e1m2quoth), which is part of the Quoth download and not listed as a separate map (and it's a pretty nice map).

Quoth also contains a version of czg and Vondur's remake of e1m1 that has been quoth-ified, as well a bunch of test maps, some of which are effectively full maps but aren't necessarily mindblowing nor have the best balancing, as I recall (been a while since I played them). Not sure which of those were made by Kell. 
Oh, right, here's a list of the quoth testmaps (not sure I can link to them directly, but just scroll down and click on "maps"):

The titles suggest that at least six of those were in fact made by Kell. 
So I'll Need Quoth To Play These Maps ? 
I mean, none were made for the AD mod ?

I don't mind much since I I have Quoth too.

Will it be a good idea to put all these maps into the Quoth/maps subfolder ? 
They will come in a jam9 folder to be played under -quoth -game jam9. 
Why Not Into The Quoth/maps Subfolder, Where They Belong ? 
Because people are too lazy to care about anything but Quakespasm these days. 
dumptruck, U up 4 some express mastering if need be? Yep. I am at work but hit me up if you need anything, I could sneak in a few and have the software here. The deadline is in 3 hours though. 
Actually No. 
It's because it will include some sound and skin replacements from contract that will override the ones in Quoth. 
I have a new song and 6 or so new sound files (and post #300 -- woot?) 
Sounds Reasonable To Me 
-quoth is a fitzquake 0.85 feature, not QS only. You can achieve the same effect in engines with multi-gamedir support (DP or probably FTE) with the right sequence of -game commands. (iirc -quoth is "add the quoth gamedir and enable the hipnotic hud"?)

Worst case, if the engine doesn't support any of those, you can duplicate a Quoth install and patch it with the map jam files. 
What Is Hypnotic ? 
Wondering about this "feature". What the hypnotic command actually do ? 
I've been making that library ambience for skacky's map but it won't be ready for the deadline - it needs some more hours' work. PuLSaR, can you wait for it or should I release it later as DLC? 
We Still Need Some Time 
to arrange the pack and minor fixes, so you still have some time 
OK Then, 
I'll try my best to put it out before it's too late. 
-hip Hip Hooray 
Wondering about this "feature". What the hypnotic command actually do ?

Minor but important correction, you have to spell the command "hipnotic" for it to work. It puts the engine in "Mission Pack 1" mode, which has a slightly different hud layout. In particular, it means that the plasma gun and the Quoth powerups have icons.

On another note, I was thinking about providing an pak file version of this on the Quoth site, for use with the "launcher" included in 2.2. This provides an alternative, engine neutral way of sorting out the problems with command lines and multiple directories. Is that OK? 
I think this is a great idea. Ironically, I have not used the launcher for Quoth. 
I imagine not many people on this board would, everyone here is pretty familiar with Quake and isn't scared of command lines. The launcher is really there for the casual player who doesn't know Quake from any of the other games they play. 
Still Fixing And Testing My Entry 
I'll have this done by the end of the day, I promise. 
Gypsy, what's your status? You haven't given any news in a while. 
Final Screenshots For Jam9_dumptruck

This will be my second Q1SP so don't expect a classic but I am happy with much of the experience players will have. It started as an homage to Doom2 Map03 "The Gantlet" but quickly got out of hand and changed a bit. So only the one central area from that map survives.

"Knight Gaunts" is a play on 3 things: the original Doom 2 map, H.P. Lovecraft's nightmares as a child (he called them "night gaunts." And finally, the Knights and Gaunts featured in Quoth.

Other mappers should share their map name background here. (Except Muk - his is disgusting) 
Wow dumptruck, that's really impressive stuff! I can't wait to play. What is that skybox?

I can always appreciate some thought behind a map title. Your title is fantastic and works in so many ways!

My jam 9 map is called "Cloudy with a Chance of Gibs" Because it's a funny title but also describes the actual map rather well. 
Cloudy With A Chance Of Gibs 
Awesome title. I love meat showers in Quake!

The skybox is randomly generated from this Space3d website. I needed help from Preach and Spike to get it working correctly in QS as the coords are non-standard. I know it's too late now but I could write up on how to convert these to the proper format if you are interested.

Anyone is welcome to use the skybox in a future level - an algorithm made it for me afterall. :) I found some nice fog in one of the Arcane Dimensions test maps (Map7?) and it works well with the skybox. 
Submitted My Map

I never thought I'd get this done on time. It's been a hell of a ride. I hope you lot enjoy playing all the maps in this jam! 
wow - it's stunning. 
Breezeep's map is a truly excellent one.
Looking good dumptruck! Really reminds me of Doom (in the best way possible).

My map is named Chasing Promises; named after the eponymous Breathless album but it's also a nice fit for the Contract Revoked theme.
The start map is named The Stars Turn And A Time Presents Itself which is a direct lift from a popular show these days but also fits Contract Revoked like a glove.

@Mugwump: I guess the jam will be released in the next few days or so; people are still tweaking their maps at the moment. 
It Hath Been Submitted... 
Just Finished My Library Ambience! 
Sent it to Dumptruck for mastering, waiting for him to send me back the result. 
My map is called The Tugging after a novel from Ramsay Campbell. I've always liked this title, and it's kinda fitting because there are huge gallows with corpses hanging off towards the end.
They are inspired from an actual place, the Gibet de Montfaucon, which used to be the biggest set of gallows in France in the late middle ages. 
More Like Todger Tugging Hurrr Hurrr 
Heh. Never heard the word "todger" before. 
Awesome. I've never read Ramsey Campbell but I know of him.

Glad I asked for the stories behind the names. Great stuff guys. 
I emailed you back. 
Re-sent, should be fine now. 
Got it. Is this going to be looped for a sound entity or used as a music track? I can loop it if you'd like or just leave it for you to do. 
That's A Question For Skacky 
That is, if he decides to use the track... 
I'd like to hear it first. :P 
Jam Poster ? 
Will there be a nice poster of all the maps in that jam ? Would be cool ! 
Library Ambient 
dumptruck gave me a listen. I thought it was going to be an ambient track like the one you did before; this is more suited for an ambient_genericpurpose/play_sound. It's good stuff though, but I don't think I'm going to use it for this map.

Something that would work is if you took snippets of that track without the background hum so they can be used as one-shot sounds, much like how the wood creaking works in AD. 
Post It! 
I'm too impatient to hear that. 
The Infinite Library 
I was just about to post the download link. It comes in two versions: normal and volume reduced by 6db (I thought the normal one was a bit too loud ingame). It's OK if you don't use it, I'll find a use for it anyway. Told you it would be more suited to a full library map! ;) The idea behind it was that the writing sounds you hear are actually invisible ghosts of ancient copyist monks who follow you everywhere through the map, hence their constant volume. The hum/rumble (humble?) was for extra eeriness.

I could upload the multitrack if you want to make point ambient sounds out of it, let me know (it won't be mastered, though). Or you could DIY - the samples I used are listed in the readme below, though I modified them.

If you, or anyone else for that matter, decide to use it anyway, please add this to your readme:

Filename: trackXX.ogg
Title: The Infinite Library
Time: 4'26"

Composed by Guillaume "Mugwump" Perez a.k.a. The ?uestion Mark.
Mastered by David "dumptruck_ds" Spell.
Released on 07-27-2017 under Creative Commons license CC-BY 4.0.

Samples used from
book-close-03 by koops
flipping-through-pages by vladnegrila
psani-brkem by 6polnic
readingroom by bulldozia
room-tone-large-room-library by lwdickens
turning-book-pages by et-graham
writing-with-pen by jasonelrod
writing-with-pencil by jasonelrod

You like The ?uestion Mark's music? Explore more!

As before, replace the XX with the track number of your choice and rename the file accordingly.

PS: Sign of Koth wasn't exactly ambient. This one is. 
Yeah when I say ambient track I meant background music. If you have something lingering around that's similar to and a bit slower than Sign of Koth I'm game. I really really like Sign of Koth but it's not really suited for the map (might be a bit repetitive given how big the map is). 
If you have something lingering around
Sadly, no. I have bits and pieces of unfinished tracks but nothing completed, or even close to completion yet. If there's something on my Bandcamp that suits your needs, I could ask Dumptruck to give it a quick mastering polish. There's a 5-ish-minute drone section in To Infinity & Back that I believe wouldn't sound bad in Quake. 
By The Way, 
is anyone actually using (or planning to use) my first submitted track? 
Infinite Library 
Sounds like it might be an interesting ambience for a small area, maybe the start map or something that isn't actiony. I wouldn't personally use it for a full map. 
if the start map is libraryish enough, it'd be fine by me. Who's making it again? 
That Track 
may work well as an ambient for my final area 
Oh Yeah, It's Skacky... 
Just crept back up the comments and looked at the start map screenies. Looks like it could fit. Skacky, what do you think? 
Heh, PuLSaR published his comment while I was typing mine... Honesty, I don't mind which map uses it in the end, but I did like Fifth's idea for the start map. 
+1 For The Start Map 
Yeah It Can Be Used For The Start Map 
Maybe not as a background music, but more for a play_sound that plays in a few areas.
I'm going to use Sign of Koth for something by the way. 
If Infinite Library is going to be used as a play_sound, I'm gonna ask dumptruck to make the looped version he offered me to. And both you guys could use it, how neat is that? Do you need a version without the rumble? Actually, there's 2 constant sounds: the rumble and the background library ambience. I can remove both if need be, though the writing & page flips might sound a little "naked" without the library ambience. 
Make Two Versions 
One with the rumble and one with the library ambience.

You can then place them in suitable areas (for instance putting the library one near bookshelves). 
Send Them My Way 
I can make them loop. It will take a bit longer than simple mastering FYI. 
As stressful as the process was for a lot of people, i still think this has been the most succesful jam since ive been on the forum. Good stuff everybody. 
Making the files right now. You still have the original master or do I have to send it back to you? 
I Have It. 
But please give me a list of everything you are expecting back. 
I'm gonna send you 3 files in a moment: the track without the rumble, without the library ambience and without both rumble & ambience. These 3 will need to be mastered with the exact same settings as the original (for consistency), then you can loop the 4 files so that Fifth, skacky or anyone else can use them as they see fit. Is that OK for you? 
Yes. Can do! The issue sometimes is looping. Sometimes tricky to get without clicks but IIRC you have a fade up and out so should be okay. 
Started Uploading... This May Take A While... 
Mail sent. 
Files sent back. 
OK, One Last Check Before Final Release 
Do play_sounds need to be in .wav format or can I upload .ogg instead? 
Needs To Be A Mono WAV 
I recommend 16-bit 11025Hz. You can do 22050Hz or 44100Hz but "vanilla" engines will downsample to 11025Hz anyway.

Off hand I'm not sure how to set up the looping 
Thanks Eric 
If vanilla engines downsample, then I think 44kHz would be better for the engines that do support it. I tried downsampling to 11kHz and the result sounds quite muddy.

Dumptruck has already prepared the wavs for looping. 
That Should Be Fine 
iirc even winquake will load a 16/44 WAV, it'll just downsample it. 
Downsampling does not add any noticeable noise (hiss) but mastering in 11k makes the file sound terrible across the board. IMO there's no point in adding sound if you need to deliver at 11k it's THAT bad. I had one of the Quoth sounds in my map and took it out it was so hissy.

Okay looping:

There are embedded flags set in the waves called cues (aka markers.) Only a few sound programs can add them to .wavs as it's kind of specialized.

Goldwave, Adobe Audition and presumably ProTools can add cues to .wavs 
Dos Quake -sspeed 44100 
The markers give you the ability to have a ramp up effect then loop afterward between two markers. Useful for engines, generators, etc. 
Looping Markers 
Audacity can add them as well. and it's free 
I was looking at the wiki and couldn't see where to add cues. I nearly added it to my post but wanted to be sure. 
Final Minutes Of Uploading 
Yeah, I have a slow connection... :(

@dumptruck I saw you added the cues to the very beginning and end of the files, which means the sounds won't loop seamlessly since they fade in & out. No big deal and I'm not too eager to spend much more time on this, I just thought you would make proper loops.

Heh, I've always wondered what these markers were for in my Cool Edit Pro, now I know! 
Here It Is At Last! 
Click me

- The Infinite Library.ogg.rar is the original stereo track in .ogg (duh!) format for those who want to play it as is ingame or just listen to it. The file is fully tagged and even includes a cover artwork.

- Library1.rar is the same track converted to mono .wav for use as play_sound.

- Library2.rar is the same track with the background library ambient noises removed, converted to mono .wav for use as play_sound.

- Library3.rar is the same track with the low rumble removed, converted to mono .wav for use as play_sound.

- Library4.rar is the same track with both the low rumble and the background library ambient noises removed, converted to mono .wav for use as play_sound.

If you use any of these sounds for the jam or any other project, please copy/paste their related text file where the sound is located in the jam folder. No need to include any credit in your map's readme anymore!

- In the Multitracks folder, you'll find the, well, multitracks (how surprising...) in unmastered CD quality .wav, for those who want to put some elbow grease to it and tweak this piece further themselves. If you prefer to work in 96kHz 32-bit quality (like I do), I can upload this version as well, just ask.

I included the multitracks because I felt that the mono conversion was somewhat detrimental to the sound of my work. In the stereo version, the 3 copyist monks are well separated in the mix and can be heard distinctly. In the mono version, not so much, so here they are in all their solitary scriptural glory for you to do whatever you want with them under the terms of the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. Enjoy!

I had to change the license from CC-BY to CC-BY-SA because some of the source samples were released under the latter. If you use the multitracks for anything, please keep the terms of the license in mind and give proper credit accordingly.

Thanks again to dumptruck_ds for mastering duties and to skacky, PuLSaR & the other entrants for the wait. 
I just thought you would make proper loops.

Sorry for the mis-communication. I mentioned the fade ups and thought this was the way you wanted them. 
My Bad, Really... 
I misread your post #349. I didn't realize you were talking about my track and thought you mentioned features of your DAW.

@EVERYONE Are you satisfied with these or should I reup the files with proper looping? Now that I know how it's done, I can do it myself but it'll cause some more delay. Your call.

So if I understood correctly, a .wav with proper markers will play ingame from the beginning to the second marker, then will loop from first to second marker, right? 
Spread The Word! 
Share this around please. 
Dat Spoiler At 2:14 
Nice Video Spunktruck. 
Really well done, good promotion and information. 
Damn Dumptruck! 
You have one silky smooth voice man! 
Great vid ! It's true your excitation is infectious ! 
Wow! 15 Maps? 
Almost on par with the egyptian jam. 17 maps for 2017, now 15 maps for Contract Revoked's 15th anniversary... Do you guys do it on purpose or are these just happy coincidences? 
Re: Video 
@fifth heh I have asthma and the air quality where I live right now is terrible (wildfires) so I actually sound weird.

@barnak - that was intentional and a few beers :) I am in marketing in RL.

@Shambler thanks - was done very quickly so I feel it's crappy. 
Share this around please.
You should add it to your OP on QuakeOne. 
Nah Man. 
It's clear, you speak well, it's enthusiastic and informative, and you balance out hype with useful info. All good. The only thing I'd have liked is showing a bit more of modern maps, and explaining what a jam is (unless you did and I forgot already). Minor details! 
Quality Video, Dumptruck! 
It's refreshing to see promotional material for this type of game that's actually informative and not obnoxious. What mic were you using for this video? 
Thanks Again 
@shambler... yeah noted - I was in a big hurry and it was late. I wished I could have covered more ground. But next time more info.

@killpixel - funny you should ask. It's a $30 wired headset for a phone! I can dig up the model for you. Again I was in a hurry and didn't realize I was over-driving it a lot. I filtered my voice with a compressor before editing the piece. If I had taken more time it would have sounded literally 100x better.

@mugwump - you are right thanks for the reminder. I am back from my dad's 80th birthday so will post there. 
Since I provided proper credits text files for my Infinite Library tracks, it wouldn't make sense to have Sign of Koth's credits included in your map's .txt... Unfortunately I have a problem with my computer right now and am unable to upload anything, so would you mind making this text file yourself from the text I've posted in #276?

You'll only have to replace this part:
Released on 07-22-2017 under Creative Commons license CC BY 4.0.

with this:
Released on 07-22-2017 under Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA 4.0. 
Go figure! A little compression really does go a long way. I could've sworn you were using a condenser mic... 
Dumptruck Has That Podcaster Voice. 
Quake Podcast Confirmed. 
the beauty of Adobe Audition 
So I Replayed Contract Revoked Last Night 
with my tracks to get in the mood for jam 9, and I was quite pleased to hear that they fit pretty nicely. I used Infinite Library for the main maps (track03) and Sign of Koth for the secret level (track06). Speaking of the secret level, did Kell just rip off Romero's Lost Entrance or did he get his blessing? 
Romero Practically Released The Thing Into Public Domain 
* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.
Oh, OK, Cool. 
Has anyone else ever done other maps based on it? 
Thrash metal rhythm guitarist? Wow! Tell us about that stage of your progression mugwump. You lose a hand or something? 
Until The News Post Is Sorted Out... 
Yes, It Is 
Congrats to everyone! 
I Don't Have Access To Twitter 
download link, p-p-pretty please ? 
@Pulsar @onetrupurple @Giftmacher 
Thanks for putting this together gentlemen!!! Almost quitting time at work then PLAY time. 
Dumptruck_ds, Link Not Working ! 
It gives a white page. 
Works All Fine Here. 
Dl=0 To Dl=1 
Had to change the url parameter... Now downloading 
Gonna Stream My Playtrough In A Few Minutes... 
Where's The Poster !? 
No poster !? God'dammit, I want my money back !

Not playing this until there's a decent high res poster for that crap !

W*T*F No Poster !? Geez ! 
My internet computer isn't working!!! Can't download... :( 
Poster LOL 
Tx Pulsar. I was joking but nice poster ! ;-) 
Screeniez Look Ace, Anyway 
Congrats Everyone 
I swear I'll record a playthrough of Skacky's map on skill 2 without dying. Tonight...
I would play at lunch break, but my work computer at work has terrible color balance when playing Quake, everything looks dull as fuck. 
Skill 3? 
Anyone having issues running it on fitzquake mark v? 
The map "jam9_naitelveni" in Quakespasm Version 0.92 does not allow the player to exit the level. 
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