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Quake Upstart Mapping Project Released
After our Beta phase and some tinkering, we are ready to release!

QUMP is a project aimed at getting new people to map for quake. Many of the mappers in this project had never made a quake map before, or had only made a couple. There are also some very early/old maps by more established mappers.

Get QUMP Here:


10 New Maps included:
Beginning - Pritchard
Bloody Sun - Danzadan / NewHouse
Citadel of Suffering - Topher
Manchester's Leftovers - Daya
Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors - Naitelveni
Stygian Waterways - Vingal
Sunken Cathedral - HexenMapper
The Dog Prison - Kres
The Three Towers of Tremendous Terror and Turmoil - Brassbite
The Real /vr/ Experience - Spud

Start Map - Newhouse

Special thanks to NewHouse for all his help with this project.
Thanks also to everyone who helped with playtesting, support and feedback.

Hope you Enjoy!
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Thanks ArrCee 
I thoroughly enjoyed watching! 
Thanks For This Episode! 
After playing this through, i must say it's a nice thing and i hope you guys make a few more maps. The variety that this episode offered is a nice refreshing thing.

Keres You Owe Me A New Heart.. 
Holy hot damn Keres' map was insane. Got through by the skin of my teeth multiple times.

demo : 
Topher Demo

was tough, but also confusing, proper quake vibe was felt sometimes, but i had some moments of confusion.

liked the progression at times, but not all of it.

couldnt exit via the portal, though i had finished the level.

test you map better next time!!

go map! 
Vingal Demo

Texture theme is good, but dont use the same texture for walls, floors and ceiling in the whole map

it destroys your layout, which was very nice indeed, it makes it more of a maze than you planned it imo

lighting was too bright for my taste

combat beefed up after being slow, very good!!

i died with the last kill, will have nightmares about it

go map! 
Daya Demo

This one had me rubbed the wrong way, i love the first secret, but the following experience destroyed it

not much of an ID theme here, instead a texture clash of insane proportions

Rubicon meets half-life and ID ones plus selfmade textures that are all over the place

the combat destroyed me within minutes(seconds?)

i did not like it, i expected better, judging from your previous released maps

i'm disappointed by this one a lot

you can do better, as you have already proven

well, i may sound assholish here, but

go map! 
Pritchard Demo

Thinking i was fucked big time led me to the exit

short and sweet horror experience

go map! 
I don't know if anyone is interested to see this, but i'm making a blind playthrough of the maps. So far, i recorded these:

Beginning (Pritchard)

Citadel of Suffering (Topher)

The Three Towers of Tremendous Terror (Brassbite)

Shadows of the Forgotten Ancestors (Naitelveni)

Sunken Cathedral (Hexenmapper)

Thanks =D 
Thanks Tribal, I noticed you were recording qump lately, and thank you for playing ^^

What engine/settings do you use? 
I use some custom models from Chillo's Model Pack v1.6 and some from Authentic Model Improvement Collection (links are in the video description ;)

About the engine, i use FTE 5121, with particle set classic, 3D and 2D filter modes set to nearest (for the pixelated look) and RT_shadows turned on in lighting and dynamic lighting modes (for real time light and shadows)

When i was playing Sunken Cathedral i noticed that RT_shadows was affecting my framerate, making the map really laggy, so i turned it off and started the map again =D

FTE is my favorite Q1 engine because it has that oldschool look (textures/skins/particles pixelated) combine with realtime light and shadows, which make the maps more gloomy and scary ;) 
Interesting seeing the effect that RTL has on the maps, visually. Thanks for playing the pack! :D 
Looks great tribal, cheers for the videos 
Thanks, guys =D

I've just uploaded Bloody Sun, from Danzadam and Newhouse:

And sorry if sometimes the video looks a little bit dark. When i'm watching the video in my PC, it looks brighter, but when i upload to youtube, it looks darker. So, i'm trying to solve this issue changing the gamma in OBS. I think the next video will be fine. 
So... in that little map with the rune (qump_start)... i noticed that it has one enemy that i couldn't find... so i nocliped around the map and i found a soldier hiding in a box. Anyone knows why is he there? Is he supposed to teleport and attack the player? :/ 
The soldier is there as a precache model for the corpse in the map. If you don't have him there, quake will not have the right model precached in order to place the corpse. There's probably a better way to do this, but this was the only way I knew at the time. (and didn't involve fooling with QC) 
Oh, thanks =D

Now I'm feeling pretty stupid for having wasted so much time pressing and shooting every brick of that map XD 
haha, I wouldn't worry too much - probably my fault for not working out how to hide the fact there is a monster on the map somewhere.. 
Finally, i've uploaded all playthroughs \o/

The Dog Prison:

Stygian Waterways:

Manchester's Leftovers:

The Real /vr/ Experience

Congratulations to all of you! These maps are awesome =D 
Cheers Tribal 
Nice work! 
Qump 2 
dumptrucks tutorial inspired me to maybe go map again. This could be the chance...? 
I'm not currently looking at starting a QUMP2 project - I have a bunch of projects I need to finish first. You guys can put something together if you like - I don't have copyright on the QUMP franchise ;)
You should just map anyway Brassbite, eventually a QUMP2 will come around and then you'll have a map ready to go 
Go map. You know you want to. 
Don't Forget Mapjams And Retrojams 
You could take a shot at some mapping when these jams get announced. 
thanks for playing tribal

i'm not playing quake lately, but i saw the video.

i started a conversion to arcane dimension to practice and test things, i must say that it makes life easier.

i may publish it here later, maybe in march/april 
What an incredible start map! 
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