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New(Old) Q1SP Levels By Qmaster: Ire And Abbeys And Others
I'm starting to go through my old old levels and post them for everyone to enjoy...or hate, whichever. Have fun with these clearly poorly made maps from my olden days!

Ire and Abbeys - based on an old Scottish castle/cathedral I saw a picture of in a magazine. Little arena with horde combat and non-linear progression. A wall opens up at the end with an exit teleporter but it is poorly advertised.
Screenshot: scot2_01

Shrine of The Fiends - Possibly my first level ever. Lots of fiends in dark e4 cramped rooms based on the Elder God Shrine. Not much else. Kinda crappy really, but here tis.
Screenshot: sotf1_01

Stalwart Stone - Originally made for a mod I was making for my little cousin that was violence-free where you collected rings and solved puzzles (was going to be called Tower of Whispering Gold, yes lame I know. Heck I even redid the HUD to get rid of ranger's face and made Quad damage a speed powerup.). I added enemies to it and am releasing it.
Screenshot: rin1m1_01
Rin1m1 Is Cool 
I don't like the 2 others. Too old school.

rin1m1 could be improved a bit. More traps, details, and ruins ? 
Ding Ding Ding! 
Wow Onetruething 
half 2017 and 50 maps ! Clear progression from 2012 ! 
Glad You Liked It 
Ya the others are...lame. They are what they are. 
I'm going for Award for Most Levels Released in 2017. I might be cheating a smidge though. Nah, who cares. More maps = more fun. 
Irish Map Is.. sweet, good work ! 
Now On Quaddicted 
Oldschool Goodness 
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