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Unrealsp Project Xenome Part 2
Part 2 of the Unreal custom mappack Project Xenome is released!

And next time yhe1 will include the following in his news post:


WTF With The Tiny Micro-screenshots ? 
Is this game made for a cellphone ? 
Nice Screenshots! 
Reminds me that I haven't played Unreal in ages... I shall try this map pack sometime. 
Heh, I Did Watch Them On My Phone... 
Barnack Just Zoom In On Your Pc. 
Be sure to play part 1 first 
These picts can't be zoomed, they already are very low res ! Or if you prefer to look at pixels ! 
Why not be part of the solution?

How about you load up these maps ...

Then post high resolution screenshots to Quaketastic and post links to them in the thread. 
Is This For Vanilla Unreal Or.. 
I only got a copy of standard old Unreal(..the best of the series) 
It is for ut 
I think you also need operation Na Pali in order to play 
Didn't Know There Was SP For UT 
With Oldskool Mod For UT 
UT Contains All The Files 
From Unreal required to make SP maps. All the enemy skins, models and code are in there. I think the only thing missing is the music. Even all the Unreal 1 textures are present.

I guess this is because UT was originally designed to be an expansion pack (It was called the Unreal Botpack before they decided to make it standalone). 
Fired up one of the maps to see if it works and it plays Homeworld ambient music. 
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