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New Q1SP "Simplistic Evil"
Hey guys. I've toyed around with Quake mapping for a while but never actually started and finished a map until today. I made this map over the course of a few weeks, and balanced it for about a week. Let me know what yall think, and thanks!


Hey, this map is not bad! haven't played whole yet, but it's promising.

1) Don't call thread like this...
2) Next time put some screenshots - some advertisement, to encourage people to download your map.

Put some screenshots below and moderator will update this thread. (I hope...) 
Don't call thread like this
Yes, follow the guidelines set by other releases here:
New Q1SP: NameOfYourMap 
Thanks. Ok thanks. I should've read the guidelines instead of just rushing it on here. I'm still getting used to brush editing, it's much different than Doom mapping. 
No Worries, 
just follow that template next time.

@Breezeep_ Thanks for the screeniez. 
Can't play it at the moment, but I like the look of that watery space in the third screenshot. It's always nice to have a transition of "base" theme into more grotto-ish stuff, and (for me) water areas in custom maps are a fun & underused thing. 
Nice On 
Congrats on your release!

Haven't played yet but I agree about the third screenshot. Love that water usage 
I prefer the Romeroish level design in Quake, and actually don't enjoy hyper-detailed maps. So keeping to the 90s style is something I'll be aiming for with all future maps, I just have to get better with brush editing and lighting. 
^and texturing ^ 
Nice. I kind of feel the same way but I am letting a bit more detail creep into my work. But still keeping colored lights and hyper detail to a minimum. I feel like if I can approach or match the quality level of id's original levels I'm doing well. I will play your map this evening after work. What editor are you using? 
Trenchbroom 2, of course. 
Here are my demos. I actually played this a few times, died a lot. It's been a long day so I am quite bad so you should have a good laugh. I was trying to telefrag the Fiend and got myself in a lot of trouble. In the gold key room I was trying to type "z-fighting" and kept messing up. Also toward the end I was trying to find the 2 remaining secrets. I am going to draft up some notes below that I hope you will see as constructive criticism. And you are free to take my advice or not.

okay some thoughts on the level the good and bad mixed in:

1. It's very Doomish I can see you are emulating a Doom feel - good use of outdoor areas and monster traps. Kept me on my toes for sure.

2. One fatal flaw in the map is having the grenade launcher super hard to find in a secret and then throwing zombies in my way. That was pretty tricky as you will see in the demo.

3. Secrets. Everyone loves secrets but some of yours made no sense to me and felt arbitrary. For example when did the door to the Rocket Launcher open up? I would have liked to have known that! :) With Quake you can talk to the player and let them know things have happened. A simple message like: An Explosive Secret has been revealed." or something cryptic like that would spark my curiosity. I think every secret should allow the player an "ah hah!" moment. Make some of your secrets a bit easier to find by using buttons or other visual hints. Not every secret but some of them for sure. i.e. flickering lights near a secret door. You did the bubbles for one of your secrets. More of that please!

4. Rocky terrain. Your terrain was great for the most part but the area near the switch that lowers the super shotgun was VERY tricky. You will see I really struggled there. Just be careful with having too many slopes adjacent to each other.

5. I really liked how your teased your weapons... just out of reach. BUT all of them were pretty hard to get. That could turn some players off.

6. There were some missing textures in your map in the slime and a couple other places.

7. Exercise a bit more of the visual language of Quake. e.g. I was hesitant to step onto the Slipgate at first because that's usually the end of a level. i.e. e1m1 I know it matches the base theme and I was being overly cautious because it was near the start of the map but I was a bit thrown by that.

I'm decent at combat but have a terrible sense of direction. I was pretty confused as to where to go but that may not be your level! hehe

I enjoyed the map though and cannot wait to see what you come up with next. Long live old school '90s style Quake! :) 
I Forgot One Last Thing 
8. More ammo. Not a lot more, but as you can see in the demos I ran out quite a few times. 
The roots show, it looks a lot like a Doom map. Definitely classic visuals. Though if you're not going for extreme details, you should at least make the simple(r) architecture look smooth, for instance by aligning it properly (also vertically) and using trim or flat textures (=no details, e.g. metal) on off-side faces like the insides of the windows and doors.

I think I played the map in a slightly weird fashion by not going to the water area first which made it feel a bit useless when I got there afterwards, because I didn't really need any of the items. Good, albeit occasionally indeed somewhat random secrets. Nice exploboxes (careful though: the game can crash if too many of them explode at once - no barrels'o'fun in Quake). No difficulty settings?

In-game warnings:
Mod_LoadTexinfo: 9 texture(s) missing from BSP file
walkmonster 'monster_ogre' in wall at '1712.0 -152.0 -40.0'
walkmonster 'monster_ogre_marksman' in wall at '1280.0 64.0 409.0'
walkmonster 'monster_demon1' in wall at '1536.0 64.0 401.0'

Some of the missing textures are even visible in the level - those checkerboard faces. Check QBSP's output (or log) to see the texture names in question. Those are textures that the compiler couldn't find in the specified wad file(s). This also includes textures that are used somewhere but don't actually show up because they are 'on the outside'.
Monsters in wall means they are placed too close to walls or ceilings (need to be at least 4 units away), or on a platform that's too small to fit their entire bounding box + 4 units on each side. Sometimes this can lead to monsters being stuck and unable to move.
To see warnings like this, type developer 1 before loading the map.

A proper, "quaddicted-worthy" release follows the same standards as on idgames: ZIP file with se.bsp and se.txt, no folders.

By and large, I'd say a decent first approach to Quake mapping and with just a little more polish in some areas, it could be a good 1997 map instead of a 1996 map. Err, or whatever. Always good to see Doom people try their hands at Quake.

Demo (forgot to change the protocol, so it requires Fitzquake or Quakespasm to watch) 
Download Link Not Working 
can anyone upload a temp copy somewhere? 
Thanks guys! I'll fix those, I wondered if having untextured backsides would cause errors.

I can't figure out how to load the demos, I launch Quakespasm with the map loaded (having placed the demos in ID1 folder) and try to run them but get "Using protocol 666 Host)error: model * 1 not found." 
Bring down the console with ~ and type "playdemo se_negke", should play fine in QS.

playdemo has tab-completion if you extract the demos before launching QS as well. 
Reopened This Thread 
i manually converted it to a news thread (i still need to create a moderator tool to do that) 
Cool Id Base 

Felt like a proper id style base map which I liked.

Didn't find any gun until the very end, which was quite annoying. Saw plenty of them dotted around, but never worked out how to get them.

Some secrets were pretty nuts. RA + MH in the same secret!!!

I liked all the buttons that operated time limited lifts/doors. Not essential to progress but a nice diversion.

Good use of exploboxes. Kinda required to kill enemies with them at the start due to slight ammo starvation (perhaps intended?).

Always mark doors where keys are required!

I didn't explore everything and only found a single secret which is probably why I only had a shotgun for the entire level. This is something I would have tweaked so at least the player gets some weapon variety even if they find 0 secrets. Shotgun gets boring very fast!

Grats on finishing your level. Hope you make more! 
Just Played This 
Quite enjoyable but I felt I must have missed a lot because although I saw the silver key door, I never got to a silver key. I found the gold key and finished the map.

Some misaligned textures, and doors opening into solid walls. Don't worry about correcting that in this map, just don't do it in the next one.

I found the nail gun but relied on the single shotgun as I never found other weapons.

Oh and what was the purpose of the lift outside where the gold key was - I rode it up and down but it did not seem to go anywhere or do anything of use?

One fiend was facing the wrong way after I got the gold key so I imagine I was supposed to come into that area via a different route although I felt that I came the obvious way.

Nevertheless, 10 minutes of fun. Thanks, look forward to the next map. 
Not Bad. 
Quite simple, but varied enough. Secrets were cool and gameplay was quite decent if a bit light on ammo. Go make more. 
Esreal Can Answer Officially But... 
Oh and what was the purpose of the lift outside where the gold key was

99% sure it was simply the health pack at the top. Once triggered, it lowers. Very Doom-ish. 
fun map, felt very Doom-ish 
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