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Mapping For Quake: TrenchBroom 2.0.x Tutorial Series
My new tutorial series has begun. This is appropriate for total beginners or experienced mappers who want to give TB2 a try (or just a look.) Links and a cheat sheet are available in the description.

Watch here
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Cheers! Great Stuff. 
Being a total noob and easily intimidated, I've always put off picking up Trenchbroom.

Watched this earlier and have become pretty interested. I have a week off next week... Guess what I'll be doing? :P 
@Hipnotic Rogue 
That made my day. Thanks and I'm glad you're taking the plunge. 
Good stuff for me (now i trying use Trenchbroom instead JACK). When to wait for the continuation of your tutorials? 
Cool that you are going to give it a try. My next two tutorials will be on compiling troubleshooting and on the brush tools.

Should be up early next week I hope. 
I May Give TB Another Go Now That I See You Have These Up 
Episode 2: Troubleshooting 
Troubleshooting leaks and more. 
Great Job! Wish I Had This Video When I First Mapped For Qump! 
One issue I ran into as I started out with TB and eric-w compiling tools, were the C++ Visual Studio Redistributable Packages were not installed. Luckiliy by looking on func (and on the specific pages of TB and eric-w compilers) I found out TB needed Visual Studio 2015, and the compilers needed the 2013 version. Hope I could make my point clear, I'm only semi-native with english. 
Sorry about that. In the description for the video I linked to the same link on ericw tool's website. I wasn't aware of the issue. Thanks for letting me know. 
Episode 3 
Here's episode 3. Brush tool and misc tips. 
Thanks for ep2 & ep3 :)

My suggestion for one of the upcoming episodes - tell us about setting up a map compilation directly from the TrenchBroom, without using an external GUI for compilers. 
Honestly I am not going to spend time on that at least not any time soon. I had this planned but Sleepwalker told me not to bother as the tool is going to get a re-worked eventually. I'm not sure why it's an issue to use the GUI. Unless you are on Linux or something. 
Episode 4 
In Editor Compilation 
will be revamped at some point because it appears to cause a lot of trouble. My plan is to extend the game definition so that you set up your compilers in the game preferences, similar to the game path.

Then you can refer to these compilers in the compilation profile by using a variable, e.g. ${QBSP} -myparameters ${MAP_FILE} ${OUTPUT_FILE}

That way, we can set up builtin profiles so that people don't have to do anything except for setting up the paths to the compilers. 
I can never seem to get the Necros UI to work (QBSP can't find the map, etc) ... but the in-editor tools work great. Heh. 
Im so thankful someone else couldnt get NecrosGUI set up. I never got it working either. :D 
@warren @muk 
Did you follow MY directions? If you did, would work. No spaces in the files names. I even have a video showing you how.

Fine go ahead and type in manually every time you want to tweak a command line setting while lighting your map. I will be busy playing my map after toggling options on and off in Necros' GUI. 8-P

And Muk why make Qompiler? Something lacking in TB? :qthink: 
batch files allow you to loop through a large set of maps to recompile them. one click and you can compile multiple maps. Very useful for recompiling large batches of breakables to new light settings.

"Something lacking in TB?"

Re: Qompiler 
Yeah that's a cool edge case scenario newbs won't be using for quite some time. You found a limitation in TB's compiler setup and needed a different tool. :thumbsup:

I'm just trying to get new users in quickly with the tool I am comfortable with. And with Sleepwalker's blessing BTW. 
Come On Guys 
This is the beauty of having a large selection of tools. Everyone has their own preferences and needs, and there's is a tool for everyone. There really is no point in fighting about this.

I'm fine with the fact that the tutorial does not use the builtin compilation support. It doesn't really matter which tools are used as long as it gets the job done. One thing is for sure, it's easier to set up necros' UI than it is to set up TB's compilation profiles, at least in their current state. 
Sorry. Muk knows I love him. Something about compiling triggers us both.

<offers hand to Muk> 
Episode 5 
It's not that I don't WANT to use the UI ... clearly I do since I tried to. :) It just doesn't work for me.

Does it have a limitation like you have to be on the C: drive? Because I'm not.

But regardless, this video series is great dumptruck! I've been watching every one ... 
No restriction to run on C but you need to ensure that all your parameters are pointing to that drive/directory. I tried to mix and match drives but the GUI is looking for the relative path. I got an error there.

I'm sure the GUI assumes your working and bin folders are in the Quake directory. So make sure your settings for qbsp, light and vis are pointing to the right folder and drive. Then ensure your working directory and game engine of choice is under Quake and it's pointing there.

Luckily the in-editor is working for you.

And I am very happy the tutorials are helping people! 
Please @ me when you tweet about them so that I can retweet. 
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