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SM179: Wizard Theme
It's a relatively simple theme here, but we got a bunch of cool wizard themed maps made within a 24 hour time span. This pack features maps by:


Feel free to post your demos and feedback.
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Knew This Would Happen 
But it's still 07:00 utc, not 12:00.

If you are going to move the deadline, next time please warn a bit, or make a call for mappers. 
Cocerello Is Right 
Just to make clear ^ I made it before UTC 12:00 
I Don't Get It 
All times on func are local times. When Breezeep posts "you have 24 hours" around 2 AM on Saturday I would think the deadline is around 2 AM on Sunday.

Breezeep was lenient and gave me and others a couple more hours. 
have you heard starting delay for people who might be sleeping when that post happens? There was no any kind of 'from this moment be prepared after certain amount hours' will start jam. But I think everyone can have their opinions. 
Breezeep's OP (#3888) stated deadline is sunday, Aug 18, 12:00 UTC. Disregard the wrong date, relevant part is the time. 
There should still be 4 hours left! 
also naitelveni's lit file is in source folder, should it be in same place as bsp files? 
I believe Breezeep forgot to add whether it's a 24hr or 12hr format. Which I think the deadline was meant for 12:00 AM. 
map folder would be good too, so it is easy to just put these all on new folder folder SM179, open engine and change game to it.. also it seems like maps aren't listed if those aren't inside the folder named "map". 
PEOPLE! the .lit file of my map has been placed in the source folder. please add the lit file for my map to view it properly 
Delay is like 1-4 minutes, but to make sure. This is Finland's time: 
I think I fixed the directory problems from the original zip.

Download the updated archive here
Waiting for breezeep to add 1 more map to the pack. @otp thanks for updating 
Are You A Wizard? 
Damn good pack! Better turnout than a lot of multiple-days-spanning speedmap sessions from the previous years. I guess the new format of a 24 hour limit is working out pretty well.

Danzadan: Best title of the pack! Fun little catacomb, bit small on the scale though. Competently done though it felt more like an Elder World map than E1/E2 to me. Only "found" the MH secret. (I hope to finally play your Egyptian map sometime soon)

Dumptruck: Best design of the pack, reminded me of the E1M3 end area but also strongly of the Dismal Oubliette. How you had time to put in 5 secrets beats me. Pretty challenging on skill 2, especially the "wooden" slipgate which borders on unfair since the player can end up there bare ass naked, but luckily anything goes in speedmaps.

Muk: Best layout of the pack! Really enjoyable to progress through and look at past areas, Romero would be proud. Gameplay was fine, I enjoyed how much potential for infighting there was, and the Vore appearance. Could have used a bit more spikes in difficulty though IMO.

Nait: Best colors of the pack! The gameplay takes a back seat as the architecture takes priority. The colored lighting was very well done, especially towards, the end. Some areas were extremely dark though, somehow I don't think you're mapping using gamma 1.


onetruepurple: Best hacks of the pack by default, as I don't think others used any of them. I had wanted to make a wine cellar map ever since Mugwump provided that one picture of Paris, as I figured I could use external textures for the vivid pink and tie it together with thick fog.

The hacks didn't really work as anticipated, which was something of a saving grace actually - the "key" was supposed to rotate on the Z axis, but I realised setting that up in id1 is too unwieldly; and the "megahealth" was supposed to provide much more health, up to the four digits. If that had succeeded, I'd probably run out of time building teleport closets for all the extra monsters. As it stands, it's a fairly challenging map while only using 5 monsters, I'm quite happy having achieved that!

Skill 2 demos for everyone

Well done everybody! 
Glad To Know I Sparked Some Inspiration 
Can't wait to try the result when my PC is fixed! That 4-digit MH sounds like it could make for interesting combat situations, I hope you'll come back to this idea eventually. 
My Entry Is Supposed To Be On This Pack Too.. 
#2 posted by NewHouse [] on 2017/08/20 09:27:01


I worked really hard on this one, and no sleeping much. Please let me know what you think about it? I would really appreciate it* 
Great Turnout! 
Loved the style. Map was pretty good overall with a few pretty interesting bits. Short and sweet. It does feel a bit more e4-ish that the others yeah.

Pretty confusing overall and you can get fucked if you take the wrong teleporter at the start. Interesting map though, reminded me of The Wizard's Manse with the underwater structure as well as The Dismal Oubliette.

Solid little map which is almost 100% natural terrain. I would've made the steps 8 units tall instead of 16 though. Best enemy placement in the pack by quite a margin. Some of those Ogres can be deadly.

God damn that's very impressive for such a short amount of time, and very vertical too! That one is by far the most intricate of them all, even if gameplay itself is not that great. Too many zombies facing away that can be killed without any problem. That said the Ogres can be deadly as well. Very impressive stuff.

Best setups in the pack by far. Loved the moving geometry everywhere and the enemy encounters were great for the most part, with the exception of a Vore in a tight corridor I found cheap, and the last encounter which lacks a bit of finesse. Very interesting style too, loved all the windows and the use of metal. My favorite of the all.

What the hell was that? Loved the colors, the theme and the overall architecture. It is indeed a challenging map despite the very low amount of monsters (and it's not cheap like spawning immediately surrounded by 5 Shamblers). Very interesting.

All the maps were damn good. Great pack fellas.

Tip Re: My Sm179 Map 
You can teleport immediately out of each room. I wished I had time to put int he game play I had originally planned it would have been a little less chaotic. Yes I looked closely at E1M4 for reference. 
Soirry Double Post 
I am going to lobby Breezeep to release a v3 with all mads packaged together. I think if you made your map in a 24 hour period or all together spent less than 24 hours yours should be included. 
Seriously, Guys 
Stop it with it the bullshit release practices = necessary folders, extra files nobody needs, multiple versions because random X isn't there or doesn't work. If this is a speedmapping pack, it means take it or leave it as is.
Newhouse's map can be linked in this thread or possibly included in the next pack. 
*UNnecessary Folders 
Nice maps, though. 
I Would Normally Agree, But... 
NewHouse did submit his map hours before the announced deadline. It's not his fault if Breezeep messed up. Besides, the next pack may not be wizard-themed. 
Nice Pack! 
This is how RetroJam should look like.
All maps are awesome, but my favorite maps are from Dumptruck and OTP. Some fresh, interesting ideas there.

Demos Skill 3:
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