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Map Jam 9 Released - Contract Revoked Theme
After long weeks of mapping Map Jam 9 is finally released. We have 15 incredible maps from the following authors, including one very special guest:


Download 1
Download 2

Quoth 2.2 is required to play this jam! You can download Quoth here

Don't forget to record demos and share your experience with the authors.
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Great Job Guyz 
can't play but enjoy screenshots!
Good job making it to finish line 
Here Is A Gallery With More Screenshots 
This jam is looking damn sexy! skacky, these tall bookshelves on the last screenshot are yours? 
Congratulations To All The Authors And Particularly To PuLSaR 
Congratulations guys this looks like one of the best map jams ever and I'm excited to check it out. Great work with the concept and organization PuLSaR, it doesn't seem too early to call this a huge success! 
Loved your map. Recorded demos. I am horrible at SP and got lost looking for secrets. So hope this isn't too boring. I also forgot to record the final battle which I had to restart multiple times.

Things I liked:

*great layout, beautiful place to visit
*consistent look throughout with great motifs
*loved the severed heads and "story" you were telling about the ritual
*good encounters with plenty of ammo (until the end)
*secrets were challenging I found 6/7
*liked that you used Edie now I regret ommitting him from my map
*Loved the shrine

(MINOR SPOILERS) Things I didn't like:

*Not enough ammo on the way to Gold door. I am eager to see other demos because I feel I am right on this. Could be wrong, I dunno. The final battle was frustrating to say the least. Well designed and cool reveal but without enough ammo it was not enjoyable.

But other than that the map is super impressive and very fun. I loved the sense of place the most. You transported me away for sure. 
Onetruepurple Making Maps.... Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?! 
Can you supply a version of the screenshot without the text for Quaddicted? 
Good job everyone! Cant wait to get home and play all of these maps. 
Congrats Everyone 
Will try to record a full demo of Skacky's map without dying... Tonight. 
Looks Rad Guys 
Kell's Map... 
restarting from a save-game seems to reset the gravity to default. Is this expected behaviour and if so, can all the jumps be completed with default gravity? (I am having trouble doing so...) 
It's most probably unintentional, so just set gravity to 400. A similar thing happens in my map but it's purely visual.

As far as I can see there is a countermeasure against this in the latest Quoth but I had no time to attempt using it. 
might be what you are looking for... 
Seems like all I/Kell needed to do was to put spawnflag 4 to info_command... 
Issues With Some Maps In The Start Map... 
There are many maps (not all) that I can't play from the start map : Murkor, Kell, Shotro, Onetruepurple. I don't know what is happening here, it's the first time I see this problem.

When I walk on the portal of these maps, I'm getting an error in the console. I will try more tests later.

Anyone getting these ? 
What is the error you're getting? 
Did you put the whole pack into a jam9 folder or did you extract the maps into your quoth/maps folder, despite being told before that this would not be a good idea? 
Errror Message With Kell's Map 
Here's what I'm getting : I launch QS (special edition for AD 1.6) and get into the Jam6 start map. Everything is fine then. I directly run into the medium skill portal, then run straight into Kell's portal. I get this message in the console :

"Host_Error : Illegible server message 110. Previous was svc_serverinfo"

What is this ? 
The jam9 folder is not in the Quoth folder. It's placed inside my Quake directlry, like any other mod. I can play many other maps from the start map, so the issue is apparently related to some maps only, not all of them. 
I Meant Jam9, Not Jam6 ! Doh ! 
moderators, please add this mirror link to the OP: 
Resuming My Playtrough Stream... 
Use A Modern Engine 
And don't use the -heapsize command as instructed in the readme. Mine works perfectly. 
Heapsize 480000 
Is that enough ? I use that value for some other mods/maps which I don't remember.

I can load Kell's from the console. But curiously I can't from the start map ! So why would the heapsize value have an effect here ?

Kell's map is awesome, by the way. I reminds me the movie Evil Dead in some way.

And a modern engine ? What is the latest QS_spike then ? 
Heapsize 65536 Not Making A Difference... 
when I try to load Kell's map from the start map. I'm still getting the same error message in the console.

What gives ? 
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