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New Q1SP (AD) Forgotten Sepulcher

The next big release for Arcane Dimensions is finally here! This a technical masterpiece and a monster of a map with roughly 60k brushes. All beautifully realized by Simon, and made possible through the engine updates by Eric. Please take note that you need AD 1.5 and the new engine provided in this thread to play the map. I would also recommend reading the ad_sepulcher readme for further information.

** this map requires a new engine and AD 1.5 **

New Quakespasm / Quakespasm-spike Engine

Map file:


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Hey Sock 
I thought of another bug/glitch? in 1.50 (havent tested in 1.6). In your SUB_Usetargets function, you have a check that prevents an entity from targeting itself if the targetname == target. This breaks the ability to do the high-fps animation using a func_wall and Preach's relay setup as described in his blog here:

Please delete or comment out this check, it prevents certain logic from working. 
Forgotten Sepulcher Won't Start 
I tried to make "The Forgotten Sepulcher" work on a clean install of Quake (GOG version) + Quakespasm-spike Engine but it won't start. After the 3dfx logo intro I only get a flashing screen followed by a "couldn't create window" error message a few seconds later and that's it. I don't know what to do to fix this. Any kind of help is really appreciated.

Note: normal Arcane Dimensions (1.50 final + patch1) with Quakespasm 0.92.1 is working just fine though. 
After the 3dfx logo
Try removing OpenGL32.dll that came with GOG's quake install (save a backup if you want.) Assuming you don't actually have a 3dfx card :-) 

I have a GTX 1060

I'll check if removing that file will make it work. 
Forgotten Sepulcher Now Working 
Removing the OpenGL32.dll fixed the problem I had.

Thanks so much for the fast help ericw. :) 
how do I release boglord? 
Fucking Great Map ! 
I just played a bunch of randomly selected maps that I keep in my good maps collection, then suddenly reloaded Sepulcher by chance (using a new randmap command in QS). And geez all the other maps are so pale compared to Sepulcher !

When will we see a new map comparable to this one ? I guess there will be no other map like this ! 
ah! there is a blueprint on G1ftmacher's twitter 
How To Free The Boglord 
First, kill the kraken children, then find the lich fiend, ride its back to get up to the bog lord key room, bake the cracked brick, and remember to salt the fries! Then put the boglord key in the cake, slide it through the crack and voila! Boglord boogie time! 
Anyone Found All The Secrets Without Help? 
i'm at the point now where i've scoured the map, and i would love to see a youtube/twitchtv/quake demo from someone showing them.

i have about 36, and i do really need to pour over the gold key area, as i have not done that thoroughly as yet.

i'm literally stumped with that boglord courtyard area, as there are still some areas i cannot figure out how to access. 
Boglord Room 
Most irritating room ever for a completionist...too many honeycomb pockets. If it weren't for this one room, I would have appreciated this map more, but really an alcove every 64units is just too much.

I've only found 47/50. Can't find the lich fiend. Ran out of time. 
just fyi, setting host_maxfps above 72 can cause weird physics issues in Quake, ie lifts and doors hurting you when they move, etc.

Unless there has been some fix applied in Quakespasm that allows this without bugs now? Playing at 144hz would sure be nice :) 
Agreed. I play at 144hz and had to rework an entire section of a map (of course my favorite section too!) because of this. I wasn't sure if it was my host framerate and I think I did lower it to test - I'll need to go back and do this again. The deaths seemed pretty random but I didn;t want to kill the player like this unexpectedly. But yeah... would be great to "safely" play at 144hz. 
Back when I used Darkplaces I got 300-400fps most of the time and never noticed anything. Huh. 
I Play At 72fps 
for precisely this reason. Although 144fps is buttery smooth 
Teleport Effect 
Is the new teleporter particle effect only supported in spikespasm? What's it called, I want to use it for a vortex thingy. 
take a look at #77 above. Spike goes over what the effects a bit. 
I think it is safe to call this one THE best level ever, does anyone disagree? 
It's a good map, it's even a great map, but best ever? I don't think any Quake map can be called that. There's lots of different gameplay styles in Quake, and this map covers many of them for sure, but it fails at times when I want a simple short map for 10 minutes of entertainment and escapism. A wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am map. In fairness it never set out to be that, so it seems churlish to criticize, but truth is that this kind of map is also a valid gameplay style.

It's certainly the most fun I've had out of a single map in a long long time though; no arguments there. 
Hordes Of Zendar is the real jewel in the crown but it was an excellent map before it got the AD once over. I also strongly feel that Leptis Magna and Swampy also place higher but after that it could come anywhere. 
Best Or Not 
This is surely a technical marvel and a great place to lose yourself into for exploration. But personally I am not a big fan of the (almost) excessively intricate layout and the slower game play pace, especially when compared with maps by Tronyn.

Don't take me wrong. I still can appreciate such a map and the dedication needed to polish it to such level of exquisiteness, and can still submerge myself in the atmosphere it oozes. It's just my personal liking that I prefer the more straightforward approach adopted by most of Tronyn's maps.

Speaking of which, when will Tronyn release another of his great maps again? Last time I heard, he has been working on an addon that includes all of his maps in their more updated/polished state and also something entirely new. Any news? 
Ok..that's It! 
i've gone through the whole map looking for the rest of the secrets, and i have managed to find 39.

so has anyoner found them all?

and have they got a video showing it? 
From this thread:

generic - 49
Qmaster - 47
Shambler - 46

So, errr, ask generic ;) 
from what i could see, there were two areas where it looks as though there were secret areas, but i just couldn't figure out how to reach them.

1) the boglord room:

this had one wall were i could see areas with secrets, but i could not reack them.

2) the final lift area:

there were some areas here that i couldn't get to.

i should have taken screenshots of these areas, but i forgot.

have you recorded a demo? 
Generic / Qmaster 
you two got demos showing the secrets you found? 
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