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New Q1SP: Thunderbolt Proving Grounds I By Qmaster
Who wants more green metal theme?

If so, you are in for a treat. This was my 2nd attempt at a lightning gun focused level. Partly inspired by Zerstorer. This is about the same length as a typical ID level.

Screenshot 1: tbg1_01
Screenshot 1: tbg1_02
Direct Download:
Will report back later! 
... architecture and game play. Wasn't expecting to enjoy it with just the Lightening Gun but actually had good fun.

I liked the floating ogres by the GK door!

I also got three 'no spawn function' for light_candle on loading, but everything else looked OK in-game. 
Floating ogres? I mean uh ya, exploit. Haha I'll have to check that out. I actually had to redo the start room since Quakespasm won't let you spawn in a 64 unit high alcove, must be something similar for those poor ogres. 
Shots look pretty good - will be pon it later! 
Update Onetruething File ! 
While you're at it, why don't you update a bit the map for the actual Jam ? 
This Was Alright. 
Not that excited by the LG-only gameplay, but it was pretty well balanced and worked well for what it was. The end arena got pretty hectic which made it more interesting. Design was pretty good and well-themed, nice structures to the rooms, but the lighting was a bit light and the textures a bit repetitive - easy things to tweak in what was an otherwise solid map. 
Good architecture, strange but funny gameplay 
Too bright, sadly. With proper moody lighting this would have looked quite cool. Subtle light from few sources, strong glow from the lava, and otherwise shadows around and between the beams and ceiling geometry.

Gameplay is easy and unchallenging, not least due to the excessive amount of cells, with the exception of the last area obviously. A bit of jolly carnage, still. I appreciate the experiment, though I guess it should have been more strongly geared towards the actual advantages and disadvantages of the LG. For instance, more water parts and trap doors creating the risk of discharge. The spawns are a good challenge, because they render the large damage output of the LG irrelevant to a degree since one still needs to hit them while maintaining supplies.

I think RL-only gameplay would've worked better here considering the environment. While the RL also does a lot of damage, one has to be careful to avoid splash damage and watch out not to drop into the lava while doing so.

Bunch of items falling out and invalid classnames - remember developer mode next time.
But anyway, thanks for these four surprise releases. 
Ya older maps of mine with all their flaws but fun nonetheless I hope. For some reason I don't remember them being this bright. Wonder if the compiler made a difference when I recompiled it to fix a few gamebreaking bugs. 
Dang It 
-bounce....I compiled it with bounce. That is why everything is so washed out and bright. 
Dang It 
-bounce....I compiled it with bounce. That is why everything is so washed out and bright. 
Try to re-compile and lower the -bouncescale starting at 0.9 and go lower until it looks good. I am not sure how low the scale numbers can go (yeah math wiz here) but it's working of rme on my current map. 
Map was made in the pre-bounce era. I would just recompile with it turned off. I already had fill lights everywhere.

I'm not going to though...already released. No need for any future updates. On with my other mappimg projects. 

by all means then... go map! :) 
I'm not going to though...already released.

Fully understand this and it's probably a very healthy approach, but ... maybe reconsider? I enjoyed this map and would love to see it with its intended lighting, and surely it'd be a matter of a few seconds for you to recompile without bounce?

As I said, I fully understand why you would not want to (and having not -yet- released any maps myself I don't want to come across as one of those people who keep demanding things without contributing anything themselves) but just thought I'd let you know there's at least one person (i.e. me) who'd be glad if you did release a relit version. 
Wouldnt the lava/heat turn the moldy green to black 
Like your soul?

I kid.

Please note: there are no such things as grenade throwing Ogres or Shamblers or Fiends. You cannot run indefinitely at 70mph, nor can you carry 9 weapons and switch to them instantly.

See where logic like this takes you? 
You can mash your face against a button to press it. 
Now On Quaddicted 
Going To Be Playing Through This 
As well as a few other Qmaster maps.

Starts in an hour. 
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