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SM179: Wizard Theme
It's a relatively simple theme here, but we got a bunch of cool wizard themed maps made within a 24 hour time span. This pack features maps by:


Feel free to post your demos and feedback.
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Nope. Just Think About It. 
While I like QS myself, I agree there's no need to switch engines if not absolutely necessary. Put pointedly, one might ask why the players should adapt to accommodate poor mapping practices instead of map authors looking into optimizing their releases to be most widely compatible.

Also, why are you debating timezones when the one and only point of reference is Func Time! 
Whooah There, Sunny Jim. 
Get off your high horse!

I asked for cheese. I am fully aware that there is more to cheese than Danish Blue. By definition I was saying that I didn't give toss about which cheese it was just so long as it was cheese. If I had wanted a specific cheese I would have named it up front. My choice, my decision; I have yet to find a cheese sold in a fast food outlet that I did not like. It was food, I wanted it in my mouth, and quickly. I am not after hearing how many weird and wonderful varieties of cheeses they stock. Grab a roll; grab a slice of the nearest cheese and whack it in the roll; pass it over the counter and let me tuck in. Don't give me a choice, just give me.

Quake engines: I just want to play the game, not argue about why x is better than y. If a specific engine is required, tell me, then it is my choice about whether or not I download it to play the level.

But please do not break into a pseudo-intellectual point scoring exercise over this, we're talking Quake.

If you think I don't understand the concept of freedom of choice, which I think your comment was implying, just stand in earshot of me when the cop asks me for my ID and I tell him with great eloquence I do not carry ID because I am a free man; I have choices. 
I love how this thread went from timezones, to demos, to source ports alongside some mentions about timezones again.

Cheers lads. 
Func_ In A Nutshell 
Truly Sad... 
OTP didn't find the best secret in my sm179 map! In fact no one has found it that I know of...

My map was about 90% completed. Still playable and very happy it's getting a good reception. Can't wait to play everyone's releases later.

I'm going to add a few new things based on some of the playthroughs and finish some of the game logic and re-release this map eventually. I really wanted to make add DM and proper skill levels but man 24 hours is tough. 
DM starts aren't necessary for a sp map nowadays, so I wouldn't worry about deathmatch compatability for your maps, especially when it's a speedmap 
It was designed on paper to be a DM and SP map. I know no one here plays DM but I do with my kids and with bots. If you play my map you'll get it. Very dm4-ish - teleporters everywhere. 
Here are my demos. I liked all the maps and this has been my favorite "jam" yet.

Danzadan I'll echo Skacky. Short but sweet and plenty of fun. I'd love to do a map in that Wizard's Manse theme. You nailed that look on this one.

mukor I liked the simple gauntlet type of feel. Maze-like and intense combat. Nice.

naitelveni Impressive and beautiful. The fatal flaw is that it was too dark but I enjoyed playing it a lot. loved the verticality too. This was one of the more fun maps. But I gotta say the lighting needed a lot of work. (my maps had the opposite problem - way too bright for my taste but ran outta time.)

Newhouse Cool map. Very striking but too dark in a few areas. This one reminded me of the Wizard's Manse crossed with some crazy E4 map. The combat was fun. Slime got a bit tricky here and there. Overall a very solid map.

OneTruePurple You should be proud of how unique this map is. I've never played anything like it. Talk about hacks! It tells a story and a believable one at that. I died a lot at the end. Lighting and textures were cool. The last monster (no spoilers) seemed out of place color wise.

P.S. You really need to replay my map and find the super secret! Do not noclip... it's not hard to find. All secrets are in the rooms that you teleport to. 
Yeah Maybe. 
Glad you liked my map btw. If I had enough time I'd have, amongst other things, built a nice lava pit for the monster at the end but this was not meant to be. 
Good Pack. 
Pretty high quality for a speed pack, good variety and interesting interpretations of the theme. Well done all!

Danza - nice and simple, good SM execution of the theme.

Dumptruck - a bit bonkers and confusing and rather interesting for that. I liked slowly getting to grips with it.

Muk - could be half of an Id map, great lighting as always, nice rockwork and layout.

Nait - good designs and some good chaotic gameplay. Was this the one with the zombies? Realy quite cool.

OTP - outh4x0ring negke?? Pretty funny despite the ending. 
Can you explain for us newbs what those hacks were in general terms? The knight at the open I assume is similar to the upside down fire hack but what about the intoxication effect? When I loaded another level it was still going and I had to restart the engine. 
Sure Thing 
I don't know about the upside down fire. The knight's state is achieved simply by giving it an angles key wherein he gets rotated by 45 degrees around the axis. It's the same thing as in that one negke speedmap from QExpo 2008. (I can definitely relate to Shambler's OP now)

The drunk effect is me using the trigger_changelevel hack to set the cvar v_idlescale to 36. This is why the effect persists from map to map. It's a rather shitty thing to do but again, anything goes for speedmaps. (Would be really shitty if Romero made a surprise map for this one and it would come right after mine on the map list.)

There's also two hacks that I ran out of time to use:

The goal of the map would have been a rotating purple bottle, but setting up all the entities in id1 correctly, then either finding a good brush based bottle design or making my own, and then recoloring it and making external textures to go with it, is a 24 hour project on its own.

The health given was supposed to be a lot bigger. This is apparently achieved by giving a trigger_hurt negative damage. This comes from another negke speedmap from QExpo 2008, but the source .map was confusing and I was already running out of time so I settled for less HP and minimal monsters. I think this made the map more interesting than it would have otherwise been. 
Great info! Thanks. I wanted to look at your map source and know where to look for the hacks.

The question mark was a good substitute for the bottle.

After many tries I was able to figure out how to aim properly with very good accuracy. So that last demo was attempt 6 or 7. Ironically I played the map at work on a Mac build of QS before heading home and recording that demo. For whatever reason I was able to do it in one try. But at home I kept dying.

Thanks for the pro-tips and links. 
Hack_jam Needed!! 
had fun, thanks boys. 
One More Thing. 
By the time I'd placed Chthon I was already past the 2 AM deadline (which is why he just hangs in the air instead of having a proper lava pit), and I find adding nailshooter logic gates a big hassle, so that was out of the question.

The Chthon trigger is instead a simple trigger_once with one addition: an angle key, which means it will be fired only when the player faces the same direction as the specified angle. This means you can activate Chthon without even descending on the staircase (which is what happened to topher, oops).

This isn't a hack though, it's an obscure quirk of ID1. It's used in start.bsp for the messages, making the obscurity of this feature rather ironic. 
really waiting for RC to play this! :) 
All were enjoyable ones and it was pretty interesting to see how other people approached this theme and compare with mine.

By the way, in Dumptrucks_ds's text file it says that it needs Quoth so i tried it with when i read it after playing it once, so you have two demos. I realized after that you forgot to delete it from the last jam's one.

Also, Dumptruck_ds, someone did found all your map's secrets, here:

Now to sleep, between mapping for this and some other issues i haven't slept much lately. 
Dumptruck_ds, someone did found all your map's secrets
His comments on that video somehow make me think he already knows about it...

The irony is, the guy has no clue how he triggered that fifth secret!

Not Surprised Here 
It's very uncommon for me to look at the comments that are on Youtube, too many fans and flamers there.

Well, better for Dumptruck_ds this way. 
Looking forward to seeing these demos!

I noticed the Quoth thing too late (actually from Ch0ww's video!!!!) and just assumed it wouldn't cause any issues. (i hope not)

I loved Ch0ww'a video because he just was so baffled where the final secret was. As I said in the readme - three of the secrets are opened by one trigger and it's actually not too hard to find.

I already started re-vamping the map for a single release. It will have a bit different flow and I will be adding Deathmatch starts as the design was made for DM and SP. I'm very glad people liked it. 
Cool beans about the revamp. Kind of hope to see more cold room/hot room dichotomy as was the case with the SK and GK button rooms. 

Fixed demo link since I'm on a fucking roll. 
Thanks For The Demos. 
I don't think any other map I ever make can elicit better reactions, so maybe I should quit right here... 
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