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Map Jam 9999 - Contract Revoked / Quoth / Knave
Ok, it's time to start Map Jam 9.

Today is 15th anniversary of a great Contract Revoked episode. We all played it, we all love it so Contact Revoked map jam starts today.

Therefore you should use incredible Knave texture set and Quoth mod by Kell for your maps. Details in readme below.

Dark Lowecraftian atmosphere, epic castles, creepy dungeons, fleshy caves, it's all up to you. As long as it's covered with Knave textures.
For inspiration you can play Contract Revoked, Quoth, Lost chapters and many other maps tagged as quoth and knave on quaddicted.

Deadline is July 15th, so you have 4 weeks to make your maps.

Textures and Prefabs


Now go map!
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That Should Be Fine 
iirc even winquake will load a 16/44 WAV, it'll just downsample it. 
Downsampling does not add any noticeable noise (hiss) but mastering in 11k makes the file sound terrible across the board. IMO there's no point in adding sound if you need to deliver at 11k it's THAT bad. I had one of the Quoth sounds in my map and took it out it was so hissy.

Okay looping:

There are embedded flags set in the waves called cues (aka markers.) Only a few sound programs can add them to .wavs as it's kind of specialized.

Goldwave, Adobe Audition and presumably ProTools can add cues to .wavs 
Dos Quake -sspeed 44100 
The markers give you the ability to have a ramp up effect then loop afterward between two markers. Useful for engines, generators, etc. 
Looping Markers 
Audacity can add them as well. and it's free 
I was looking at the wiki and couldn't see where to add cues. I nearly added it to my post but wanted to be sure. 
Final Minutes Of Uploading 
Yeah, I have a slow connection... :(

@dumptruck I saw you added the cues to the very beginning and end of the files, which means the sounds won't loop seamlessly since they fade in & out. No big deal and I'm not too eager to spend much more time on this, I just thought you would make proper loops.

Heh, I've always wondered what these markers were for in my Cool Edit Pro, now I know! 
Here It Is At Last! 
Click me

- The Infinite Library.ogg.rar is the original stereo track in .ogg (duh!) format for those who want to play it as is ingame or just listen to it. The file is fully tagged and even includes a cover artwork.

- Library1.rar is the same track converted to mono .wav for use as play_sound.

- Library2.rar is the same track with the background library ambient noises removed, converted to mono .wav for use as play_sound.

- Library3.rar is the same track with the low rumble removed, converted to mono .wav for use as play_sound.

- Library4.rar is the same track with both the low rumble and the background library ambient noises removed, converted to mono .wav for use as play_sound.

If you use any of these sounds for the jam or any other project, please copy/paste their related text file where the sound is located in the jam folder. No need to include any credit in your map's readme anymore!

- In the Multitracks folder, you'll find the, well, multitracks (how surprising...) in unmastered CD quality .wav, for those who want to put some elbow grease to it and tweak this piece further themselves. If you prefer to work in 96kHz 32-bit quality (like I do), I can upload this version as well, just ask.

I included the multitracks because I felt that the mono conversion was somewhat detrimental to the sound of my work. In the stereo version, the 3 copyist monks are well separated in the mix and can be heard distinctly. In the mono version, not so much, so here they are in all their solitary scriptural glory for you to do whatever you want with them under the terms of the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. Enjoy!

I had to change the license from CC-BY to CC-BY-SA because some of the source samples were released under the latter. If you use the multitracks for anything, please keep the terms of the license in mind and give proper credit accordingly.

Thanks again to dumptruck_ds for mastering duties and to skacky, PuLSaR & the other entrants for the wait. 
I just thought you would make proper loops.

Sorry for the mis-communication. I mentioned the fade ups and thought this was the way you wanted them. 
My Bad, Really... 
I misread your post #349. I didn't realize you were talking about my track and thought you mentioned features of your DAW.

@EVERYONE Are you satisfied with these or should I reup the files with proper looping? Now that I know how it's done, I can do it myself but it'll cause some more delay. Your call.

So if I understood correctly, a .wav with proper markers will play ingame from the beginning to the second marker, then will loop from first to second marker, right? 
Spread The Word! 
Share this around please. 
Dat Spoiler At 2:14 
Nice Video Spunktruck. 
Really well done, good promotion and information. 
Damn Dumptruck! 
You have one silky smooth voice man! 
Great vid ! It's true your excitation is infectious ! 
Wow! 15 Maps? 
Almost on par with the egyptian jam. 17 maps for 2017, now 15 maps for Contract Revoked's 15th anniversary... Do you guys do it on purpose or are these just happy coincidences? 
Re: Video 
@fifth heh I have asthma and the air quality where I live right now is terrible (wildfires) so I actually sound weird.

@barnak - that was intentional and a few beers :) I am in marketing in RL.

@Shambler thanks - was done very quickly so I feel it's crappy. 
Share this around please.
You should add it to your OP on QuakeOne. 
Nah Man. 
It's clear, you speak well, it's enthusiastic and informative, and you balance out hype with useful info. All good. The only thing I'd have liked is showing a bit more of modern maps, and explaining what a jam is (unless you did and I forgot already). Minor details! 
Quality Video, Dumptruck! 
It's refreshing to see promotional material for this type of game that's actually informative and not obnoxious. What mic were you using for this video? 
Thanks Again 
@shambler... yeah noted - I was in a big hurry and it was late. I wished I could have covered more ground. But next time more info.

@killpixel - funny you should ask. It's a $30 wired headset for a phone! I can dig up the model for you. Again I was in a hurry and didn't realize I was over-driving it a lot. I filtered my voice with a compressor before editing the piece. If I had taken more time it would have sounded literally 100x better.

@mugwump - you are right thanks for the reminder. I am back from my dad's 80th birthday so will post there. 
Since I provided proper credits text files for my Infinite Library tracks, it wouldn't make sense to have Sign of Koth's credits included in your map's .txt... Unfortunately I have a problem with my computer right now and am unable to upload anything, so would you mind making this text file yourself from the text I've posted in #276?

You'll only have to replace this part:
Released on 07-22-2017 under Creative Commons license CC BY 4.0.

with this:
Released on 07-22-2017 under Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA 4.0. 
Go figure! A little compression really does go a long way. I could've sworn you were using a condenser mic... 
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