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What - Realistically - Do You Want To See In Quake In 2018??
Let's assume that a full HD but true-to-spirit Quake remake, guaranteed 200 maps, AD 3.0, and PC Gamer cover shots fall under "un-realistic", but there might be other exciting ideas and desires that will come true.

So what do you want?? Map-wise, theme-wise, mod-wise, meta-wise?? Let's get the hype started....
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I’d love to see something like a mega-map jam. Maps with a few hundred monsters and loads and loads of secrets and extra little hidden bits and pieces. I think that’d be great fun! 
TB 2.1 
I would love to see an engine like Quakespasm implement a robust level scripting language so we can get away from these unwieldy entity chains.

I would love local fog volumes and volumetrics to make their way into the game (but in a suitable Quakey way).

And finally, I'd like a repeat of the bumper map release year that 2017 was. So many cool maps! :) 
More Base/horde Maps 
I want to see more maps in a vein similar to Rubicon Rumble Packs.

I also want to see more releases from Tronyn. Unforgiven, SOE: Indian Summer and other maps/mods from him are among my favourites. 
I did say realistic aims....:P 
Tasteful Low Poly Remakes Of All Quake Models 
Something like about 700 polys per monster model, proper UV maps and better animation, full compatibility with WinQuake.

The original models are quite bad, as it was id's first foray into 3D modeling and they tried to apply 2D graphics concepts to it (like the UV maps being simple front/back shots of a creature). It'd be really cool to have the models remade by somebody with a good understanding of low poly graphics. For example
Split Screen Multiplayer 
with controller support. 
I'd love to see some support for fog brushes and water that settles into its area. 
oh and decals.... definitely decals 
New Low Poly Models + Reborn Of Multiplayer 
Volumetric Fog 
Would rule actually. 
Less Drama, More Mapping 
- seeing software-rendererd Quake on RISC-V Linux development boards (needs a 64-bit clean engine with a pure-C software renderer - is something like this available?). No 3D hardware can be assumed at this stage.
- more widespread engine-support for MD3 and IQM
- DP particles in more engines 
Commercially wise i would be fine with something similar to the last Doom in terms of gameplay ported to Quake's theme and style, so at least a bit more vertical and less arcade-like.

In custom maps, more variety in types of gameplay and brushwork style. Even with all the fresh blood, i think that has been reducing with each passing year bit by bit in the last three-four years. 
Engine Development *cough* Eric *cough* 
Three things I'd like to see added to Quakespasm:

I'd love 5.1 surround sound. Quake's dark eerie atmosphere is just crying out for it.

I'd also love rumble support for controllers... I mean, the game's called Quake for goodness sake!

Finally, I'd love full Nehahra support. It's a seminal work and I'd love to play it in a seminal port.

Obviously, these are just wishes and not demands. :)

Other than that, I'd love to see more AD maps. The touches that AD bring to Quake are wonderful.

Also, Trent Reznor to FINALLY release the OST vinyl and shine a spotlight onto this great game once more. 
Nehahra Support In QuakeSpasm 
I'd rather vote against it to be honest.

Now let me explain myself.

Nehahra does so many things in a weird way, e.g. loading skyboxes and music tracks via console commands instead of using worldspawn (basically the "properties" area of a level) like all the other Quake engines and id's later games. It's using MOD music instead of MP3s/OGGs because bandwidth considerations was a thing back then. It's got custom formats for maps, sprites and demos because reasons. Nehahra should ideally be updated to be inline with the modern engines, not the other way around, where you would include all kinds of ass-backwards code just to support a single mod. It's a great mod mind you, I had plenty of fun revisiting it this year, but yeah, it needs to be updated. The source code (both QuakeC and engine) is available, so somebody should really do it. I've got a big stash with all original Nehahra downloads if somebody needs it.

Might as well fix all the random fullbright pixels and the extra twitchy AI while you're at it. 
Nehahra should ideally be updated to be inline with the modern engines, not the other way around

This times a million. I don't think Quakespasm should be cluttered with a ton of #ifdef NEHAHRA crud. 
^Good Point(s) 
Okay then, I would like to see Nehahra updated to modern standards. :P 
Fog And Better But True-to-Quake Models. 
I am really liking those ideas. Seeing the new Shambler model shows the potential for actually getting it right.... 
5.1Surround In QS .0.9x 
I second this. Would be cool and doable as all q1 assets are mono. Tons of 5.1 and 7.1 headphones out there. This would be a great addition.

Would like to Mod menu and Demo menu added to QS as well. 
Split-screen and controller support, definitely. 
Xmasjam2017 released 
Keep 1.0
TB featureset match or exceed JACK (ALT+RMB!)
Large release from long forgotten mapper(s).
Alpha support on fence textures below 0.666.
Retroquad 1.0
Volumetric fog.
Surround sound support.
AD-level quality models for everything.
AD 3.0
Advanced qc support to fix "entity chains". (I could maybe do this ;) ).

200 MAPS. GO MAP!! 
Spike FX fully integrated in official QS.

Also a new vore model with puffy tits and a dripping bloody snatch with teeth. 
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