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Map Jam 9 Released - Contract Revoked Theme
After long weeks of mapping Map Jam 9 is finally released. We have 15 incredible maps from the following authors, including one very special guest:


Download 1
Download 2

Quoth 2.2 is required to play this jam! You can download Quoth here

Don't forget to record demos and share your experience with the authors.
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That's Amazing. 
Maybe now somebody will finally find the secret in the area of my map that appeared first. 
Thumbs Up! 
Left a comment on the vid, felt it was unnecessary to copy/paste it here. 
Maybe now somebody will finally find the secret in the area of my map that appeared first.

I want you to know that I went back and did all secrets playthroughs of all the maps (except Shotro's because I'll need a whole free day just to try that!). So none of that went to waste! 
Have you recorded demos/videos of these 100% secrets playthroughs? 
The HD Texture Pack For Jam 9 Is Released! 
If some of you are interested, head over there. Of course, it also works with the original Contract Revoked. 
This Is Great If You Ever Need A Quick Way To Throw Up 
Jesus Christ 
No Demos I'm Afraid 
I suspect they'd make for really dull viewing I'm afraid, lots of shooting at random stuff, wandering around completed levels trying to find something of interest. Nicely prepared "runs" when I beat the level while visiting all the secrets (now that I know where they are) would be good but an extra level of effort to go to. 
I almost linked to that but knew there'd be a certain contingent that was instantly snooty about it. Good for you for at least making the attempt. 
Yeah, I Was Prepared For Some Flak 
but decided to post anyway. I remember another HD pack (advertised by someone else than me) got at least some positive feedback here, so I figured this one could interest some people.

At any rate, even though I disagree, I can understand that some can perceive a dichotomy between vanilla Quake map architecture and HD textures, but the complexity of recent maps has mostly erased that dichotomy out of existence. 
Who Gives A Toss! 
i'll give it a whirl after arcane dimensions. 
Here Is A Demo 
for my best buddy Never make a HD texture pack for any of my maps again. aka 'one thru poopie'

i like the map, not sure if i played it the right way tho, skill 0 
For The Record 
I hate what those textures look like on my map but that's fine. If it means a few more people check out jam9 it's worth it. 
HD Textures. 
They don't like look quite right, and not just for the objective dichotomy between map architecture and texturing (nor for that matter the same dichotomy between monster / model / prop texturing and hd wall texturing). The brick and tile textures have too much contrast and too obvious gaps / shadows around the bricks etc. It makes them look quite cartoony and a bit distracting. The non-HD fuzziness / blurriness overrides that, usually. 
These textures really don't look good at all but that's not really the point here. The point is People have had to use the original textures to build their maps. Replacing them with any other textures simply betrays the whole point of the jam in the first place, especially when the replacements are of vastly inferior quality. You don't get the intended experience and you, probably unconsciously, think that the hard work of the original artist and the mappers isn't good enough for you. 
You don't get the intended experience and you, probably unconsciously, think that the hard work of the original artist and the mappers isn't good enough for you.

I agree but there's nothing you can do about it so why bitch? You can't even effectively discourage people from using them. HD textures suck - they look like shit IMO but coming from a business that's entirely subjective (entertainment) I get that someone else may think our 21 year-old game looks like shit and needs to be updated. Again, I disagree but I am willing to bet the number of people that use this texture set is tiny. So big fucking deal. If one more person plays my map because of these textures I am fine with it. I mean fuck I hate that anyone would play my map in Darkplaces but many people will and have. Nothing I can do about it. 
Packaged Version 
While I know that this board isn't really the audience for this, the "packaged" version is finally done.

One more useful bit of news for the thread is that it contains a revised version of ShoTro's map, which I expect he'll share with the thread separately so you don't have to redownload the whole pack to get it. The first rune in particular is a lot better balanced for an "intro mission", and there are lots of nice tweaks. As a side effect, while testing it I did a 100% playthrough, so now I've found all the secrets in the pack! 
Great news. I will add it to my links advertised in the trailer. 
Package Version 

Just tested the map pack ! Pretty amazing pack from what I saw. Tested both the package version and the "normal" version. The Quoth packague version (jam9.pak) seems to have at least shotro map not updated ;) Sorry if this was the wrong place to post, just figured I'd warn about this. 
Nevermind, my bad, it's actually the opposite :S 
Wait Wait Wait 
Does -quoth let me piggy back another mod folder off of the "quoth" folder?

I tried to follow the readme to a T since so many people had install problems, so in my clean directory for playing/testing (just an ID1 and engine), I put a jam9 folder with all the jam9 zip contents in it and ran -quoth -game jam9 but had lots of obviously missing stuff. Looked at the jam9 folder and lo and behold there isn't much in there, certainly not the Quoth 2.2.full.patch files.

I'd have to rename pak files to copy and paste jam9 into the quoth folder to get it to work which is fine, but that's not what the readme says.

So what magic is going on when I use the -quoth command? 
In Short 
Yes - it's the same as the -hipnotic and -rogue commands. Quoth itself used to be ran under "-hipnotic -game quoth".

This was used so the replacement content from Contract and some extras (the conback, and the blank sample for the water splashing sound) would work seamlessly. ne_tower is another example of this.

Obviously this will not magically combine two different progs. 
That's cool. Now I can finally play this when I have time. Why didn't the readme say so? That's probably why myself and others keep having issues with jams that use quoth. I always thought the mod directories were mutually exclusive and that if I ran -quoth -game jam9 it didn't matter if I had a quoth directory alongside it.

Hmmm...I've more questions but I'll go ask them in an engine thread.

Yay, this is going to be fun. I love knave. 
Secrets Guides 
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