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Quake Upstart Mapping Project Released
After our Beta phase and some tinkering, we are ready to release!

QUMP is a project aimed at getting new people to map for quake. Many of the mappers in this project had never made a quake map before, or had only made a couple. There are also some very early/old maps by more established mappers.

Get QUMP Here:


10 New Maps included:
Beginning - Pritchard
Bloody Sun - Danzadan / NewHouse
Citadel of Suffering - Topher
Manchester's Leftovers - Daya
Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors - Naitelveni
Stygian Waterways - Vingal
Sunken Cathedral - HexenMapper
The Dog Prison - Kres
The Three Towers of Tremendous Terror and Turmoil - Brassbite
The Real /vr/ Experience - Spud

Start Map - Newhouse

Special thanks to NewHouse for all his help with this project.
Thanks also to everyone who helped with playtesting, support and feedback.

Hope you Enjoy!
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Nice One Guys. 
That's some dark evenings sorted then. 
Well Done You Lot :) 
I haven't played the maps yet but will do ASAP! I did want to say good job and well done on getting this thing out the door! It's impressive enough putting together a 10 map release but to do it while being new to Quake mapping makes things much more impressive indeed.

Well done and I'm hoping it wasn't so painful that we never see another map from any of you :) 
Oh Lovely 
Digging the oldschool vibe, will have to play later. 
Not First 
Cheers guys! It was a big challenge and I underestimated how big my map would get after finishing the final layout plan. I've gained the ability to use Trenchbroom, the very essential tool in my opinion. 
I didn't pay a lot of attention, but I think that I was the only person to submit a map that they had finished before QUMP was even announced. Compared to the efforts that everyone else has turned in, I feel quite insignificant! Someone should have started their map name with the letter A so that I didn't get top billing!

Good job everyone - I haven't even checked out any of the maps yet (I will right away though!) but I can already tell just from the screenshots that there will be some interesting sights to see. 
I have tomorrow off work. Now I know what I will be playing. 10 maps... almost at 100! 
Re: #6 
I meant this.

GG Qumpers. 
H A P P E N I N G 
Oh man, it's finally dropped. I'm in the same position as Pritchard, having submitted a map (albeit a ridiculously tiny afterthought joke map) but waited to play the whole shebang until the official release, and the various screenshots and discussions have got me hyped somethin' fierce. 
Re: #6 #7 
Woah... what happens if we reach 100? Slipgates get invented?
Have Q1SP maps reached 100 in a previous year or is this some kind of unprecedented number? 
is the biggest year (in Quaddicted) 
How Many Of These... 
...maps were created in Trenchbroom?. Could we get a proper count please? No individual readme files! LOL. 
There Are Some Text Files - In / Maps / Source 
Definitely made in Trenchbroom:

Made with J.A.C.K. + Trenchbroom:

Made with J.A.C.K.

Great Work To Everyone! 
Individual comments on maps will come soon. For now, a first run demo for each map on hard skill. 
Nait's map was already released some time ago, though. Is this a new version? 
The BSP files from Naitelveni, Pritchard, Topher and Vingal have earlier dates than the ones in the beta release.

What happened? A rollback to a previous version? 
Woops! Didn't notice the Source folder. I really need that trip to the eye doctor. Thanks for tallying them up. 
Thanks for the feedback and demos Orl!

@Mugwump - I'm not sure, I assume its the same version

@Mankrip - I don't think any of those maps have been edited since the beta so its strange that they would have earlier creation dates, definitely no rollback as I only had 1 file for 2 of those maps and the other 2 haven't been updated since before the beta release 
Well Well. 
Some cool stuff here. Danzadan's atmosphere is cool and final combat had me sweating. Vingal's theme and quakey feel was very nice, again the metal catacomb had me nervous! Played a couple of others, more comments later. 
HexenMapper's Map Video 

Almost half an hour, because I've got lost for over five minutes trying to figure the way underwater.

By the way, this is a 16:9 480p video, because higher resolutions would stutter when capturing. I've experimented a lot with different settings over the last days, and this is the best video quality I can get with my current computer.
When I get around to buying a computer with a Ryzen Threadripper I'll be able to record higher-res videos (already got the money, but no time for building the thing). 
looking forward to playing this. I played some of the beta but put it on the shelf after some bugs/crashes - I hope those have been all ironed out! 
Thanks For The Video Mankrip 
Your settings are very dark! and missing all the colored lighting is seems?

The darkness definitely wouldn't help in the underwater (and darkest) section. It was never supposed to be played this dark - perhaps sneak your brightness up a bit so it matches quakespasm at mid brightness?

Are you using the retroquad engine for this?

All major errors have been ironed out, all the map entrances and exits work and we're pretty sure all the maps are completable on all skill settings. (The streaming I've seen so far has gone flawlessly...) There are some very small detail things that aren't perfect, but the whole thing works and this is QUMP after all - it's not going to be 100% perfect but more of a casual project to encourage new mappers. That said I think it turned out great and all the mappers should be very happy with what they made! 
My map (shadows of our forgotten ancestors) is from december 2016, its my first map, its made with trecnbroom. 
Danzadans map is amazing! 
Pritchard's map video

I've recorded this one in 4:3 720p, to see if the performance would be better than 16:9 720p, but there wasn't any noticeable diference.

16:9 480p has almost the same image quality, but is much smoother. I'll go back to recording at 480p in the next videos.

Your settings are very dark! and missing all the colored lighting is seems?
Are you using the retroquad engine for this?

Yes. Retroquad doesn't have colored lighting.

The darkness definitely wouldn't help in the underwater (and darkest) section. It was never supposed to be played this dark - perhaps sneak your brightness up a bit so it matches quakespasm at mid brightness?

The darkness level is correct, and the brightness in the video is already twice the normal Quake values.

For some reason, hardware-rendered Quake engines are "washed out" when it comes to darkness. Shadows in them doesn't darken the colors as much as the original software renderer does, and you can confirm this by using the software-rendered version of Mark V.

Here are some lossless screenshots for comparison:

QuakeSpasm screenshot

Retroquad, 200% brightness, as in the video

Retroquad, 100% brightness

It's a common issue that many people aren't aware of, because most people don't even actually remember what the original software renderer actually looks like, and almost no one bothers to investigate subtle differences like this.

Also, YouTube re-encoding and compression sucks. When colors get blurred, the brighter colors gets darker because they're mixed with the darker colors. When actually playing the game, the darkest spots aren't that dark.

Maybe in the future I may try to replicate the brightness curve of the lighting of the hardware-accelerated engines, and add it as an option. 
I've manually checked the files' dates now, and they're all correct (the ones in the beta aren't newer). There must be something weird going on in Windows here then. 
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